Sunday, July 10, 2005

Part 2

What a great trip i had! I just got back from Redang Island yesterday. That's the first time i went to island with a gang of friends. i think the 8 of us enjoyed during this 3days 2nights. besides that, lots of funny things happened too!

Well, i have not written anything here for a week. Erm... I guess this is a busy week.

Let me tell you what i've done for the whole week

Monday: I went out with my mum to Jaya Jusco and got a mixer.
Tuesday: went to chingie's house (together with tingie). Know wat me and tingie had done in chingie's house? We just mess up the whole place, took out everything from her secret drawer (there are many secrets in her drawer, :P)
Wednesday: went out with my mum again to settle out something. at night, i went to yan's house and overnight there. Ni was there too!
Thursday: Well, this was the worse day of all. 3 of us got up at 4am and we had only 2 hours sleep! Rushed to the airport in 45mins, took a flight to Terengganu, an hour bus journey to Merang Jetty, an hour and a half of the boat ride to reach to Redang Island. can you imagine how tired we are?! We reached Redang by 12, tired and hungry. and we still had to wait for another hour then only can had our lunch.
Friday: the bunch of us got up by 4.30am and ran to the beach side to wait for the sun rise. Yep, We arrived at the place at 5am and the sky was still dark. sigh, we watched no sun rise too. it's alwasy easier to get the sunset than the sunrise.
saturday: maybe all us were to tired. We missed our breakfast! i was the first to wake up by 8.30am. and then, i had to run to another room to wake up the guys. Hungry + sleepy + tired. We searched for the shop and stall for breakfast. gone through the whole area from redang beach resort to laguna. Finally, walked back to our resort again to have our breakfast at a stall. checked out, took an hour boat ride, van ride to terengganu airport, a flight to KLIA, 45mins van ride and finally i reached home by 7pm. Thank you yen for taking me home -----> okay, you are a gentleman.
sunday: actually i just got back from a tea with friends. and also to bid farewell with a friend, jian. he'll be leaving to aus tonight. jian, take good care of yourself.

that was how i spent my week. cool, right? however, i am broke now. spent all my saving on the trip already. sigh... I really wonder how can i survive for next week.

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