Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am 3

I have ‘celebrated’ my dear’s birthday --- My Story~ 2 weeks ago. And now, it gonna be a belated birthday post on my blog.

I can’t believe that I have blogged for 3 years; starting with my uninteresting + dull story about my life and people around me and now onto food blogging which has exposed me to a bunch of food-loving friends. Food blogging also lead me to a brighter, happier lifestyle; marched me out from those miserable days.

Honestly, no food no happiness! (Don’t you agree with me?!)

So, on this special day, I made My Story~ and me, myself the Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake for a small celebration with my family. (Well, they actually don’t know much about my blog; they just wanted to eat this cake).

Here it is, the Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake with a spread of blueberry jam sandwiched between the layers the sponge cake.

Happy Blogging! ~



HairyBerry said...

happy 3rd anniversary, ai wei!!! here's to good, glorious food! ;)

CK Lam said...

Wow... read through the blog of yours, very interesting and informative... you must have put in lots of work and effort for the past three years.
Looks like I, the year old blogger has a lot more to learn and improve. 'HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY'

New Kid on the Blog said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

joycy said...

Happy Anniversary!
Any occasion is a good occasion to eat cake

~Christine~Leng said...

Happy Birthday to your blog!!
wow... 3 years! times flies, real quick. Before u knew, I'm back again to kacau u.. haha. Can't wait for more eating out with U :)
Looks good... courier me some pls...;P

J2Kfm said...

I wonder in 3 yrs time, will I still be blogging? hmmm ... =)
happy anni!

ai wei said...

thanks a lot!
ahhh food, always great to cheer the day up!

ck lam,
thanks you thank you!!!
must add oil in blogging. here to wish you happy blogging and 'gambate' in updating your blog.

i have read through your blog. and those... the delicious tempting food made my stomach growllll... you have pt lots of efforts in it too! ^^

new kid on the blog,
thanks a lot ^v^

thanks thanks.
cakes are best for all happening occasion or even when you are down, it's good to have some sugary craving too!!!~

dear... thanks a lot! and i miss you a lots! tmr my sem starts, no more relaxing days for me. sobz...

looking forwards you to come back and kacau me lar... just can't wait!!!

thanks thanks ^v^
i am sure you can do it as you are doing it very well now.

Anonymous said...

happy aniversary!!!

PureGlutton said...

Happy anniversary! The cake looks yummy! Continue blogging n sharing...

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!!

choi yen said...

Happy Anniversary to "My Story"...
together we eat hard for our blog!!!

ling239 said...

Happy Third Anniversary !! ^O^

Anonymous said...

happy bday to 'my story'..din know that uve blogged for such a long time :D

Kent Fo said...

happy birthday for ur food blog!!!! agree with u !!! no food no happiness!!!


ai wei said...

squall, pureglutton, lyrical lemongrass,

thanks thanks thanks!

thanks a lot ar... seems like we spend to feed our blog. haha

thanks thanks thanks a lot~

lol... i crap a lot in old time's posts... it was only last yr i started the 'serious' posts. haha

ai wei said...

thanks a lot ya~
true, food brings happiness to everyone!~

Anonymous said...

Hello Ai Wei .... although I haven't met you before, felt like we've known for quite a while now ... through our writings. Anyway, wishing your blog a very Happy Birthday and many more to come. (Sounded a little ol' school huh).

Well, it's foodies like you who's been contributing to the society. Well done and keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Haven't seen that before. Thanks for sharing.

Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

ai wei said...

timonthy low,
thanks a lot. thanks for the support. guess i really have to put more efforts in my blog when i have more spare times and every single thing around me.

seriously will do more updates. *fingers-crossed*

thanks thanks~

Precious Pea said...

Happy belated birthday to your blog and many many more to come. :)

ai wei said...

precious pea,
thanks thanks thanks a lot!

wmw said...

Happy Belated Birthday wishes! 3 years...older than mine by 1 year :o)

Big Boys Oven said...

nice nice very lovely! so soft and so silky!

Simon Seow said...

happy belated birthday to your blog.

ai wei said...

sobz sobz, i am Old adi...

thanks ^^

simon seow,
thank you very muchie~

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to My Story!

ai wei said...

thanks a lot!

shu yin said...

Love your cake so much... love reading through your blog when i am craving for malaysian food haha... simple yet informative description :)Good job, Wei! Looking forward towards more post.. And Happy Anniversary, My Story~!

ai wei said...

shu yin,
hihi, thanks a lot my dear, i will 'add-oil' in posting more.
the cakes?! thanks lor, i know what to do next time ^^ hehehe

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