Friday, July 01, 2005


初めてあった日お 今も覚えている?

その仕草をとても 愛しく思うように




This is part of the lyrics from carols. It is a Japanese song sang by my favourite artist, Ayumi Hamasaki. I put up the song in this blog. Nice, isn’t it?!

Her album, My story was officially released in December last year. When I visited to my friend’s house, she played that CD. The first song she played was walking proud. That was a very nice song. I was extremely fall in love into that song. Well, correct me, it was fall in love at the first sight. Haha. That’s a very nice song!

Okay, let’s come back to Carols. Wonder why I put up this song in my blog? Actually there is no reason. The music is soft and sweet. This is the 2nd song I like the most in My Story. Ayumi wrote all the lyrics by herself. She said that the lyrics she wrote came from her true feeling. A great singer she is, isn’t it?

All the while, sounds like I am promoting her album, right? Well, it’s true that her album ‘My Story’ worth a lot. Now I am listening to this song again. Think I really can’t live without this song.

* type those japanese lyrics by myself. tough >.<
think i should work hard on my japanese last time

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