Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Mei Star Tour in KL

I can’t believe I have made myself to thissss…

Right after I woke up from the nap in late evening at 6.25pmringgg…

Friend: Wei, I have 2 tickets to the concert. Are you interested?!
Me: Really?! Yes I am in. hold on, you don’t want to go?!
Friend: oh, this is extra and no one in my family wanna go. I am going to sis and family with the other 4 tickets I have.
Me: yes yes, I want! One for me please. Are we sitting together?!
Friend: No…
Me: Har?! Then me alone sitting there?!
Friend: that’s why I am telling you, I have 2tickets, you have to bring another friend.
Me: oh gosh!!! Where can I get another friend to go?!
Friend: ask your bro larrr

And yep, my youngest bro agreed to go with me…


Here we go

To A Mei’s Star Tour Live In Malaysia!!!
(This concert is proudly present by Hotlink and Munchy’s)

Yada yada yada… with the un-ready feeling and mind, I was here at Stadium Bukit Jalil. I was so unprepared, I had not practice to sing her song… gosh, hopefully I could sing well along with the crowd!

A Mei’s concert started sharply at 8.45pm by a guest singer from Malaysia. She jumped out from the stage at 9pm sharp and sang for 3 hours!!! In between, she is touched and cried for a few times. Especially the time she was singing 记得 with the crowd. She nearly emotionally couldn’t recover. She said we sang well :p

For me, the greatest thing was --- I actually got VIP seats. It was just about 10 rows away from the stage. She is really good in single. Although she has sang for hoursss, her voice was still very stable and powerful! As for the crowd… there were noise and shouts and cheers and…… it was merry and happy!

Here are only few photos I had as we were actually not allowed to take photos.

A Mei on the Big screen


Guess I have clapped too hard. Here was the big damage on the red hand



I wanna Thank XiongLing and Khee for million billion times here for the tickets they gimme!!! Muacksss!

My biggest damage at the end of the concert was a dried up throat.

I love Ah Mei 张惠妹!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Canton-i @ The Gardens

I have not been up on blogging for quite a long time. Guess I have missed out a lot of stuff.
Firstly, have to wish WeiZhi a happy belated birthday. Secondly, gonna spare a little time to catch up with my favourite blogs! Ahh… too much reading to do~ anyhow, blog reading is always much much better than studying!

I am a little fed up with the swallowing-lecture-notes-and-books-and-vomiting-out-words-in-the-test-type of day and life. Although I have this ‘guilty’ feeling (due to the test in Fri and 2 more reports to be finished by Wed), I still want to spend a little time in blog-updating.

I always wished to try out the food in Canton-i after reading the reviews from other food blog. Finally, I have made myself there with WenChing from Sugar Bean months ago (hmmm, yeah, another dated post) for our dinner.

Canton-i which is owned by Dragon-I, has become the famous Chinese food chain around Klang Valley. This restaurant can definitely attract people for revisit with the elegant looking and modern oriental interior.

We ordered the Fried Turnip Cake XO Sauce, XO 酱炒萝卜糕 as appetizer. Well, I can say, this is the best Fried Turnip Cake I have ever tried. It is loaded with XO sauce and had a great wok hei. Although it is a little expansive, I will still order this on my next visit.

Wonton Noodles with 2 Combination 双拼捞面 that come along with a bowl of soup. We chose to have Wonton and Roast Pork Belly for the ‘topping’. The noodles came with 2 large wonton and roast pork belly. The wonton is huge with a large prawn inside and the roast pork bellies were yummy. But personally, I dun really like the noodles as it seems to have too much of kansui

We ended out dinner with the egg tart 招牌蛋挞 as desserts. This hot piping egg tart arrived 10 minutes after our meal. This egg tart claimed to be one of their best sellers and I observed that many customers will take away their egg tarts after dining-in.

The gardens
Mid Valley City
LG-202 & 203A, Lower Ground Floor,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 22846888


Ps: Today is really not my day, took my test in a sudden-loss-of memory state and worst of all, I have no idea what I have written in the paper. Friday will be another disastrous day for me it will be toughest paper with lots of reading and memory……

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

... errr ...

Dear readers,

It has been a long time since my last updates. Please forgive me as I am busy preparing for the tests on next week and those never-ending workloads, reports and assignment.

Oh my… I have 4 tests in a row on next week and even 2 of them fall in the same day. Sigh… Tough tough tough… now even 48 or 72 hours in a day also not enough. Sigh…

I will be back on blogging once I am free.
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