Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Year 2008

Off to go, off to go…

I will be flying off to Langkawi few hours later. I should be happy at this moment because finally I can go for a vacation with my secondary school gang. Vacation! That’s what I need. However…… I am taking the risk in studies. I am skipping the 5 hours lectures on Monday. Gosh!!! This is so no good. I am feeling very guilty now… How?! Do I manage to catch up with the lectures?! I don’t think so as second year’s courses are very tough! No eyes to see… sigh…

Anyway, me gonna celebrate the New Year eve in Langkawi. This should be another great experience with friends…

Dear Readers, Friends, Food Bloggers & Bloggers,


Muacksss :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Xmas & Happy 2008 ~

It’s Christmas!

There are Christmas decos everywhere, Christmas songs are in the air, and those freshly baked ginger bread house n ginger bread man… ohhh! What a great festive atmosphere out there!

Dear Readers, Friends, Food Bloggers, Bloggers,

May you have a wonderful Christmas celebration,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Do enjoy these holidays with your loved ones.

Ho-HO-Ho! ~


Saturday, December 22, 2007

happy Winter Solstice Festival !

It’s ‘Dong Zhi’ 冬至 (the Winter Solstice Festival) today! Happy Winter Solstice Festival to all of you.

Ever notice what is this???
That’s the heavy stone mortar and below it was the grinded Glutinous Rice Flour with water in the white cloth packet. Mum bought home some Glutinous Rice and has them grinded. We often have our Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Ball) homemade as those Glutinous Rice Dough sold in market were added in too much of the artificial coloring.

For coloring, mum used carrot for its orange-y color, pandan leaf for the greenish color, and a kind of blue flower for its blue coloration and the white one was the original rice’s color. We often had the glutinous rice ball eaten with warm sweeten ginger broth. And also the pandan leaves were added while boiling the sweet soup.

These colour are special?! Isn’t it? You can’t get to find these colors of rice dough in the market. Hehehe.

Happy happy Winter Solstice Festival to all of you.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Xi-Men-Ting @ South City Plaza

It was another day out with Christine again. The mission this day was to ‘transform’ my long wavy hair to a trendy stylish one. And here again, Christine brought me over for a new hair cut. Thanks, Leng.

Before that, we were loitering while figuring out what to have for lunch as South City Plaza seems empty nowadays. A lot of shops and merchandisers have moved out from this complex and some shops left emptied.

Something came into Christine’s mind. She told me that she dined in this place years ago and the food was not bad. We had ourselves seated too although we were unsure if they could maintain the same standard as years ago.

Xi Men Ting is one of the well-known places in Taiwan with lots of hip young and adults hanging around. While this restaurant named as Xi-Men-Ting, I think the Chinese food served are more or less like those in Taiwan?!

Here was the iced jasmine tea at Rm 2.50 for me to quench my thirst. No sugar added and pure in jasmine flavour.

We ordered a Chicken Drum Steak with Noodles 炸鸡腿面 priced at Rm 7.90 which came in very large portion. Look at that, the drumstick was well marinated and fried to its perfection. We both had 2 big pieces. The fried chicken was a bit oily for me but definitely fit the huge bowl of noodles.

Besides noodles, there were minced pork and bak choy too. As for the soup, it was a bit like shoyu soup (like those Japanese Shoyu Ramen but a milder than the Jap type). Gosh, just Rm 7.90 but we couldn’t finish the noodles. The serving was really big even we had it shared.

We also had Steam Pork Dumpling 白玉水饺 (8pcs) priced at Rm 8.00. These were healthy as they were steamed and not fried or oil-cooked type (into Gyoza). Each dumpling was packed with amount of minced pork and the fragrant-flowered garlic - Garlic chives. Hmmm… the dumplings were yummy with the shredded ginger in vinegar.

That’s the end of our lunch and I was full up after the lunch and during my ‘transformation’ :P

Map ~

Lot G03A, Grd Floor,
South City Plaza,
Seksyen 1,
Serdang Perdana,
Seri kembangan,
43300 Selangor
Tel: 03-89458125

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sweet Lunch @ Delicious Cafe

This was gal-day-out with Ting Fang, one of my best-ie. She stayed quite near to my house and the distance traveled to her house takes only 10 minutes by car. But… I have yet seen her for more than 6 months. How can that be?! She can really ‘abandon’ me when she is busy with her uni life. Soobz…

Anyway, she is now holidaying. But my classes have resumed. Sigh… my holiday end so fast. I haven’t even enjoyed it and another semester started. War is beginning!!! I meant war with books and battles with hectic time table (practical and lectures). Anyhow, I will try sparing more time for friends.

Soon, we hung out in One U last Thursday. Christmas is soon arrived and there is heavy Christmas atmosphere in every corner. This adorable toy soldier had my attention. One U is decorated with a very special theme, toy soldier (toy-story-liked) instead of those tall huge big normal Christmas tree.

Time for lunch. When we passed by Delicious, we were ‘magnet-ed’ to the heart alluring dessert chiller with gorgeous looking dessert displayed. The place was almost full house at 12pm. Well, that was still early for lunch.

We were lucky to be seated at table 108 (a nice number).

I had decided what to order by time I was at the dessert chiller. I had this Blackberry Apple Crumble (priced at Rm 9.90) served with a vast scoop of vanilla ice cream. I think I can rank this as quite a healthy dessert as the crumble part was made from oats. I wasn’t a big fan of vanilla ice cream but the cold ice cream went just right with the harden crumble and the warm inner part which consisted numerous blackberry and apple. So, cold + warm = balance. (oopps, hot and cold at the same time was not too good for teeth).

As for Ting Fang, she ordered herself the Strawberry Cheese Cake (priced at Rm 10.90) with strawberry sauce. This was her kind of cheese cake as it was dense and creamy. However, the strawberry sauce was too sweet for her liking.

Actually we were very full with just both desserts as our lunch but my lovely friend wanted to order as we saw our neighbor had the very huge bowl of potato wedges. So, we had this very large bowl of Potato Wedges with Sour Cream (priced at just Rm 9.90). Of course we couldn’t finish it and we ‘ta-bao-ed’ it lor.

Here is my lovely friend’s creation. She used the very sweet left over strawberry sauce to draw out a heart shape.

Another day ended so soon. We joked a lot and exchanged the past 6 month’s happenings. Honestly, I prefer this delicious café than the one in Bangsar Village 2. the space in between each table is quite small and can over heard the conversation of next table, but the lighting and environment here is much better and comfy than BV2.

Delicious Café
Lot G316, Grd Floor,
1 Utama Phase 2,
Bandar Utama.
Tel: 03-77241086

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sushi Zanmai @ Gardens

It was another girls-day-out. Me, Christine and Yen were heading to Mid Valley to have a check out on new products. When it’s time for lunch, we just walked over to Sushi Zanmai at Gardens as planned. Why?! That was because we had a cut-out-coupon from The Star newspaper. They were having promotion on selected dishes with 50 percents discount (Oopps, another dated post again as the promotion end by end of November).

We had the Salmon Sashimi ( Sake) as they were 50% off with the cut voucher from the newspaper. The salmon sashimi came in thick rectangular shape and its fats were distributed quite evenly. They were fresh and juicy and went well with wasabi.
Anyhow, in any Jap restaurant, Sashimi should be eaten first before other strong flavors affect the palate.

Then we had 2 main courses to be shared among us.

First was the Curry Ramen. We opted for the small portion which was priced at Rm 10.80. It came in very thick gravy chicken curry broth. It was fragrant with curry powder and spices. The whole bowl of noodles was so aromatic-rich.

Yen’s ‘task’ was to distribute the noodles into 3 small bowls. We just couldn’t stop ‘slurping’ our noodles. Slurp* if you do not like Ramen, you have another option --- Udon. I was in the mood for Ramen that day so I ordered Ramen instead of Udon.

Next was the Ebidon海老丼(priced at Rm 8.80 for small serving) came with tempura deep fried prawn with egg on rice. Besides, there were additional of seaweed, pickles, raisin and also onion.

Hmmm, Yum. Every single Jap round rice was cooked to perfection and was enclosed with eggie and fragrant with onion.

And then the pretty-presented Dragon Roll ドラゴンロ一ル priced at Rm 12.80 but with the voucher again, we had it at only half of the price. The Dragon roll was the fried prawn sushi roll topped with avocado.

There was fried prawn in the middle, and also a little of ebiko on top of the avocado. The avocado simply melted in between tongue and hard palate.

We were full by then and didn’t get to order their heart-alluring-dessert. Will have a revisit for more especially their dessert! ~

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Red Box Plus @ Pavilion KL

I love singing, and so do my friends.

Red box used to be our frequent hang out place but not until this year, we are all busy with studies and assignments. When my singing kaki, Dred overjoyed and told me about the newly open Red Box Plus in Pavilion, we decided to have our first try out with the bunch of friend (Yan and How = known as y-h couple; and ken). Of course, we have done our ‘homework’ before heading to Pavilion as Red Box Plus set up in this newly classy looking gigantic shopping mall would have different charges. We opted for the cheapest session which is priced at Rm 18++ from Monday to Thursday, 11am to 3pm.

Yes, here we were. The very stylish entrance with...

Cosy comfy chic interior where you are seated while waiting for rooms.

This is the fresh water zone in cool blue.

And here is the flaming hot zone, the very trendy designed interior.

We were in room 13 which is in this flaming hot section (pic above inside the room).

On the menu, it stated that we could have food from the Buffet Spread which includes mixed salads, choice of soup and selection of dessert as starters.

Here are some desserts we found from the Dessert Bar.

Desserts and soup (pic: bottom right)

For the main course, each of us can choose one out of four from the menu.

Ken had Teriyaki Lamb served with Lime Soyu Yee Mee and Tomato Relish. I had a try on the Teriyaki Lamb and it was too salty but when well with the noodles.

Plates of Cajun Chicken with Chili Flakes and Quenelles Potato were for me, Yan & How. Sigh… our chickens were too dry and not too flavorful. Anyhow, I like their presentation of these dishes. It seems as though we were having fine dining. The chef must have put on efforts on presentation work but they do need more improvement on food.

Dred had his bowl of Beef Ball Noodle Soup which was okay and ordinary for him.

Another dish from the menu was Fish Curry served with Benggali Bread or Steamed Rice. No photo as none of us ordered this.

As for beverage, we enjoyed the free flow of soft drinks such as cokes, sprite, soda and iced lemon tea. I myself had few glasses of lemon tea where they were useful to soothe my throat after sing-shouting. *grin*

Singing session was great! For once, you can sing / shout-out all the unhappiness. And also improve your singing skill. Most important of all, u gets to gather with friends!

Overall, the food was just okay (I don’t expect too much on the food served in karaoke box) but I must compliment them on their service. The staffs are helpful and greet you all the time with pleasant smile.

Red Box Plus
Lot No. C4.01.00 & C5.01.00
Connection Level 4 & 5,
Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-21483322

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Let’s Bar-B-Que!

Aiks, this is another back-dated post again. Yep I am in my holiday now and I must be free right?! But then how can I not writing my post frequently?! The reasons… firstly, I am not able to ‘go near’ to the computer. Youngest brother is in his holiday now and he uses comp. everyday for games. Then when second bro back from college, he needs it for his homework, gaming and facebook-ing. Begin the eldest me have no chance to ‘touch’ my computer at all. Conclusion, I have a lot of very back-dated post to type. Sigh… and I can only use the comp at midnight or when everyone is sleeping.

Back on food, this was the time me, my dad and youngest bro visited Bar.B.Q Plaza and we were going to barbeque out food. Where’s mum?! Well, she was busy shopping with my aunts.

Once we were seated, we were served with these…
There were lard on the above left; next to it was their special sauce. From the bottom left plate was the green chili flakes, lime and also chopped garlic. Their special sauce became incredibly appetizing after the additional of right amount of green chili flakes and lime and garlic into it. I prefer the sauce to be lil’ sourish so added more lime juice into it.

As for the lard, it was used to oil the pan (functioned as cooking oil).

Since mum was not with us then we could not opt for the family meal set. So, we just went for their Supreme Pork set priced at Rm 29 per set. The Supreme Pork set came with loads of vegetables (cabbages, carrots), pork slices, prawns, bacons.

There were not enough for the 2 ‘meat-eaters’. We had additional plate of beef (priced at Rm 4.50) for my brother.

And also lamb (priced at Rm 6.90) for us. The lamb slices were succulent and tender.

Seafood and meat slices were to be barbequed on the pan while vegetables had to be cook in boiling soup. And yet, the soup based was sweet after cooking/boiling vege.

As for the drinks, Hot and ice green tea priced at Rm 2.50 and Rm 2 respectively. Green tea e?! But I find no green tea taste in it. Anyway, you can refill the green tea as much as you can.

Brother had his Kiwi Squash (priced at Rm 3.50) which was tooooooooo sweet. We asked for extra ice to be added into the juice and it tasted too artificial.

Our set also came with 2 bowls of rice (no pic) and we find that the price is reasonable. Coming back for more?! Yes, I think so as my brother loves ‘playing / cooking’ with food on pan ^^

Bar B. Q. Plaza
1 Utama Shopping Complex
Tel: 03-77278148

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