Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Secret...

I got to know about that from a friend. I was very shock to hear it. My heart was full with pain and sorrow all of a sudden. It was then tore apart. Separate into two. And un-sewed. There were tears in my eyes. And finally tears caressed my cheek.

I couldn't believe what i've heard last friday. It was way too soon for me to accept the reality. This couldn't be! I must forget about it. The nightmare that came too early. I knew that one day it'll come true. however, I never thought that it would happen so soon.

I must try very hard to forget about that!

I would not want that to affect my feeling, my mood, and myself.
I want back myself like the 1 in the past.
The girl who love to laugh.
The girl who always carrying a smile on her face.

The ME

Saturday, June 25, 2005

My First Post

Finally, I’ve got my own blog. Wow, it took me hours to set up everything. You know, I am not good in computer. I'm just a noob and still learning to get use to my computer (still the same old comp). Thank you, my friends, for being helping me out to bring the 'success' to my blog.

Well, after a hard time having the exam for a week, sigh... it's not end yet. I still have to face my last 2 papers ---- chemistry and mathematics on coming Tuesday. These 2 papers are going to be tough. They are nightmares to me! You know, I hate math. Especially it comes to pure math and core math. I wonder why we have to learn so many things in integration and differentiation?! Dunno am I still having the chance to use it in the future. At this time, I shouldn't be here, sitting in front of the monitor, composing first post on my blog. I should have sit in front of my desk and keep my head down with the math. However, I can't help myself! Ends up, sitting here, typing and at a mean time eating 'popiah' as the appetiser. Mum's not going to cook for us today. My parents were out. I have to settle the dinner myself.
Poor me.

Whatever, I’ll just eat anything that i can find in the fridge.
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