Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Secret...

I got to know about that from a friend. I was very shock to hear it. My heart was full with pain and sorrow all of a sudden. It was then tore apart. Separate into two. And un-sewed. There were tears in my eyes. And finally tears caressed my cheek.

I couldn't believe what i've heard last friday. It was way too soon for me to accept the reality. This couldn't be! I must forget about it. The nightmare that came too early. I knew that one day it'll come true. however, I never thought that it would happen so soon.

I must try very hard to forget about that!

I would not want that to affect my feeling, my mood, and myself.
I want back myself like the 1 in the past.
The girl who love to laugh.
The girl who always carrying a smile on her face.

The ME

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Wen Ching said...

There're alot of obstacles in our life. Not everything will go our way. But be strong, I know you can overcome this. Tomorrow will be a better day. I believe you can stand up on your own, find your destiny. Dont worry, me and fang will always be here for you. :)

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