Friday, July 25, 2008

Pasta de Gohan @ Sunway Pyramid

Pasta made in a Japanese style seems to be a hippy and hot topic in the town. There is the Pasta Zanmai monthssssssss ago and now the Pasta de Gohan is (still) newly opened up for business monthsss ago.

It is located at LG level @ Sunway Pyramid new wings, same level as the J. Co. where you could easily find your way to this restaurant.

The cozy fine interior

Look at the plastic mocks, they are so real. And you need not worry; the food served is quite similar to those displayed on the ‘windows’

Gosh, there are about… 72 types of pasta found in their menu. Imagine if you wished to try out all of them, you have to visit here for 72 times (if alone) or 36 times (if came here with a partner). Well, you can just play around with the numbers.

On beverages, they serve

Green tea

Iced lemon tea

Matcha Float, the cool and refreshing one.

Just these?! NO, they do have more beverages and we had only these few.

Can you imagine more than 72 types of food they are serving?! We actually found it difficult to make orders. Think more than twice to put on our orders. We discussed more than 5 times if we should take this or that. Every dish is fully described with alluring words and the pictures captured are appealing.

And finally…. food served…

On appetizer, we had

Pizza - Spicy Cod Roe and Potato Pizza with Mayonnaise (RM 20.80)

The thin crispy pizza came in paper-liked; top with spicy cod roe and potatoes. Taste-wise, it was special, something very special I had not come across before. However, the pizza size like this is way too expansive for me.

On mains,

Japanese Original Sauce - Spaghetti al Nero de Seppia (RM 28.80).

The squid and squid ink pasta which is something you could never want to miss out in this place. The well-blended-in-black fettuccini may look unappealing but it was really great in taste.

Stop wondering! Take action and head for this!

But girls/ ladies try not to have this if you are on your dates with your loved ones. It may give him a ‘Big Shock’!

Japanese Original Sauce - Katsu Tamatoji (RM 25.80)

It was served with pork cutlet and wafu sauce. The deep fried pork cutlet remained at its tenderness and crispy. The tangy wafu sauce was just right on both fettuccini and crispy pork cutlet.

The kids will love this!

Japanese Original Sauce - Eel & Egg (RM23.80)

For Unagi lovers, this is something you would love! Ahhh, do hope that there are more slices of well-marinated and grilled Unagi.

Japanese Basil Style Sauce - Prawns & Octopus (RM28.80)

Going for Japanese Basil Style Sauce?! Prawn and octopus and spaghetti are seriously compatible with this light and fragrant sauce.

Japanese Style Original Cream Sauce - Oyster and Bacon Carbonara (RM25.80)

This was my first time on oyster and bacon carbonara. It seems to be a weird combination e. honestly; it tasted great by mixing the fluffy egg white and yolk with all ingredients and spaghetti together!

Japanese Style Original Cream Sauce - Lobster Carbonara (RM36.80)

Now you can enjoy the Lobster!!! At the price less that RM 40. Yes you hear me! It is just Less than RM 40 with half the lobster and spaghetti or fettuccini. It is a worth to have this.

Rice - Japanese Style Doria with Scallop and Chicken (RM 26.80)

The whole place is only on pizza and pasta?! No, No, No! For rice-lovers, there is something you could opt from the menu. The piping hot steamed rice is layered with plenteously with creamy wafu sauce and topped with scallops and chicken chunks covered. Who can resist the aromatic rice and the large round scallops and fragrant from the creamy sauce?!

On desserts,

Pasta de Gohan is serving quite a variety of dessert. As usual, we love our meal to be ended with something sweet

Oreo Banana Parfait (RM8.80) with the very Oreo taste. Oh, Love this!

Tiramisu Parfait (RM10.80) with a cube of tiramisu brownie, banana and strawberries on top the white soft and silky ice cream. Definitely draw attention from you.

Ichigo-Milk Parfait (RM8.80) with the sourish strawberries, the perfect match with the white silky creamy ice cream!

Macha Azuki Parfait (RM8.80)

It was something I heart the most with a scoop of real brew green tea flavoured ice cream and azuki bean paste and the white big pearl of glutinous rice ball. Yum! ~ The glutinous rice ball was very chewy!

Shiratama Macha Monaka Ice Cream (RM7.80)

The pearl in the shell! It was decorated beautifully and the pearl (ice cream) surrounded with azuki bean paste and balls of glutinous rice ball. Looking simple but glamorous at this affordable price.

That’s the end of our meal with all special diners --- Citygal, BigBoysOven, Christine and Jennifer!

.Pasta de Gohan

LG 2.126A,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel: (603) 5621 8166
Fax: (603) 5621 0166
Open daily: 11:00am - 11:00pm
(Last order 10:00pm)

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Chong Qing Chicken Hot Pot @ Kuchai Maju

I have heard a lot about Kuchai Maju area from WenChing and some TV programmes keep promoting the eateries at this area. Since then, this area becomes very hot and popular. Crowded sometimes and hardly could find a space for your lovely car.

Since there are many restaurants popping up in this area, I nagged WenChing out for a lunch with me. Here we were in Chong Qing Chicken Hot Pot located at Kuchai Maju area (always want to come here and finally here am I).

Look! This place is featured in HoChak before. There are stickers on the see through glass where chef was preparing the dishes.

Icy jasmine and honey lemon ice at Rm 3.80 each

We chose the smallest Chicken Hot Pot (priced at Rm 16) and asked to be made into medium hotness. This was prepared with chicken, lots of garlic, onions, carrot, coriander, celery and other spices which are known as their secret recipe.

The chicken was well-marinated and fragrantly served in the hot pot. It was best served in piping hot or you could ask them to light up fire to allow the chicken to be warmed up or allow to be maintained at a higher temperature. Hence, you can enjoy the hot pot slowly. While we were almost done, we requested for soup to be added into the hot pot (I have photo after adding soup into hot pot but guess you wouldn’t want to have a look. It turned out to be black due to the left over sauce. Well, just use your imagination). As the soup keeps boiling, you could opt for some side dishes such as vegetables and have them like steamboat. We didn’t as this hot pot came along with 2 bowls of rice were more than enough for us.

The service was okay and the chicken hot pot was nice (as we love spicy food). A revisit? Not that soon yet as there is still a lot of restaurant out there for us to try on! I have eyed on another restaurant in Kuchai Maju area, shall we have a try-out?! ~

Chong Qing Chicken Hot Pot
@ Kuchai Maju
21, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
Taman Entrepreneurs Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-79806008

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am 3

I have ‘celebrated’ my dear’s birthday --- My Story~ 2 weeks ago. And now, it gonna be a belated birthday post on my blog.

I can’t believe that I have blogged for 3 years; starting with my uninteresting + dull story about my life and people around me and now onto food blogging which has exposed me to a bunch of food-loving friends. Food blogging also lead me to a brighter, happier lifestyle; marched me out from those miserable days.

Honestly, no food no happiness! (Don’t you agree with me?!)

So, on this special day, I made My Story~ and me, myself the Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake for a small celebration with my family. (Well, they actually don’t know much about my blog; they just wanted to eat this cake).

Here it is, the Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake with a spread of blueberry jam sandwiched between the layers the sponge cake.

Happy Blogging! ~


Friday, July 04, 2008


Whoopssss… guess I MUST update soon.
I have abandoned this for some times.
I don’t mean to do so but…

a little laziness in me +
a little busy with works +
I am not staying in my own house but relative’s house +
no network in my office

= no updating post.

Sorry about that and to all my dear readers, be patience, will have updates soon! ~
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