Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival~

Another year of Mid Autumn Festival has come. I put an effort to make some simple mooncakes.


Here is my first attempt on Red Bean Snowskin Mooncake after chilling in the fridge.

My Red Bean Snowskin Mooncake
Simple and cheap
At the size of slightly larger than 50sen coin
The green comes from the concentrated Pandan juice which was freshly blended.
The red bean paste is the low sugar type where one can simply get it from the ingredient shop.



Happy Mid Autumn Festival
to everyone. May you have a wonderful reunion lunch or dinner or celebration!

Wish you all 中秋节快乐月圆人团圆家好月圆


superwilson said...

This Saturday right? Any planz??

minchow said...

Great looking effort! :-) I've not had a single slice of mooncake yet, yikes, running out of time! Also must get myself a lantern!

ck lam said...

Hope you have a great time celebrating this occasion.

HairyBerry said...

中秋节快乐! have fun and lotsa good food! :)

ai wei said...

ya, it's on saturday! gonna have reunion dinner with family and relatives :)

550ml jar of faith,
haha, no worries... there are still plenty of larterns out there. grab a few boxes of colourful candles will do :)

ck lam,
same to you too! have fun in this wonderful occasion.

nic (khkl),

中秋节快乐! am waiting for the good food now. can't wait!

k~Ann said...

woah...very very nice looking moon cake...i wanna learn how to make one tooo...xD can share ur skills and recipe ar??..hahah...


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

amazing, you also make mooncake. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you too.

kampungboycitygal said...

wow ur so talented dear

ai wei said...

kai ann,
recipe??? i bought those pre-pack snowskin mix. then i concentrated the pandan juice. and add shortening (cant rmb what it is in eng) make everything into dough...

am still looking for good recipe to make the skin. cz the premix powder for snowskin is still not that yummy.

hehe, chose the simplest to make.
happy mooncake festival to you too!

no lar... can see why i picasa-ed it??? because the other from the mould doesn't look good. @@
but only this. still have to practise and learn lor...

besides, am still looking for good recipe to make the skin. cz the premix powder for snowskin is not that yummy.

squall said...

i wan eat...haha...your can try to add some macha powder into the it will become green tea red bean mooncake alr...whish u 中秋快樂!!!

Kenny Mah said...

Simple and cheap... but better yet, home-made and made with tender, loving care! :)

foodbin said...

good effort-i always appreciate home made food.

vialentino said...

happy mid autumn to u....i celebrate now in the office...working midnight...kekeke

choi yen said...


Precious Pea said...

Happy Mid Autumn to you!!!!

email2me said...

Happy Mid Autumn to you :D

ai wei said...

right, green tea!
thanks for the great tips :)
will try it. :D

kenny mah,
agree, i always love homemade stuff. especially wanna give somethings as gifts for friends. :)

thanks :D and happy mid autumn festival to you!

happy mid autumn festival to you. you have to work on sat too? nvm, can celebrate with colleague! :)

ai wei said...

happy mid autumn festival to you too!

precious pea,
same to you too! happy mid autumn festival!!! :D

happy mid autumn festival to you too! have a great celebration!

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahah cant stop of not eating and indulging pleasure of mooncakes! so yummy!

若水 said...

The photos are good! I love how you compose and capture the colour and texture of your mooncakes.

Jimmy Tham said...

busted.. saw it at Giant 2 days ago. Exactly the same.

ai wei said...

big boys oven,
happy mid autumn festival to you guys!

thanks thanks...
happy mid autumn festival!~

jimmy tham,
darn... how can u said so. i made it my own le >___________<

Selba said...

Happy Mid Autumn, Ai Wei :)

Taufulou said...

eeee...this place really give me bad exp..
but as long as you enjoy la..:D

~Christine~Leng said...

you're geng lo...
Starting a bakery anytime soon? Pls inform ya. lol.
I like the cute mooncake and the moomoo!!

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