Friday, July 06, 2007

Blueberry Cheese Tart

I made it! I made it! I made it! Anyone wants?!


For the whole afternoon, I was experimenting and playing with this new recipe which I got from a Chinese newspaper. I have bought the ingredients in mid of last month and finally I have time for this new recipe. I have made about 12 pieces and the ingredients were cost less than Rm12 while out there selling Rm2 to 2.30 per piece.

Before removing the tarts from the mould.

I was a bit greedy. I have put a bit too much of the cream cheese mixture into each tart base. There seemed to have bit over filling. Next time I will reduce the filling for each and this means that I can make more tarts with the extra fillings.

I love this. It tasted so cheesy and the base and fillings were cooked just nice.

Recipe for blueberry cheese tart

Tart base:
Flour 180g
Milk powder 15g
Castor sugar 30g
Butter 100g
Egg 1

Tart fillings A:
Cream cheese 250g
Castor sugar 60g
Butter 25g

Tart fillings B:
Lemon essence few drops
Blueberry filling sauce few

1. Firstly, beat the tart base’s ingredients smoothly into dough.
2. Then separate them into small portions and place inside the moulds according to the shape of the moulds.
3. Next, use a fork to poke all over the base and send them into the oven. Bake at 150 °C for 10minutes.
4. beat the ingredients Tart fillings A into fluffy and smooth. Then add in a few drops of lemon essence.
5. Place the filling into each tart base at about 90% full. Add on a little Blueberry filling sauce. Use a toothpick to mix up the blueberry and the cream cheese. You may make some drawing as well.
6. Lastly, place the tart into the oven again and bake at 180 °C for 15minutes.


~Christine~Leng said...

U can bake.. U can bake so well my dear! Looking forward for more of ur delicious "products"!

Jackson said...

i wan i wan!! When can i collect from u?

Sugar Bean said...

wah, so fast blog again!! this time u made it urself. geng! when only belanja me to test ur food? i'll rate it in sugar bean. haha! just kidding, looks nice, i think u really have the potential. ur future bf sure very very lucky!! :)

looking forward for ur coming posts...

ai wei said...

leng, i am still a beginner in baking. keke. next time belanja you. and i guess xiong khee will like it too ^^

hi jackson, thanks for dropping by. ^^ gotta wait for another tray cz this tray 'sapu' by my family. not to worry, i will bake more!

wenching & esiong, sa poh, i am still a beginner on this. next time belanja you and your very 'yim jim' e-siong. by the way, maybe you can try out and bake too. Then e siong will love you more [cold] hehehe.

Ydiana said...

Just to say "THANKS" for the recipe! I just copied it! :)

ai wei said...

you are most welcome :)

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