Monday, July 18, 2005

Me = clumsy

Now I am having a problem in typing and my typing rate is going to be extraordinary slow. Sigh… I was very clumsy.

Here what happen to me just now. I was busy hunting and searching for food in the store room. Feeling hungry and depressed. Let see, what I want to eat? Cereals, cookies, snacks… Aha! Finally, I found that there was a large tin of Jacob’s Hi-Fibre cracker which was bought from supermarket yesterday by mum.

I was very happy and excited. Crackers were my favourite. Besides, there was a small amount of strawberry jam left in the jam jar which was kept in the fridge. I was really happy. My empty stomach finally could fill up with something. There was a sharp point on the lid. Without realizing that, eagerly, I used a silvery spoon to open up the lid.

OUCH! I cried in pain. My thumb was cut deeply. It was bleeding.

Sigh… there were already many scratches on my left arm and hand. And here comes another cut on my thumb. My poor left arm and hand. I wonder when are the wounds and scratches going to be fine and gone?!

After washing the cut and applied the plaster, I ate 10 pieces of crackers, 5 oreos and a cup of tea as my tea time’s meal.

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