Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dai Be 大鼻 Fish Head @ Taman Connaught, Cheras

I never know the existence of this good stall for steamed fish.
Until Chris recommended it to me.

Located just 5 minutes drive from my house.
Tuck inside You Lee Kopitiam, it actually draws a lot of patron over during lunch hours.

It was really a coincidence; i bumped into Chris&Christine and her parents over there!


大鼻 Dai Be is the name for this steamed fish head stall.

There are 4 types of steamed fish head available :

- Signature steam - with chinese wine
- Ginger steam
- Preserved vegetable steam
- Fermented bean paste steam - infused with some Thai Style. 


Steamed Fish Head  with Preserved vegetable (RM 21)
with a hint of sweetness from the preserved vegetables, has brought out the freshness of the fish


Steamed Fish Head with Fermented Bean Paste (Thai Style) (RM 21)
Very flavoursome; loaded with lots of gravy. The level of spiciness was just right - not too spicy and not too sweet. I could have bowls of rice with just the gravy itself.



Bean Curd and Yin Choi both priced at RM 5
I have to say, The bean curd is overpriced!!! @@ 

The fish heads are huge and the priced for the steamed fish heads is reasonable. Tastewise, I love the way they prepare the gravy and sauces for the fish. However, there was a lil light muddy taste in our steamed fishes. 

by the way, if you have any good recommendation on Steamed fish to go for?! do let me know :)

Dai Be 大鼻
Restoran You Lee
Taman Connaught
Located same row with Domino's Pizza and Restoran Sun Ming (famous for the roasted duck); Restoran You Lee will be at the corner end.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ramadhan Santapan Buffet @ The Living Room, Westin KL

During Christmas, we have turkey and log cakes and ginger bread man cookies.
During CNY, we have mouth watering chinese cuisine such as yee sang, seafood, sea cucumber...
During Duan Wu festival, we have dumplings and ba chang(s)

and this month, we have lots of yummies from our Malay friends - ayam golek, popiah, assorted kuih, cendol, murtabak, satay, rendang, lemang, curry ikan, ayam... 

Just limited to those?! 

Why not breaking fast with "Ramadhan Santapan" buffet in Westin KL at The Living Room?!



Before breaking fast, be sure to cleanse your palate with the refreshing zam zam water imported from the wells of Mecca. 

The zam zam mineral water was discovered in the middle of the desert in Mecca, the holy land of Islam, 2500 years ago. Scientifically proven to contain healing qualities due to the high content of calcium and magnesium salts as well as natural fluorides that encompass germicidal action.  


and so, let's berbuka puasa together and feast on an array of signature dishes prepared by the chefs


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Funky Villa @ e@Curve

What pops up in your mind when you first saw these???



funky villa1


funky villa-1

and have you ever thought of finding some Thai food here?


Funky Villa, quite an interesting place that hold a bistro-like concept; with very cool and stylish decors; playing Thai songs at the background; serving the authentic Thai cuisine.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

De-stress @ Yogitree, The Gardens

Stressful Max!!!


The only remedy - dining out with the gals

We chose to dine in here for a real de-stress remedy like what we did last time.


We ordered this again as we love the flavourful light cream sauce drenched on the spaghetti - Al Funghi with Mushrooms and Ceps in Light Cream Sauce and Truffle Oil (RM 23); sadly, it was quite bland and we had to season it with salt and pepper :(


Grilled Organic Chicken on Toasted Ciabatta with basil mayonnaise and tomato salsa (RM 20). Bread was freshly toasted and spreaded with real butter; sandwiched the organic chicken and green. something healthy for us!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Food Crawl: Jaya One (Part 2)

Continued from Food Crawl: Jaya One (Part 1)

After a few starters and wine tasting, we moved on to Main courses.

4. Kinnaree Thai Restaurant

Cuisine: Thai



an elegant restaurant decorated with lots of lotus flower.


Pamelo Salad - Yam Som O (RM 16)
love the freshness from the juicy pamelo but it is something that have to go with white rice


Deep-fried Boneless fish with Tamarind Sauce - Pla Sam Rod (RM 40 - Tilapia; RM 60 - Garoupa)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dubrovnik Restaurant @ SohoKL


Dubrovnik Restaurant, located at Solaris Mon't Kiara is the only Croatian restaurant in Malaysia; serving Croatian and Mediterranean cuisine. I was here one day with Sugar, having lunch together. We shared the starter, pasta and dessert. The portions were quite okay and they were meant for sharing.



Monday, August 02, 2010

5 Element Mooncakes @ Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant, Nikko Hotel

Yue Liang Yuan, Yue Liang Yuan, Yue Liang Zhao Zai Wo De Jia...


The radio stations are starting to play this song or some songs related with the moon and mid autumn festival.Besides that, you can see the shopping complexes or the supermarkets are now having mooncake promotion!


This year, Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant @ Nikko Hotel has something different for the mid autumn festival - the additional of 5 Basic key elements into the mooncake. 


Each element is represented by specific colour, bringing harmony and auspicious overtones for this celebration.


(From Front to the Back)

Mini Pumpkin Paste with Cream Cheese and Gold Dust
Mini Durian Paste with milk Cream
Both are in white represent METAL element (or gold). Metal indicates harvest, business and success (financial).

Mini Green Tea Paste with Single Egg Yolk
Green in color represents WOOD element. Wood is creative and innovative, socialable and community minded.
Very strong and intense with green tea flavour, something I love :)

Mini Bamboo Charcoal and Egg Cream Paste with Silver Dust
Black in color represents WATER element. Water nourishes all living things. Water indicates travel, communication, and learning; also relates to literature, arts and media.
You May think why water isn't in blue color?! Well, that's the real colour behind the water in the five elements.

Mini Japanese Anko Paste with Rose Flavour
Pink in colour represents FIRE element. Giving energy and enthusiasm, an element of natural leader, brings warm and cheers too.

Chocolate Paste with Mixed Nuts.
Brown in colour represents the EARTH element. Giving stability and related to real estate and legacies. Earth is patient, just, honest and methodical.
It was real chocolaty and there were chunks of dark chocolate and mixed nuts in the mooncake. 

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