Sunday, July 30, 2006

move on!

Finally, I got the chance to post my piece here. Life is tough. However, I still have to go on. I’ve started my new course since the beginning of July. A month passed. Awwww…. I have expected that it won’t be as easy as the one before. Everyday, you have to do tons of reading. Revising what the lecturers have taught on that day. However, I still haven’t done any reading or revision since the starting of the course. I am accumulating them! Oh no, can I manage to finish up those?

I’ve finish a lab report. I am not complaining but having 3 reports to finish up in a week is too much. I hate accumulating works and now I don’t think I can finish them up. I must listen to khee’s advices that to study everyday and cut down the entertainment sources which is tv. Sigh… must work very hard from now on. Tomorrow has class on 8 and labs on 2pm. Labs again… lots of works to do but this is the pathway I chose. I have to keep going and work hard. These apply same to u guys. Times keep going and we have to keep moving … to the future… to achieve your dreams or your goals

Monday, July 03, 2006

Java?! What's that?!

What a big problem I am having now. Okay, I am trying to complete a piece of java assignment for my friend as the due date for this piece of assignment is soon arrived. Coming week, if I am not mistaken. At first, I thought this would be a simple question. Oh god. I believe that when I start up the JCreator. Gosh… what a hard piece this is. Searching for all the notes and extra information from the text book and settled myself in front of the computer now. However, I still can’t solve this whole question. How am I going to write out this program?! Anyone can help me??? Sob, sob, still sobbing…

* Sorry guys, for such a long time never leave any post here.
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