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ShenZhen09 Day6: One Day Trip @ 深圳东部华侨城 + Dinner @ Blue&White

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Due to the outbreak of H1N1 that happened in April 09, I wasn’t really able to travel to the north during my trip. Sis didn’t want to disappoint me and signed us up for a day trip at Shen Zhen 东部华侨城 – a newly established tourism spot. If you are travelling to ShenZhen, you can void the Window of world, Culture centre… but never miss out this new tourism spot.

Shen Zhen 东部华侨城 has 3 major themes: the Knight Valley (大峡谷), Tea Stream Valley (茶溪谷)and Wind Valley(云海谷). And… there is a huge Status of Guanyin Sitting in a Lotus Throne in this theme

Knight Valley (大峡谷) possesses the feature of Eco Park and theme park. It has 8 main areas namely Firth Forest (峡湾森林), Wine Town, Central Hub, Discovery Adventure, Earth Core’s Adventure, Future Adventure, Ocean Adventure and Peak Tribe in the Cloud (云海高地).

Tea Stream Valley includes 4 zones namely Interlaken Town (茵特拉根小镇), Tea Ancient Town (茶翁古镇), Sanzhou Tea Garden (三洲茶园), and Wetland Garden (湿地花园)

If you think you cannot cover all the hot spots in one day, you can always stay overnight at the resort hotels in Interlaken Town. Besides that, you can always pamper yourself a session of beauty spa available.

Click here for more details on this newly established tourism spot - Chinese here and English here.

day 62

After walking pass the entrance, you can opt to walk over the ‘bamboo forest’- staircase or opt for the man made escalators to reach the top. Since we chose to walk, I do not have any photos on the long manmade escalators to the man made waterfall. It was a bad weather on my visit to this tourism spot. The weather was freezing cold; it was raining and I was drenched from top to toe throughout the day. It was summer at that time but I had to wear long sleeve tee, sis was on cardigan and we both were on scarves. Add on the umbrellas with us. Huuuuh…

Here, I wish to share up some photos on the trip I had.



Walk over for a ride of cable car

day 61

Fogggggy + cold + wet. Trust me; I do not edit any of these photos. It is as though I was walking to………… @@

day 63

Mimic the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Dare yourself you walk on it.


Headed to Zen’s Fairyland.

day 65

day 64


无量云梯 with 108 stairs…


Show your sincerity and bai-bai


Took a train to Interlaken Town – a town full with European buildings where you may find the elegant resort hotel, spa center, theater here.



Since we were on tour, lunch was included. However… it was not yummy at all. But I love their fat round QQ rice. It rice is sweet and lovely. I finished them all :)

day 67

day 68

day 66

Giant pumpkins, at the weight of 100kg each (if I am not mistaken)

day 69

day 611

day 610


day 612-1

Bye-Bye 东部华侨城


Dinner was slightly simple for us. We chose to dine in a Taiwanese chinese fast food restaurant – Blue&While 蓝&白.



First was the cold dish; Raw and crunchy shredded potatoes tossed in the appetizing sourish sauce.


A kind of bean with pork knuckles.



Besides this, we ordered few other dishes. The price for vege dishes range from RMB 4 to 6 while the meaty dishes are about RMB 8 or above each.

day 613

Finally, you can opt for rice or porridge. You can eat as much as you can as refills are FOC

If you wish for a quick meal, you can always choose to dine in Blue&White. It is cheap, fast and convenient to have a meal here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Munakata Unlimited Ala Carte Japanese Buffet @ Jalan Sultan Ismail


The bunch of us who love to eat, were tempted after reading Vkeong’s post on Munakata Unlimited Ala Carte Japanese Buffet. We decided a visit and made reservation. Glad that they placed us into a small cozy private room where we could relax and chit chat and laugh out loud inside. :P


Munakata Japanese buffet is the authentic Japanese food, which means they serve purely Japanese food on their buffet menu. The buffet is priced at RM 60 + 10% service charge for adult and Rm 45 + 10% service charge for children.

The steal


Salsom Sashimi – the one and only sashimi from the buffet menu. The sashimi was thick and fresh. This is definitely a great steal! And we had 27 servings (1 serving = 3 pieces) of sashimi alone. Yummm…

The yummy


Unagi Kabayaki – juicy fat grilled Unagi in their special sweet saya sauce


Gyu Saikoro Steak was tender and juicy. I can only drool over this


Sake Teriyaki – grilled salmon coated with sweet soya sauce


Kaki Furai – deep fried juicy Oysters.


Yakitori – barbecued skewered chicken


Enoki no Butter Yaki – the Enoki sautéed with butter = aromatic


Shira Ebi Karaage – deep fried Japanese Glass Shrimp. Gimme a glass of beer!~


Tori Tsukune Yaki – chicken meatballs


Soft Shell Crab tempura – deep fried battered soft shell crab


Hotate Butter Yaki – grilled fresh scallops with butter but they were over salty

The So-So


Umagi Tamago is the grilled eel wrapped in cooked egg. This is ok for me as I like sweetened tamago.


Tempura Moriawase – the batter was tooooooo thick and very oily. Batter was not that good but the prawns and veges were fresh


Nigiri Sushi (Salmon). The vinegar-ed rice was dry and not vinegar-ed enough but I love the salmon slices alone.


Furai Ika Ring – deep fried Squid Rings. The batter was thick and the squid rings were too chewy and rubbery.


Wakame Salad. This was okay for me but lack of dressing




Shishamo – Grilled Smelt Fish

The No-No…


Saba Shioyaki (grilled mackerel with salt) was made hard and dry. Age Shu Mai did not taste good too. As for the Ankake Age Dofu (deep fried bean curd with thick starchy sauce), it was unlike the age dofu we used to have from Rakuzen. Tori No Karagee (deep fried chicken) did not taste good. Finally, the desserts – matcha ice cream with Azuki red bean. @@ I nearly fainted after having a scoop. I have never tasted such a bad and as creamy as whipping cream matcha ice cream before. Thanks to citygal for help to finish that scoop of ice cream and washed down with lots of green tea.


Verdict: it is still a steal to have unlimited orders of fresh thick salmon sashimi with RM 60 ++. :)

Munakata Japanese Restaurant
Mezzanine Floor, Life Centre,
No. 20, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21667441
Fax: 03-21667825

More review:


Monday, November 23, 2009

ShenZhen09 Day 5: 东门 Street Food + 静颐茶馆

Continue from: ShenZhen09 Day 4 Dinner: 正一味 @ Coco Park


Dong Men 东门 is a fashion hub. There are rows of shops selling fashionable and stylish clothes, apparels, shoes; huge department stores and a wholesale market. In the wholesale market, you can find stuff with the price ranging from very very cheap, very cheap, cheap, moderately cheap, reasonable, slightly expensive… of course, in the wholesale market, you will have to clear your throat and louder up your voice to bargain!

Sis and I had nothing to do on the Day 5 of my trip. She brought me here for a small shopping and to try out their street food. I always love street food. To get to Dong Men, take the subway to Lao Jie 老街 and kindly follow the sign : Dong Men 东门.

So, what are foods on the Street Food List?!


TakoYaki :)


烤羊肉串 the soft and tender lamb stick sprinkled with the fragrant mixed chilli powder. (this is the fried and grilled version instead of grilled alone)


Fish balls




And people’s fave : 重庆酸辣粉 hot and spicy noodles.


The people just love this. I noticed, everyone was having a bowl of noodles in their hand. Some even stood by the roadside and slurping the noodles. The QQ texture noodles were covered with thick chilies oil. You can opt for different level of spiciness. The QQ noodles are good but I don’t really like the thick layer of chilies oil.


As for dinner, we took about half an hour walk to this vegetarian restaurant 静颐茶馆. Here, is a place for you to sit down and relax; a place for sipping aromatic Chinese Tea; and also a place to enjoy the vegetarian cuisine.

I heart this place a lot. The ingredients they used are so unlike the vegetarian food in Malaysia. They use mostly fresh Vege, different kind of mushroom to create the mouth watering dishes


The aromatic Gua-Zi 茶瓜子, pre-stir-fried with Tea Leaves.


松仁南瓜蓉 pumpkin soup with pine nuts. The thick and yummy-licious one.


Some kind of mushroom stir fried with celery, carrots and capsicum.




Light but fresh


And my favourite 芝士番薯 baked sweet potatoes with cheese. Huulala Huuuulalala. The sweet potatoes were sweet, fragrant and irresistible. How nice if I could have this now.

Photos are not allowed in this vegetarian restaurant. The décors around this dining area fulfill the ‘Zen’ style. We spoke to the manager before photo taking and she allowed me to snap on food only.
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