Saturday, April 29, 2006


Thanks to my clumsiness
Thanks to my brain
Thanks to my mind
Thanks to my nervous
Thanks to my last minute stomach ache
Thanks to my ear

Well, thanks to everything

And I have boomed up my paper
I really can’t believe that
Before this
I was well prepared
Ended up
…… died on the spot

Why is this happened?
I really hate myself
I couldn’t catch up with the listening
I didn’t have enough time for reading
I didn’t know what I have written in my writing
I didn’t know what I have talked during speaking
I was talking nonsense
I was writing irrelevant things
I couldn’t get the answer from the tape

Ended up

And ended up
I loitered alone in KLCC for 3 hours
before i caught a bus ride home

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Another difficult day for me
On coming Saturday

I have not prepare
For everything

This is so terrible
What if I panic
What if I can’t concentrate on the tape?
What if I can’t manage my time in reading?
What if I can’t think of any points to write?
What if I can’t speak?

Please help me
Please calm me down

I just can’t think of anything right now
I must get good grade
I must score

However, I
Haven’t do preparation

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Tell me. What can I do?
Why aren’t there better choices for me to choose?!
Oh my god.
I have been in holiday for a year.
I have wasted a year.
I have wasted many precious times.
I just can’t believe it.
I am so abnormal.
When can I be like my friends?
Every morning,
They drive to colleges or universities.
They work hard, concentrate in classes and doing all sorts of researches and assignments.
They study hard to score in examinations.
Their times are spared and they use them to the fullest.
So envy of them.
Why can’t I make myself a wise decision?!
decision, i need you.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Baton

Well, thanks to Wen Ching who passed the baton to me. This is going to fill up my free time. ^^

My earliest memory...
that I can ever remember is at the age of 4, I performed for kindi concert day at the concourse in Jaya Jusco, Cheras. I was dressed in green for a story-telling and white and pink dress for a Hawaiian dance.

At school I...
won a lot of prizes in calligraphy compeitions during my primary school time. I love calligraphy. It is because of lack of practising, my writing looks very ugly now.

My first relationship...
was few years ago.

I wish I had never worn...
That apple green and white satin cami I worn to my friend’s party. Luckily I brought along my jacket so that I could hide that top. Don’t know why I bought it though it doesn’t fit me. It is hidden in underneath my closet now.

My mother and father always tell me...
Well, I have forgetten what they have told me as I always concerntrate on something and never realise that they are talking to me. Oh-ya, the last thing I remembered, they asked me not to face the computer everyday and get on with books.

I wish I had...
decided on what course to study now and which university to go for. I don’t want to sit here anymore. It is just a time wasting. I have wasted a lot of precious time! Oh God, can you give me an answer, please?! And also listen to parents advices. If I did so, I think I won’t be wandering here like a useless ppl.

I wish I hadn't....
did the most regretful things in my life. That took me times to heal the pain. However, I am cured, I think. and also did badly in my examinations + lack of confident.

At home I cook...
desserts? Do desserts count?! I am totally into desserts. I love baking cakes and cookies. All the cooking will leave to mum as mum won’t want me to touch anything while she is preparing for meals.

When I was a child, I wanted to...
have nice things before everyone got it. But parents always not buying them for me.

The book that changed my life is...
I read a lot of novels and self-improved books but til now I can’t find myself changing…

If only I would...
Get to Continue my japanese class, decide on which course to go for, score every examination with flying colours, graduate successfully from the university, get a job I want, take care of my parents when I am finantially supported… and lead a happy and healthy and wealthy life. Not to miss out, make my parents proud of me.

Friends say that I am...
optimistic, kind, helpful, cheerful… some even said I have a good voice in singing. Haha.

What I don't find amusing is...
my friends are in malaysia and foreign countries now, busying with their studies and . While I am the one who have the very most free time. And no one can talk to and hang out…

I often wonder...
Am I doing what I really want now? Am I doing a right choice? Does science suit me? Do I still interested in science? (but I found no answer.)

I'm passing the baton to...
Xue Yan, Xiong Khee, Eldred, Woo Yen, Weng Jian, Yen Ni. enjoy while answering them ^^
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