Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Peach Yogurt Baked Cheese Cake

When the baking mood comes, I will disappear myself into kitchen and appear myself in the living room after some hours. *just like playing the Apparition and Disapparition spells from Harry Potter.*

Last Friday, the baking mood dropped by. I got stimulated and disappeared into the kitchen again. With the help of the little elves (the handy little machines), I baked the Peach Yogurt Baked Cheese Cake. :)


The Peach Yogurt Baked Cheese Cake is baked into golden Yellowish.



The Velvety cheese part is extremely silky smooth and soft. It melts between the hard palate and tongue. Simply irresistible + Cheesilicious!


We finished the last piece on Sunday.
The family complained… Not Enough peaches. I should have line-d in more. Gotta put in more peach slices next time


Friday, October 23, 2009

Chinoz on the Park @ KLCC


Another back dated post, I must say; my best-ie and I were celebrating The Sugar’s birthday > half years back in Chinoz on the Park @ KLCC. (sorry for such a long delay).



Complementary bread and butter. You can opt for the refill of bread :) we did that while taking our time to flip through the menu.


Pizza is always good for sharing. We had their fragrant wood oven pizza - Frutti di Mare


This pizza is topped with tiger prawns, mussels, and calamari and abundant of mozzarella + the basil leaves (if I am not mistaken) (But according to my friend, Jimmy, the leaves are called rocquets). This was my first time having leaves on pizza. The birthday gal disliked the leaves.


We ordered chicken from the main where it is the pan-fried chicken breast, coriander lemon crust, sauté potato and served with the thyme jus. Chicken breast is always dry; I love the way they serve the chicken breast where it is loaded with lots of sauce.


Never forget the dessert time and the birthday song and candle blowing session.

chinoz, klcc1

It is always great to have birthday dinner with friends and family and share the joys and happiness among all. Will have celebration for one another till next year again. Or… in few months time ?! :P

Monday, October 19, 2009

Colourful Pan Mee @ Lin Chin, Serdang

I love colourful stuff, especially colours in well harmonic combination. Besides fresh ingredients, smell and scent; colour plays a very important role in boosting your appetite. Moreover, with colourful food, you can brighten up your day; blow off the blue clouds that bubble above your head.


One morning, I freshed up my day with a bowl of colourful noodles. Yep, a huge bowl of colourful Pan Mee with both Chris and Christine. This sweet couple brought me over to Lin Chin, a few blocks away from the church in Serdang village, in one of the busiest lorongs. We took a hard time for parking.

Pan Mee comes in various colours. You may ask, are they made from artificial colorants? No… they are made of juices of blended fresh vege.


Opt for
White – for the original normal version
Green – from Spinach
Purple – from Sweet Potato
Yellow – from Pumpkin
Orange – from capsicum


I am a pumpkin lover so I had a bowl of yellow Pan Mee.


The broth was clear, light and flavourful. Love this hot soupy broth together with my Pan Mee.


She had the Purple colour.


I find the texture for Purple Pan Mee was softer than my yellow one.


He had the Wantan Mee.

Get bored with Pan Mee or Wantan Mee, you can try their Curry Mee, Nasi Lemak, Tomyum Seafood Noodles, and Fishcake Noodles…… etc.

And so, I have started my day with colourful food. Have you?!

More reviews at Chris&Chrsitine’s page

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taste Good Restaurant 好记海鲜饭店 @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

A big thankie to Ken for the invitation. I got to meet up and join the other food bloggers – Witch, Wilson & Rachel, Taufulou; and the very familiar food bloggers – Chris & Christine and Big Boys Oven. Nice meeting you guys.


Puchong is a …. Not to say new but a well developed food hub. Restaurants mushroom in and around this area. Ms. Ong, the person in charged from Taste Good Restaurant welcomed us warmly. She then explained the background and the story of restaurant…

Needless to describe much as the other food bloggers have had this posted up (sorry as I am delaying works again = =), let’s go to the food.


炒双尤 Stir fry Dried & Fresh cuttle fish with Onions and Peas (RM 15). It is the combination of cuttlefish and squids with capsicums and green pea.


苦瓜生骨煲 Claypot Spare Ribs with Bitter Gourd (RM 15) in the very home cooked style.


生煲黄酒金凤鱼 Steamed Mandarin Fish in Rice Wine (RM 23)


上平豆腐 Beancurd in Pumpkin sauce. I find this a little too light for me as I prefer something thick and strong.


红烧猪肉 Braised 3-ply Pork Belly


芭蕉鸡 Sweet & Sour Crispy Chicken is something I love most. The sauce is sourish and refreshing.


奶香蟹 Butter & Pumpkin Crabs is the chef’s signature dish. It is kinda special loaded with tiny-sago-liked-seeds along with the pumpkin sauce. That seeds are actually the butter @@ can’t believe they can actually turn the butter into tiny tiny seeds.


金香蟹 Crabs in Kam Heong Style


上汤珍珠蚌 Clams (lala) in Superior Soup. Fresh clams but the superior soup was slightly on the salty side. This was best with a bowl of rice.

Taste Good Restaurant 好记海鲜饭店
No.21, Jalan Puteri 4/1,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong
Tel: 03 – 80607057
Or Contact Ms Ong at 017 – 5751636
Business hours:
Lunch: 11am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5pm – 10.15pm.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival Reunion Dinner

Colourful candles and paper lanterns,
Are something we love playing during the moon cake festival.
As I grow up,
I find candles and paper lanterns are strangers to me.
Till this year’s Mid Autumn Festival
I joined up the children circle (right, a 20+-year-old-girl joined the kids’ crowd)
To bring back my childhood memories… on lantern and candles.

A day I longed has arrived. Finally, family and relatives could get together, for the reunion dinner and the chats with liquor after dinner.

For dinner, every dish was well prepared with loves and care…


Fried seafood tofu


Fried fish cake aka spring rolls


Home made fried wantan



Nga Gu’ – the adults’ favourite


Chicken – a must have on every occasion


Braised ginger duck


3 ply pork belly with yam slices – mum's signature dish


Desserts - The red bean tong yun in red bean soup homemade by me and mum. However, There wasn’t any empty space left in my stomach, I da-baoed home.

And now…
I am looking forward the next occasion – Winter Solstice Festival~

Monday, October 05, 2009

Chawan @ Bangsar

August 06, 2009

The 2 best-ies of mine Christine and theSUGAR are back to KL. Guess their taste buds are already numbed after being fed with bread, western food, cereals, potatoes, bun… for a long time in the land of English.

Both of them are back with missions. They want real local delicious cuisines.

I decided a new place for us --- Chawan at Bangsar for Malaysian local cuisine and a get together chit chatting.

The partial-opened-space restaurant was a bad idea for us. The weather was kinda warm that day. We sweated a little while enjoying our meal.

We had

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang priced at RM 9.90

Asam Laksa (RM 9.90)

Curry Laksa (RM 9.90)

Both the Nasi Lemak and Curry Laksa were good. As for the Asam Laksa, it was just so-so. All of us agree that it is really hard to find a good assam laksa in KL.

Never forget to try out their coffee. This is a place where you can try out all the best and famous coffee(s) from all states in Malaysia. I chose a cup of Kopi Kemaman which is the Terengganu all time classic signature coffee. It is buttery brewed with a subtle cocoa flavour and milk.

They never missed out the Malaysia’s Limau Ais and Teh-O-Limau Panas.

View more at Christine’s page.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival~

Another year of Mid Autumn Festival has come. I put an effort to make some simple mooncakes.


Here is my first attempt on Red Bean Snowskin Mooncake after chilling in the fridge.

My Red Bean Snowskin Mooncake
Simple and cheap
At the size of slightly larger than 50sen coin
The green comes from the concentrated Pandan juice which was freshly blended.
The red bean paste is the low sugar type where one can simply get it from the ingredient shop.



Happy Mid Autumn Festival
to everyone. May you have a wonderful reunion lunch or dinner or celebration!

Wish you all 中秋节快乐月圆人团圆家好月圆
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