Friday, December 21, 2007

Xi-Men-Ting @ South City Plaza

It was another day out with Christine again. The mission this day was to ‘transform’ my long wavy hair to a trendy stylish one. And here again, Christine brought me over for a new hair cut. Thanks, Leng.

Before that, we were loitering while figuring out what to have for lunch as South City Plaza seems empty nowadays. A lot of shops and merchandisers have moved out from this complex and some shops left emptied.

Something came into Christine’s mind. She told me that she dined in this place years ago and the food was not bad. We had ourselves seated too although we were unsure if they could maintain the same standard as years ago.

Xi Men Ting is one of the well-known places in Taiwan with lots of hip young and adults hanging around. While this restaurant named as Xi-Men-Ting, I think the Chinese food served are more or less like those in Taiwan?!

Here was the iced jasmine tea at Rm 2.50 for me to quench my thirst. No sugar added and pure in jasmine flavour.

We ordered a Chicken Drum Steak with Noodles 炸鸡腿面 priced at Rm 7.90 which came in very large portion. Look at that, the drumstick was well marinated and fried to its perfection. We both had 2 big pieces. The fried chicken was a bit oily for me but definitely fit the huge bowl of noodles.

Besides noodles, there were minced pork and bak choy too. As for the soup, it was a bit like shoyu soup (like those Japanese Shoyu Ramen but a milder than the Jap type). Gosh, just Rm 7.90 but we couldn’t finish the noodles. The serving was really big even we had it shared.

We also had Steam Pork Dumpling 白玉水饺 (8pcs) priced at Rm 8.00. These were healthy as they were steamed and not fried or oil-cooked type (into Gyoza). Each dumpling was packed with amount of minced pork and the fragrant-flowered garlic - Garlic chives. Hmmm… the dumplings were yummy with the shredded ginger in vinegar.

That’s the end of our lunch and I was full up after the lunch and during my ‘transformation’ :P

Map ~

Lot G03A, Grd Floor,
South City Plaza,
Seksyen 1,
Serdang Perdana,
Seri kembangan,
43300 Selangor
Tel: 03-89458125


Big Boys Oven said...

oh let's makan-makan at serdang!

Precious Pea said...

The food looks good and so cheap. Barely can find RM8 for 8 gyozas oledi.

Unknown said...

i used to lepak at south city plaza during my stay in cyberjaya haha..their rice n noodles r quite good

HairyBerry said...

i like the 炸鸡腿面 pic! chicken and soup noodles...a great dish for those rainy days...slurp...

ling239 said...

the chicken looks so delicious ~ ^_^

Jason said...

Poor South City Plaza.
But at least you had a nice lunch.

~Christine~Leng said...

oops.. it's the steamed pork dumplings! I'm missing them! well, at least South City Plaza has something that I rave about ;P

ai wei said...

big boys oven,
yea!!! let's hang out in Serdang!

precious pea,
RM 1 for 1 gyoza. quite okay eh?! but... china's one still cheaper n taste better. ahhh...

is it?! the other dishes are good? then i have one more place to lepak adi. hehe

nic (khkl)
a warm bowl of soup noodles definately great during rainy day.

it tasted yummy. hehe

yep, i enjoyed my lunch with Christine!!!

keke, done a mistake? jz edit it. i love the dumpling too! we can have a revisit for their dumplings?!
have a wonderful holiday and enjoy ur trip! muacksss~

Anonymous said...

food looks great, especially the chicken and noodles.. Noodles and soup is one of my comfort food..

Sugar Bean said...

Haha, we just came back from Xi Men Ding yesterday and u dined in this restaurant. Looks good, gonna try this place out next time! Taiwan food is good, hope we can find them here! :)

Joyce said...

This was great! The portion is super super huge, and way too much. I think there is another Xi Men Ting in another shopping complex, but this wins hands down..

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