Sunday, December 31, 2006

the Last post of 2006

This is going to be the last post of the year. It’s 31st of December today, the New Year eve. Time passes very fast. A new year will soon arrive in a few hours time. Sigh… my friends are all outside now. Hanging out together and celebrating the special countdown event together. However, I have to stay at home. Parents not allow me to go out tonight due to my physiology paper on Wednesday. Every special event, for sure I will celebrate with my secondary gang but not this year. Sobbbb… I am feeling very sad that I can’t celebrate the New Year eve with my lovely friends. I guess they are all in Bandar Utama now joining the crowd.

Before this, I already had a lonely Christmas due to the microbiology paper few days after Christmas. And here comes the lonely New Year. I miss my friends now. They are all out there having fun… without me. Anyway, I am going to watch fireworks from live (television). No more real fireworks. Sob sob… please don’t let me to celebrate any events alone. I don’t want to be so lonely anymore…

Well, Yesterday I went to KLCC with chingie. We had a great time together and I enjoyed the shopping with her! It’s always fun to shop with her because she and I have almost the same taste on food and clothes and stuff. She is always my best advisor on clothes. She gives me opinions and tells me honestly which is good on me and which is not. Not to forget, tingie too, my another advisor. As for yesterday, I bought a cropped pants, a lovely top from MNG and another one from Topshop. Not a lot right?! I wanna buy more but I was so lack out of cash. Awww… chingie bought very less yesterday. She was the one who accompany me to every shop and waited for me to try on those clothes. Thanks chingie. I have never gone out to shop with friends for about 2 months. I have never been that happy after I have came back from china and penang.

What a delicious and fantastic dinner we had. We dined in Dome. The foods in this place were great and let’s see what we had…

the soup (i forgot its name)

the mushroom and chicken pie ~ i love this

By the way, I have made a novel list. They are novels I bought within this year but I haven’t read.

Shopaholic takes Manhattan by Shopie Kinsella (halfway)
Shopaholic ties the knot by Shopie Kinsella
Shopaholic & sister by Shopie Kinsella
Can you keep a secret? by Shopie Kinsella
Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
Ten thousand sorrow by Elizabeth Kim

Those are all English novels and there are another 3 novels which are translated into Chinese I bought in Shen Zhen, China last month.

可乐求爱记  Mondscheintaf  by ildiko von kurthy
生日快乐  誕生日おめでとう by 青木和雄 & 吉富多美
查令十字街 84号 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff

Whoaaaa…. There are 9 of them I haven’t finished. I guess I have to finish them up before searching for others.


Finally, I wanna wish everyone
Happy New Year
Happy 2007.
May all of your wishes come true
And have a good year ahead.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

the Luna

It was indeed a great night. I went to Luna Bar with my friends yesterday. I have heard of this bar from Chingie a long time ago and we both agreed to hang out there together. Sigh… we always can’t make it. It was my first time to Luna with Yan, Roy, Jian, Dred, Ken and Jimmy. We met one of our old buddies, Qi Sheng in Luna too. What a coincidence!

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Luna Bar is very different from others pubs or clubs. It has an open air area with a swimming pool in the middle and seats are surrounded the pool. If you take the outdoor seats, you can see the sky and stars and moon and KL tower is just in front of you. While if you take the seats by windows, you can enjoy the night scene and the skyscrapers building are right under you.

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Once I stepped into the bar, I’ve fell in love with it. This was a right place to relax and rest your mind. You can put away all the “unhappies” and swayed along the music. The atmosphere was soft and perfect under the dim light.

I ordered a Dirty Martini at first and then Blue Lagoon upon Roy’s recommendation. One of my friends ordered Flamming. I’d love flaming and I have tried it in Glo, penang before. The flaming in Glo was definitely different from the one in Luna. The one I tried was green in colour and the one my friend ordered was red. Flamming is a nice drink!

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Though Dirty Martini tasted very terrible (as my friends said), I found it was not bad. What I wanted for yesterday was something tasted with strong alcohol and yet, Dirty Martini really suited my mood. i felt great after this drink and i could forget the unhappy stuff!

Spending in Luna is quite costly. However, it’s worth to spend there once a while. I am looking forward to the next hang out place ~ where's it?! ^.^
It is great to hang out with you guys!

Chingie, let’s go to Luna Bar when you are back in KL, and also Tiffin Bay at night too~

Monday, November 20, 2006

My journey alone

Not alone actually. I am just traveled alone here by plane…

This is indeed a great experience I am going to gain. This is my very first time to travel on board alone. Which means, I am going with no one but my 3 huge suitcases and my handbag (with every necessities inside, of course).

This morning I woke up by 4 in the morning and prepared myself. My flight was 7.55am. I had only 3 hours sleep and my eyes bags gone worse. Sigh, what to do, because of this early flight, I had to wake up that early. My parents sent me to KL Sentral and I took the second earliest train to KLIA at 5.30am. The train was nice and comfortable and it used 30 minutes to reach at KLIA. I checked in my luggage, and went to the duty free shops. Huhu… shopssss… that’s the best part I enjoyed in airport. I went for a look on chocolates, liquor, and other branded stuff. However, I can only do window shopping and not buying. Alright, it’s time to board the plane. I shopped til nearly forget about the time.

The flight took about 3 hours 30 minutes and I reached Shen Zhen airport around 11.45am and got my entire luggage and checked out by 1pm. This is such a great feeling. I have finally arrived in Shen Zhen. My sister picked me up from the airport and went home straight.

The atmosphere is nice and the environment is great. The place is super clean and it’s not as polluted as my country. Everywhere are full with flora and trees. I really love this place. Let me think about how long I have never been here… about 6 years and I can see a lot of changes in Shen Zhen. I start to fall love with this place. China is a beautiful country and shen zhen is one of the beautiful cities. The best part is that, you can see Chinese everywhere and you will feel relief to be around. Not as my country, you won’t dare to go out at night. However, it’s not occurred in this place. You will still dare to hang around no matter how late it is. Besides that, the lifestyle here is pretty nice. It’s very easy for me to cope up with. There are a lot of delicious food and mouth-watering dishes. As you know, china has a variety of special food. Today’s lunch, I have tried something that I cannot believe myself I will every try it. Different kind of meat – dog. I really cannot believe I myself, put them in my mouth. Yummy. It just tasted like mutton.

I kind of enjoy this free and easy feeling. This place is really nice and I will love this place. This trip is gonna enhanced my experience. I traveled alone and I find no homesick. Of course I am surely miss my friends and family. However, this is not as terrible as I was in Japan for student-exchanged programme last time. That was terrible and I suffer extremely terrible homesick. Now, I can online and check mail and skype with my family. So, I find super freely happily feeling. Hehe…

Happy holiday to all my friends. Miss ya.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Exam's over!!!

Gosh, I m not tired at all. I have slept for 4 hours (actually less than 4 hours due to the last minute preparation for today’s physiology paper), slept on 3++ and woke up by 6.45am this morning. What to do, exam started on 9am in the morning, have to wake and continue with the unfinished notes and went for exam at 9. Exam finished at 12. Hooray! My exam was over and I felt relief and could smile back happily + stupidly. Hehe… my big smile and laughter did appear. Today was really happy.

I went to neway for karaoke with my course mates @ my gang of friends. We sang and have fun until 6 in the evening. Straightly after that I went home but got scolded by my mum because I have been out for whole long day. Around 7pm, I went out again with my friends and tea after dinner. I never stick to the hours for more than half an hour. Just did my quick shower and changed and rush out again.

Finally, I was home by 11,30pm. Aiks… family members already in bed. Huhu… and now I am online. It’s going to be 3 in the morning here. This is weird, I felt as energetic as before. Let’s count, I guess I already have no rest for over 20 hours. Am I correct?

It’s a good feeling that exam is over and holiday is around. However, my holiday is very short. Sigh…

Friday, November 03, 2006

Searching ...

The situation became worse. It went far more terrible than I thought. From okay to better and now comes to worse. I have no eyes to see. Close my eyes, see no evil, feel no evil. Simple and easy. That’s it. I prefer straight forward and tell things directly. What for saying half and keeps the others for guessing.

Be back myself is the best. I am in searching for my happy-go-lucky-ai-wei. Let’s start the journey to search for ai wei
Wish me luck.

Saturday, October 14, 2006






Monday, October 09, 2006



悲しい てす

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mental blocked

I really can’t stand this and I am going crazy. Very stress and mentally exhausted right now. How can you memorize all the bacteria and microbiology terms?!

I know I am not strong and I am not tough… and now…
I am really bursting…
I just can't bear this anymore.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Best Friend

Best Friend - kiroro

もう大丈夫心配ないと 泣きそうな私の側で
いつも変わらない笑顔で ささやいてくれた
ワだ まだ まだ やれるよ","だっていつでも輝いてる"
時には急ぎすぎて 見失う事もあるよ","仕方ない"
あなたの笑顔に 何度助けられただろう
ありがとう ありがとう Best Friend

こんなにたくさんの幸せ感じる時間は 瞬間で
ここにいるすべての仲間から 最高のプレゼント
まだ まだ まだ やれるよ","だっていつでも みんな側にいる"
きっと今ここで やりとげられること","どんなことも力に変わる"
みんなの笑顔に 何度助けられただろう
ありがとう ありがとう Best Friend

時には急ぎすぎて 見失う事もあるよ 仕方ない
あなたの笑顔に 何度助けられただろう
ありがとう ありがとう Best Friend

ずっと ずっと ずっと Best Friend

Friday, August 11, 2006

the never ending works

I really can’t believe myself. Everyday I have to deal with those reports. Just now I’ve mend one. I printed it out yesterday and very satisfied with my whole reports. This morning, the lecturer said this cannot that cannot, must add more, this and that, bla bla bla. I have to do it once again, re-do some parts and print it out. That really takes me a lot of time.

And now, I am dealing with her tutorial works. Every night I have to stay up here until 2 to 3am to do these “unfinishable” and never ending works. Sometimes, even late til my parents will just turn in and ask me to go to bed. How can I leave all these behind and go to bed?! However, I really can’t finish them. The worst is that, I don’t even have time to read my books, lecture notes and stuff. Exam is around the corner. I feel like dying. And I am really wanted to die.

I can’t bear to fail any of the subjects in the exam. That will really gonna kill me if that really happen. my future will gone. I need more time, please gimme extra 24 hours, no, 48 hours, no… I need a lot more to complete those reports, works, notes, and lecture notes. Honestly, I haven’t started to read any of the lecture notes. A month passed since the start of this course. I really feel like dying. I need to stop the time. Can I?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

move on!

Finally, I got the chance to post my piece here. Life is tough. However, I still have to go on. I’ve started my new course since the beginning of July. A month passed. Awwww…. I have expected that it won’t be as easy as the one before. Everyday, you have to do tons of reading. Revising what the lecturers have taught on that day. However, I still haven’t done any reading or revision since the starting of the course. I am accumulating them! Oh no, can I manage to finish up those?

I’ve finish a lab report. I am not complaining but having 3 reports to finish up in a week is too much. I hate accumulating works and now I don’t think I can finish them up. I must listen to khee’s advices that to study everyday and cut down the entertainment sources which is tv. Sigh… must work very hard from now on. Tomorrow has class on 8 and labs on 2pm. Labs again… lots of works to do but this is the pathway I chose. I have to keep going and work hard. These apply same to u guys. Times keep going and we have to keep moving … to the future… to achieve your dreams or your goals

Monday, July 03, 2006

Java?! What's that?!

What a big problem I am having now. Okay, I am trying to complete a piece of java assignment for my friend as the due date for this piece of assignment is soon arrived. Coming week, if I am not mistaken. At first, I thought this would be a simple question. Oh god. I believe that when I start up the JCreator. Gosh… what a hard piece this is. Searching for all the notes and extra information from the text book and settled myself in front of the computer now. However, I still can’t solve this whole question. How am I going to write out this program?! Anyone can help me??? Sob, sob, still sobbing…

* Sorry guys, for such a long time never leave any post here.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It has been a long time since my last post here. Let me count, almost a month?! Well, finally, I have started my course. It’s not what I always want. However, that can be said as my second choice (I think).

Tired. I am extremely tired. Before May, I have had a very nice holiday and used them to the fullness. I even felt time is not enough for me during the holiday. Now, it’s worse. I don’t have enough time at all! This week have to finish a lab report. Well, that’s fine I think but it’s not. It turns out that there are lots to write in that report. The diagrams are driving me crazy. I have to draw and colour them. Besides that, I have to prepare for my next week’s test. 3 tests at the same week! Can you believe that? Not only the test, there are 2 lab reports to be done next week and also the draft for assignments. Oh god! Moreover, my lecturer remembers my name! Nightmaresss! Please stop calling my name.

Worst of all, my dark eye circle is getting darker and deeper. Last month, I don’t have them. I felt glad that my dark eye circle is almost varnished. Sigh… things don’t go well; I have to do household chores too. Hmmm, I don’t think that’s a burden as I am used to them. 3 tests at the same week. I don’t think I manage to read all and do well in my test. Tests carry marks. Just hope that I manage to vomit out stuff.

I want holidaysss. I wish my life can get back to normal. And hope I won’t fall asleep in the class again!


Good luck to chingie for coming final
Good luck to tingie for coming mid term / final (I forgot which, sorry)
Good luck to khee for having exams this week
Good luck to everyone

Jia you! ~

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Thanks to my clumsiness
Thanks to my brain
Thanks to my mind
Thanks to my nervous
Thanks to my last minute stomach ache
Thanks to my ear

Well, thanks to everything

And I have boomed up my paper
I really can’t believe that
Before this
I was well prepared
Ended up
…… died on the spot

Why is this happened?
I really hate myself
I couldn’t catch up with the listening
I didn’t have enough time for reading
I didn’t know what I have written in my writing
I didn’t know what I have talked during speaking
I was talking nonsense
I was writing irrelevant things
I couldn’t get the answer from the tape

Ended up

And ended up
I loitered alone in KLCC for 3 hours
before i caught a bus ride home

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Another difficult day for me
On coming Saturday

I have not prepare
For everything

This is so terrible
What if I panic
What if I can’t concentrate on the tape?
What if I can’t manage my time in reading?
What if I can’t think of any points to write?
What if I can’t speak?

Please help me
Please calm me down

I just can’t think of anything right now
I must get good grade
I must score

However, I
Haven’t do preparation

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Tell me. What can I do?
Why aren’t there better choices for me to choose?!
Oh my god.
I have been in holiday for a year.
I have wasted a year.
I have wasted many precious times.
I just can’t believe it.
I am so abnormal.
When can I be like my friends?
Every morning,
They drive to colleges or universities.
They work hard, concentrate in classes and doing all sorts of researches and assignments.
They study hard to score in examinations.
Their times are spared and they use them to the fullest.
So envy of them.
Why can’t I make myself a wise decision?!
decision, i need you.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Baton

Well, thanks to Wen Ching who passed the baton to me. This is going to fill up my free time. ^^

My earliest memory...
that I can ever remember is at the age of 4, I performed for kindi concert day at the concourse in Jaya Jusco, Cheras. I was dressed in green for a story-telling and white and pink dress for a Hawaiian dance.

At school I...
won a lot of prizes in calligraphy compeitions during my primary school time. I love calligraphy. It is because of lack of practising, my writing looks very ugly now.

My first relationship...
was few years ago.

I wish I had never worn...
That apple green and white satin cami I worn to my friend’s party. Luckily I brought along my jacket so that I could hide that top. Don’t know why I bought it though it doesn’t fit me. It is hidden in underneath my closet now.

My mother and father always tell me...
Well, I have forgetten what they have told me as I always concerntrate on something and never realise that they are talking to me. Oh-ya, the last thing I remembered, they asked me not to face the computer everyday and get on with books.

I wish I had...
decided on what course to study now and which university to go for. I don’t want to sit here anymore. It is just a time wasting. I have wasted a lot of precious time! Oh God, can you give me an answer, please?! And also listen to parents advices. If I did so, I think I won’t be wandering here like a useless ppl.

I wish I hadn't....
did the most regretful things in my life. That took me times to heal the pain. However, I am cured, I think. and also did badly in my examinations + lack of confident.

At home I cook...
desserts? Do desserts count?! I am totally into desserts. I love baking cakes and cookies. All the cooking will leave to mum as mum won’t want me to touch anything while she is preparing for meals.

When I was a child, I wanted to...
have nice things before everyone got it. But parents always not buying them for me.

The book that changed my life is...
I read a lot of novels and self-improved books but til now I can’t find myself changing…

If only I would...
Get to Continue my japanese class, decide on which course to go for, score every examination with flying colours, graduate successfully from the university, get a job I want, take care of my parents when I am finantially supported… and lead a happy and healthy and wealthy life. Not to miss out, make my parents proud of me.

Friends say that I am...
optimistic, kind, helpful, cheerful… some even said I have a good voice in singing. Haha.

What I don't find amusing is...
my friends are in malaysia and foreign countries now, busying with their studies and . While I am the one who have the very most free time. And no one can talk to and hang out…

I often wonder...
Am I doing what I really want now? Am I doing a right choice? Does science suit me? Do I still interested in science? (but I found no answer.)

I'm passing the baton to...
Xue Yan, Xiong Khee, Eldred, Woo Yen, Weng Jian, Yen Ni. enjoy while answering them ^^

Friday, March 24, 2006

Ms. Sponge

Ms. Sponge
What a long time unheard nickname. My friend, Khee used to call me that. Often, when she gives me long distance phone calls or messaging me or e-mailing me, she will call me Ms. Sponge. She gives me this nick name years ago. She says I can ‘absorb’ those she ‘pours’ out and never really ‘release’ mine. Ha-ha. Maybe you guys don’t know what I mean. Well, according to her, I am a good listener. When she is upset or sad or down or moody, she will pour everything on me. She pours her angers, her tempers, and also her sorrow on me. I am always comforting her by cooling her down. Maybe I really don’t know how to advise people. Sigh… she also said I am a very strong sponge. I can suck a lot without releasing them. I don’t really know how to give opinions. However, I can listen to what you guys say. And let you guys to ‘fa xie’ (mandarin)!

Today, when I was on my way back from Leisure Mall, I received phone call from khee. Yeah… long distances call as she is now in foreign country to further her studies. How envy of her. Jia you ya! Gosh, I missed her so much! Life is so bored now. I have to travel everywhere by myself. Shopping alone and also eating alone. Everyone is busy. Oh my… I hate doing stuff alone >.<
Hate to shop alone as no one to ask for opinions.
Hate to eat alone as I can’t finish everything by my own.
Hate to have movie alone, it is so lonely.
Hate to have desserts alone as no one can be the photographer for me and my desserts.
Hate to stand in the book store alone as this will make me looks nerdy.
Hate to drive alone as no one can talk to me in the car.
I just hate doing stuff alone. Iks…

Anyway, khee’s call really cheered me up today. I was so happy and glad. A kind of warmth feeling strengthen up my mood of the day. Aiks… too bad, we could only talk for a while as the call is very expansive. It is always nice chatting with her *_* hehe


I have finished a japanese drama --- Good Luck. This drama is starring by Takuya Kimura and Shibasaki Kou. Oh my god. I can’t believe I am addicted to this drama. This is really a nice drama. I keep repeating again and again to watch the very last part. this drama is fantastic. Both main actor and actress were great in presenting their mood and I feel their acting style in it was different! Besides, Kimura-san looks so smart in his uniform. Kakkui-ne. I will give him 100 marks to him. He is sooooooooo cute! Kawaiine! Omg. What happened to me?! Okay… the last part is sooooo special. Talking about Shibasaki Kou, she is pretty in her fair skin. She is totally different when she was in the drama and the real life. She was cool in the drama but when I watched the ‘behind-the-scene’ episode, only realize that she smiled a lot. Whoaaaaa…. Her smile is sweet and beautiful. Her voice is special too! Guess it time for me to re-watch it again. gotta go ^_^

I love
Takuya Kimura
Shibasaki Kou


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

笑 . smile . わらいます





Friday, March 17, 2006

Bad Mood

Bad mood. Bad mood. I am really in a bad mood and anger keeps arising. Okay, don’t ask me what’s happening because I won’t tell. Everything happened in just a day and anger arises. I seldom pour my emotion here. Often, I will write only happening things or happy things or some quotations.

Today is different. I am writing about anger. I am wondering if this is the first time I angry for things. Normally I won’t get angry that easily. Am I right? Well, this time is different. At first I thought if I do all household chores non stop for this whole day, I guess my anger will disappear. However, the moments I do everything from laundry to mopping the floor and to cleaning the rooms. Anger keeps arising. Oh my!!! Why is this happened? What else can I do to release my anger?! Sigh…

Thinking… what else can I do now? Household chores are all done. Angry of things really waste my energy. I don’t want all my energy wasted for those! >.<

Maybe I should do shopping this weekend or having a facial to cool down myself. Yeah, shopping might really help…

Thanks to Xiong Khee, your voice really helps a lot.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I have just finished the Japanese drama, Last Christmas though there were few episodes are corrupted. It is indeed a nice drama. Both main actor and actress were great. Besides that, this drama gave me a warmth feeling after watching it. The caring and loving between the both actors were just nice. Sweet and nice. That’s it.

I have learnt something new from this drama. An unusual beautiful scene from the nature. AURORA. here are some cut and paste article from the web.

The aurora is a glow observed in the night sky, usually in the polar zone. It is also known as "northern lights" or "aurora borealis," which is Latin for "northern dawn" since in Europe especially, it often appears as a reddish glow on the northern horizon as if the sun were rising from an unusual direction. The aurora borealis most often occurs from September to October and March to April. Its southern counterpart "aurora australis," has similar properties, so scientists prefer "polar aurora" (or "aurora polaris").

Auroral mechanism
The aurora is now known to be caused by electrons of typical energy of 1-15 keV, i.e. the energy obtained by the electrons passing through a voltage difference of 1000-15,000 volts. The light is produced when they collide with atoms of the upper atmosphere, typically at altitudes of 80-150 km. It tends to be dominated by emissions of atomic oxygen--the greenish line at 557.7 nm and (especially with electrons of lower energy and higher altitude) the dark-red line at 630.0 nm. Both these represent "forbidden" transitions of atomic oxygen from energy levels which (in absence of collisions) persist for a long time, accounting for the slow brightening and fading (0.5-1 sec) of auroral rays. Many other lines can also be observed, especially those of molecular nitrogen, and these vary much faster, revealing the true dynamic nature of the aurora.

Auroras can also be observed in the ultra-violet (UV) light, a very good way of observing it from space (but not from ground--the atmosphere absorbs UV). The "Polar" spacecraft even observed it in X-rays. The image is very rough, but precipitation of high-energy electrons can be identified.

Aurora in Japanese オーロラ
Aurora in Chinese 极光

Don't you think they are beautiful and unusual?!



Monday, February 27, 2006

My Bad Habit

There are few foods that people feel as passionate about -- a passion that goes beyond a love for the "sweetness" of most candies or desserts: after all, few people crave caramel, whipped cream, or bubble gum. Chocolate is, well, different. For the true chocoholic, just thinking about chocolate can evoke a pleasurable response. Whoa…

I have a bad habit. It is getting worse lately. I think I am really addicted to it.

I am addicted to Chocolate! Oh no. I become a chocoholic!!! i think i really can't survive woithout chocolate...

OMG. I can’t help myself from open up the fridge to take a bar of chocolate. Whatever Swiss chocolate or Belgium chocolate, they are all melted in my mouth. I can’t help myself from this. Any ideas how to get rid of it?

Some says chocolate are good for health especially those dark chocolate with bitter taste. While some says they are bad for teeth. Yeah, that’s true. If you eat a lot of chocolate, you will have a high risk to suffer from tooth decay.

Well, here’s an article about chocolate on health help or risk for chocoholics and non-chocoholics.

Chocolate has been said to cause acne and tooth decay, and has a reputation for being a fattening, nutritionless food. On the other hand, chocolate is also known for being everything from an anti-depressant to an aphrodisiac. While there's still much we don't know about chocolate, recent research is helping us better understand how chocolate consumption affects our health.

The good news is that most of the bad effects of eating chocolate are either overstated or entirely false. Eating chocolate neither causes nor aggravates acne. Two studies -- one by the Pennsylvania School of Medicine and another by the U.S. Naval Academy -- showed that eating chocolate (or not eating it) did not produce any significant changes in the acne conditions of the study's participants. These results are further backed by research which shows that acne is not primarily linked to diet.

Chocolate also has not been proven to cause cavities or tooth decay. In fact, there are indications that the cocoa butter in the chocolate coats the teeth and may help protect them by preventing plaque from forming. The sugar in chocolate does contribute to cavities, but no more than the sugar in any other food.

Obviously, eating too much of any food may cause health problems. The cocoa butter in chocolate does contain saturated fat, which can increase blood cholesterol levels, and high cholesterol can contribute to heart disease. However, recent research at the University of California, Davis, has found that chocolate carries high levels of chemicals known as phenolics, some of which may help lower the risk of heart disease. Plants such as chocolate, coffee, tea and others contain high levels of phenolics.

Andrew Waterhouse, the lead researcher from U.C. Davis, is a wine chemist. For several years he has been studying the possible health benefits of antioxidant phenolics found in red wine. Waterhouse told us that phenolic compounds are found in all plant products, and that the plants "probably make them as protective agents and for improving their success at reproduction." The bitter, astringent taste that these plants have is an indication of the phenolics found within.

So how might phenolics prevent heart disease? Apparently, phenolics prevent fat-like substances in the bloodstream from oxidizing and clogging the arteries. Said Waterhouse: "It's now believed that atherosclerosis, or the formation of plaque in the arteries, is caused by oxidation of LDL (low-density lipoproteins) -- that's one of the cholesterol particles. At first, this leads to subtle damage, and then eventually to the formation of advanced plaque." The buildup of plaque can lead to clogging of the arteries, a major cause of heart attacks.

While phenolics have chemically been proven to reduce oxidation, Waterhouse cautioned that: “It's not known if the phenolic compounds, like the flavenoids that are present in chocolate, can reduce disease. It's well known that these substances are antioxidants in a chemical sense. . . but we don't have strong, large-scale, controlled human studies.”

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A nice song and meaningful lyrics



如果 兄妹純情太多
快能夠和我這異性 拍拖

訛稱  知己的真太多

能做對愛侶墮落成朋友  誰心息

兄妹真有趣 不需要分居  
相戀的證據 假使要爭取  

曾經 雙手執一槍

如果 戀愛必須創傷


Finally I found this lyrics. i am very happy right now as i feel this song is not bad. The lyrics, whoaaa!!! GREAT! that's the word i can use to describe it. hope you guys enjoy. ^^

what a meaningful song!


我會好好的 - 王心凌
作詞:伍佰 作曲:伍佰

*我會好好的 花還香香的 時間一直去 回憶真美麗 
我是想著你 一直想著你 你在我心底 變成了秘密

#不要說你愛我 你想我 如果你的心裡沒有這麼做 
只是勉強的敷衍我 我知道了會很難受 
我要你默默走 不回頭 我會清楚明白你要的是什麼 
無須勉強的安慰我 說奇怪的理由

△到現在還是深深的 深深的愛著你 
是愛情的 友情的都可以 
那是我心中的幸福 我知道它苦苦的

Repeat △ #,△,△ *,△,△

要給你遠方的祝福 我知道它苦苦的

I really like this song and found it meaningful. The lyric is simple. However, it tells out the feeling of the singer. Dedicate this song to all of you. hope you guys will like it. ^^

wo hui hao hao de by cyndi

Monday, February 20, 2006

Coffee, my Web-Pet

I’ve got a web-pet. Coffee. It’s a nice name for a cute little tiger. Don’t you think so?! I adopted it the day before yesterday. It’s coffee in colour and with black-striped. Brown is my all-time favourite. I have lots of collection of brown no matter in shirts or skirts or pants. Besides that, my room is full with brown furniture.

I just want to drop by here and introduce my cute web-pet to you guys. I really love this tiger. Wanna named it as Tigger in the first place. However, think of it, this name is quite common. Final decision is Coffee. Tigers are wild, but my Coffee is tame.

It’s quite late right now and I know I should not be here. I am supposed to be in bed. However, I can’t get into sleep lately. It takes time for me to fall asleep. That’s why I still hook up here at this time. All my friends are already in their beds as they are having classes and lectures tomorrow. I am the only one who is always very free among them.

Hope everyone have a great time tomorrow. See you guys tomorrow. Ops, nope… see you guys in 18 hours time. We are going to meet in the café at south city ya. ^^
Khee and Yan, sleep well. Know that you guys can’t sleep well recently

Listening to Ayumi’s new song, teens in acoustic version. That’s a very nice song.
Ayu rocks!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006


Love is like playing piano.
First you learn to play by the rules,
then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Jia you, My Friend

Sorry guys for such a long time I do not update my blog. I have so many to write today but I don’t know where to start at. My mood is not that good right now. A kind of sad feeling rose up my mind. Eu Wye and Kah Chun took their flight to Australia just now. Jimmy went on Tuesday. Tomorrow, wendy will be going to new Zealand. Another 2 friends are going to leave in next 2 weeks. To keep it short, I wan to which them best of luck and take care always in foreign countries. Not to mention, do keep in touch with us.

Reading yan’s blog right now. All her posts are very nice and touching. With this kind of situation added up with the sad song from lee hom, Kiss Goodbye, I don’t think I can stand it anymore. Here am I, wanna wish yan.

Jia you ya, yan!

Don’t miss out any golden opportunities. Fully support you.
(you know what I mean.)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Big Day ^^

It was my big day yesterday, 4th of January. Yep big day = birthday. ^^

Okay, I know that I am the first one who steps into 20 among all of you in this very New Year. Ha-ha. Not to worry, you guys are going to accompany me soon. Ha-ha. I admit that I myself am not young anymore. What I need to do is to plan for my future. This is the most important and the very first things I want to do when I step my foot into 20. Time is very precious. I can’t waste a single second or a single minute. It’s very important. Once you plan not well, your future will diminish in your hand. (I only know how to talk but haven’t acted. Aiks).

It was fun yesterday. I fetched Ting Fang up in the morning and drove to Wen Ching’s house. We gave her a surprise by heading up to her apartment without telling her we were arrived. Ha-ha. She was actually fall asleep while waiting us. It was fun chatting and playing with both of them. I felt warm. I felt like we were still in our primary school playing together. Please forgive me. Though we are not young, we do act childishly. This is what I like when I am with them. Can say whatever I want to. Can laugh whenever I want to. That’s why three of us have a nice nickname, Sa poh (in mandarin). Ha-ha.

Then we went to mid valley to take our lunch. I hate Shakey’s Pizza very much. How come they can end up the express lunch so fast?! The rm6.90 set lunch consists of a personal pizza, a creamy soup and a glass of carbonate drink. Me and Ting Fang always want to come here to eat this express lunch with Wen Ching. It’s because the lunch is cheap and can fill up ourselves with just less than 10 bucks. (Me and Ting Fang always count a lot. We always want to take up big benefits but spending less when do shopping and eating). That’s what I learned from her. She’s taking business course in her college. Ahem… We ended up sitting in Shakey’s Pizza ordering 3 personal meal sets with different flavours of pizza.

Then we shopped a little as Wen Ching wanted to get some souvenirs for her friends in UK and she wanted to a present for her special someone. :P We also met her friend, Pei Yee in mid valley too. Right after getting everything, we went back to her house. It had been a long time we never took photo that madly like we did last time. Flashes were here and there. From natural to good looking to playful looks. We just took whatever we want. I am going to develop those photographs soon! Thank you, guys. Both of them gave me a very nice big tote in gold colour. That is the bag I always wanted. You guys have spent a fortune on it. In and exchange, me and Ting Fang gave a cute ginger bread man in a chef’s hat to Wen Ching as her birthday present. Besides, me and Wen Ching gave Ting Fang a very nice and cool MNG sling bag for Ting Fang as birthday present too. hope both of us like the present. Our birthdays are very close to each others. So we just have to celebrate everyone’s together. 14 years of friendship this year. Cheers, my friends. Cheers to our friendship.

Time to go home. I felt sad and heavy as Wen Ching will be leaving to UK on Friday morning. We can’t be as crazy as yesterday anymore. What we can do now is to wait for another 6 months where Wen Ching will be back again in June. Ha-ha.

I would like to thank to Xue Yan and Yen Ni too. They gave me something that really surprised me. I can’t even blink when I unwrapped the wrappers and saw the gifts. Thanks to you two. Both of them are really nice friend to be with. Cheers to our friendship. Friends forever!

And also Pui Leng and Chee Wei, a nice couple. They gave me a diary planner in pink. They advised me to plan something for myself. Thanks to you both too.

I am very glad to have you all with me. Thanks to everyone. Once again, I want to thank all my friends in my millions billions thank you list. Love you all.

Millions Billions Thanksss...

Thanks to my family members
Thanks to Aillen sis
Thanks to Wen Ching
Thanks to Ting Fang
Thanks to Pei Yee
Thanks to Pei Yee's friend
Thanks to Xue Yan
Thanks to Yen Ni
Thanks to Xiong Khee
Thanks to Pui Leng
Thanks to Yen Hong
Thanks to Chee Wei
Thanks to Ru Chi
Thanks to Woo Yen
Thanks to Tze Leong
Thanks to Weng Jian
Thanks to Yee Meng
Thanks to Xiao Wen
Thanks to Sheau Wen
Thanks to Ken Yip
Thanks to Chua Yik
Thanks to Eldred
Thanks to Wei Min
Thanks to Eu Wye
Thanks to cousin Siew Yin

Thanks to everyone.
Thanks to those who still remembered my birthday and wished me.
Thanks for giving me the presents.
I like them very much
And I’ll treasure them!

For you all.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year to everyone. ^^

A new year has come. It’s year 2006 now and no more year 2005.
I was kind of enjoying the celebration with my friends during New Year eve. It was fun and great. As for me, that was the first time ever I celebrate the eve with that lots of people at this public area. Snow sprayings were every where! I admitted that I could not stand the smell of the foam. However, it was only once a year, let’s forgive it. ^^

That was fun! 10 of us were heading from BB plaza to sg. Wang and then to Lot 10. People were shoving and pushing. It was hard to make your way pass in the crowd. People stepped on you. When I was home, I realized that the skins of my shoes were torn a little. This pair of shoes was new. Heart broken. Luckily, I still can wear it. In the middle of the crowd, we had to hold hands and stick together to get pass the way. People were pushing at the back and I had to hold myself for not pushing my friends in the front. Tough huh. Anyway, that was a very good experience. Hope we can still celebrate this event together.

However, I am kind of envy one of my primary friends (you know who you are, ha-ha). You know what? She was sitting comfortably at Tiffin Bay (a lounge cum bar) with her friend. Oh my. Tiffin Bay is really a nice hang out place. The cakes are delicious and there are more mouth-watering cookies and chocolates, the drinks are juicy and the atmosphere is so great that you would want to sit there for a whole day! Soft music is playing and the lights go dims when the night falls. From inside of the lounge, you can see the view of KL. Especially at night, when lights are on at the surrounded building, you will truly fall in love with it. I’ve been there once. It was with my primary friend, ching. We were there after shopping and choosing a precious birthday present for another best friend of us, fang. It was happened on last Wednesday. I ordered a strawberry cake and raspberry and rosehip tea while ching ordered a chocolate fudge cake and passion fruits smoothies. Yummy! Well, I must say that, once your were there, you will truly fall in love with this place. Let’s go and find it out yourself! Of course, I would like to go there again but ching will be going back to UK on this coming Friday. Sob Sob. Time goes fast. Wish I can go there with you when you are back in KL again. Anyway, whoever want to go Tiffin Bay and need accompany, you can find me. ^^
I’d love to go there with you guys, just call me.
I’m truly in love with Tiffin Bay!

Okay, once again, I want to wish all of you happy New Year! Muacks…

A new year
A new life
A new style
A brand new me.

P.S: I am listening to Lee Hom's new song, Kiss Goodbye while typing this post. Nice song.
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