Friday, July 04, 2008


Whoopssss… guess I MUST update soon.
I have abandoned this for some times.
I don’t mean to do so but…

a little laziness in me +
a little busy with works +
I am not staying in my own house but relative’s house +
no network in my office

= no updating post.

Sorry about that and to all my dear readers, be patience, will have updates soon! ~


Anonymous said...

aikz..dun be so lazy!!! update ur blog lar

Sugar Bean said...

Haha, me too, I've been quite lazy bout posting lately! Seems like we both must add oil! Can't abandon our blog.

ai wei said...

yes Sirs!
ahhh, kinda lazy ar... but i will update asap. hehehe

sugar bean,
add more oil ya! bu you still seems to update often ar! ^^

~Christine~Leng said...

update updates! fast fast! ;P
LoL. nah..just kidding. take ur time, but it's better to update lo.. I wanna read ;P

ling239 said...

hahahaaa... took some kit kat yet ? :p

ai wei said...

okok... just wait a while and be a little patience, k?!

honestly, i have no eat out since u flied off to scotland. sigh... no kaki(s)...

lol... have a break, have a Kit Kat!

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