Monday, November 20, 2006

My journey alone

Not alone actually. I am just traveled alone here by plane…

This is indeed a great experience I am going to gain. This is my very first time to travel on board alone. Which means, I am going with no one but my 3 huge suitcases and my handbag (with every necessities inside, of course).

This morning I woke up by 4 in the morning and prepared myself. My flight was 7.55am. I had only 3 hours sleep and my eyes bags gone worse. Sigh, what to do, because of this early flight, I had to wake up that early. My parents sent me to KL Sentral and I took the second earliest train to KLIA at 5.30am. The train was nice and comfortable and it used 30 minutes to reach at KLIA. I checked in my luggage, and went to the duty free shops. Huhu… shopssss… that’s the best part I enjoyed in airport. I went for a look on chocolates, liquor, and other branded stuff. However, I can only do window shopping and not buying. Alright, it’s time to board the plane. I shopped til nearly forget about the time.

The flight took about 3 hours 30 minutes and I reached Shen Zhen airport around 11.45am and got my entire luggage and checked out by 1pm. This is such a great feeling. I have finally arrived in Shen Zhen. My sister picked me up from the airport and went home straight.

The atmosphere is nice and the environment is great. The place is super clean and it’s not as polluted as my country. Everywhere are full with flora and trees. I really love this place. Let me think about how long I have never been here… about 6 years and I can see a lot of changes in Shen Zhen. I start to fall love with this place. China is a beautiful country and shen zhen is one of the beautiful cities. The best part is that, you can see Chinese everywhere and you will feel relief to be around. Not as my country, you won’t dare to go out at night. However, it’s not occurred in this place. You will still dare to hang around no matter how late it is. Besides that, the lifestyle here is pretty nice. It’s very easy for me to cope up with. There are a lot of delicious food and mouth-watering dishes. As you know, china has a variety of special food. Today’s lunch, I have tried something that I cannot believe myself I will every try it. Different kind of meat – dog. I really cannot believe I myself, put them in my mouth. Yummy. It just tasted like mutton.

I kind of enjoy this free and easy feeling. This place is really nice and I will love this place. This trip is gonna enhanced my experience. I traveled alone and I find no homesick. Of course I am surely miss my friends and family. However, this is not as terrible as I was in Japan for student-exchanged programme last time. That was terrible and I suffer extremely terrible homesick. Now, I can online and check mail and skype with my family. So, I find super freely happily feeling. Hehe…

Happy holiday to all my friends. Miss ya.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Exam's over!!!

Gosh, I m not tired at all. I have slept for 4 hours (actually less than 4 hours due to the last minute preparation for today’s physiology paper), slept on 3++ and woke up by 6.45am this morning. What to do, exam started on 9am in the morning, have to wake and continue with the unfinished notes and went for exam at 9. Exam finished at 12. Hooray! My exam was over and I felt relief and could smile back happily + stupidly. Hehe… my big smile and laughter did appear. Today was really happy.

I went to neway for karaoke with my course mates @ my gang of friends. We sang and have fun until 6 in the evening. Straightly after that I went home but got scolded by my mum because I have been out for whole long day. Around 7pm, I went out again with my friends and tea after dinner. I never stick to the hours for more than half an hour. Just did my quick shower and changed and rush out again.

Finally, I was home by 11,30pm. Aiks… family members already in bed. Huhu… and now I am online. It’s going to be 3 in the morning here. This is weird, I felt as energetic as before. Let’s count, I guess I already have no rest for over 20 hours. Am I correct?

It’s a good feeling that exam is over and holiday is around. However, my holiday is very short. Sigh…

Friday, November 03, 2006

Searching ...

The situation became worse. It went far more terrible than I thought. From okay to better and now comes to worse. I have no eyes to see. Close my eyes, see no evil, feel no evil. Simple and easy. That’s it. I prefer straight forward and tell things directly. What for saying half and keeps the others for guessing.

Be back myself is the best. I am in searching for my happy-go-lucky-ai-wei. Let’s start the journey to search for ai wei
Wish me luck.
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