Monday, February 27, 2006

My Bad Habit

There are few foods that people feel as passionate about -- a passion that goes beyond a love for the "sweetness" of most candies or desserts: after all, few people crave caramel, whipped cream, or bubble gum. Chocolate is, well, different. For the true chocoholic, just thinking about chocolate can evoke a pleasurable response. Whoa…

I have a bad habit. It is getting worse lately. I think I am really addicted to it.

I am addicted to Chocolate! Oh no. I become a chocoholic!!! i think i really can't survive woithout chocolate...

OMG. I can’t help myself from open up the fridge to take a bar of chocolate. Whatever Swiss chocolate or Belgium chocolate, they are all melted in my mouth. I can’t help myself from this. Any ideas how to get rid of it?

Some says chocolate are good for health especially those dark chocolate with bitter taste. While some says they are bad for teeth. Yeah, that’s true. If you eat a lot of chocolate, you will have a high risk to suffer from tooth decay.

Well, here’s an article about chocolate on health help or risk for chocoholics and non-chocoholics.

Chocolate has been said to cause acne and tooth decay, and has a reputation for being a fattening, nutritionless food. On the other hand, chocolate is also known for being everything from an anti-depressant to an aphrodisiac. While there's still much we don't know about chocolate, recent research is helping us better understand how chocolate consumption affects our health.

The good news is that most of the bad effects of eating chocolate are either overstated or entirely false. Eating chocolate neither causes nor aggravates acne. Two studies -- one by the Pennsylvania School of Medicine and another by the U.S. Naval Academy -- showed that eating chocolate (or not eating it) did not produce any significant changes in the acne conditions of the study's participants. These results are further backed by research which shows that acne is not primarily linked to diet.

Chocolate also has not been proven to cause cavities or tooth decay. In fact, there are indications that the cocoa butter in the chocolate coats the teeth and may help protect them by preventing plaque from forming. The sugar in chocolate does contribute to cavities, but no more than the sugar in any other food.

Obviously, eating too much of any food may cause health problems. The cocoa butter in chocolate does contain saturated fat, which can increase blood cholesterol levels, and high cholesterol can contribute to heart disease. However, recent research at the University of California, Davis, has found that chocolate carries high levels of chemicals known as phenolics, some of which may help lower the risk of heart disease. Plants such as chocolate, coffee, tea and others contain high levels of phenolics.

Andrew Waterhouse, the lead researcher from U.C. Davis, is a wine chemist. For several years he has been studying the possible health benefits of antioxidant phenolics found in red wine. Waterhouse told us that phenolic compounds are found in all plant products, and that the plants "probably make them as protective agents and for improving their success at reproduction." The bitter, astringent taste that these plants have is an indication of the phenolics found within.

So how might phenolics prevent heart disease? Apparently, phenolics prevent fat-like substances in the bloodstream from oxidizing and clogging the arteries. Said Waterhouse: "It's now believed that atherosclerosis, or the formation of plaque in the arteries, is caused by oxidation of LDL (low-density lipoproteins) -- that's one of the cholesterol particles. At first, this leads to subtle damage, and then eventually to the formation of advanced plaque." The buildup of plaque can lead to clogging of the arteries, a major cause of heart attacks.

While phenolics have chemically been proven to reduce oxidation, Waterhouse cautioned that: “It's not known if the phenolic compounds, like the flavenoids that are present in chocolate, can reduce disease. It's well known that these substances are antioxidants in a chemical sense. . . but we don't have strong, large-scale, controlled human studies.”

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A nice song and meaningful lyrics



如果 兄妹純情太多
快能夠和我這異性 拍拖

訛稱  知己的真太多

能做對愛侶墮落成朋友  誰心息

兄妹真有趣 不需要分居  
相戀的證據 假使要爭取  

曾經 雙手執一槍

如果 戀愛必須創傷


Finally I found this lyrics. i am very happy right now as i feel this song is not bad. The lyrics, whoaaa!!! GREAT! that's the word i can use to describe it. hope you guys enjoy. ^^

what a meaningful song!


我會好好的 - 王心凌
作詞:伍佰 作曲:伍佰

*我會好好的 花還香香的 時間一直去 回憶真美麗 
我是想著你 一直想著你 你在我心底 變成了秘密

#不要說你愛我 你想我 如果你的心裡沒有這麼做 
只是勉強的敷衍我 我知道了會很難受 
我要你默默走 不回頭 我會清楚明白你要的是什麼 
無須勉強的安慰我 說奇怪的理由

△到現在還是深深的 深深的愛著你 
是愛情的 友情的都可以 
那是我心中的幸福 我知道它苦苦的

Repeat △ #,△,△ *,△,△

要給你遠方的祝福 我知道它苦苦的

I really like this song and found it meaningful. The lyric is simple. However, it tells out the feeling of the singer. Dedicate this song to all of you. hope you guys will like it. ^^

wo hui hao hao de by cyndi

Monday, February 20, 2006

Coffee, my Web-Pet

I’ve got a web-pet. Coffee. It’s a nice name for a cute little tiger. Don’t you think so?! I adopted it the day before yesterday. It’s coffee in colour and with black-striped. Brown is my all-time favourite. I have lots of collection of brown no matter in shirts or skirts or pants. Besides that, my room is full with brown furniture.

I just want to drop by here and introduce my cute web-pet to you guys. I really love this tiger. Wanna named it as Tigger in the first place. However, think of it, this name is quite common. Final decision is Coffee. Tigers are wild, but my Coffee is tame.

It’s quite late right now and I know I should not be here. I am supposed to be in bed. However, I can’t get into sleep lately. It takes time for me to fall asleep. That’s why I still hook up here at this time. All my friends are already in their beds as they are having classes and lectures tomorrow. I am the only one who is always very free among them.

Hope everyone have a great time tomorrow. See you guys tomorrow. Ops, nope… see you guys in 18 hours time. We are going to meet in the café at south city ya. ^^
Khee and Yan, sleep well. Know that you guys can’t sleep well recently

Listening to Ayumi’s new song, teens in acoustic version. That’s a very nice song.
Ayu rocks!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006


Love is like playing piano.
First you learn to play by the rules,
then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Jia you, My Friend

Sorry guys for such a long time I do not update my blog. I have so many to write today but I don’t know where to start at. My mood is not that good right now. A kind of sad feeling rose up my mind. Eu Wye and Kah Chun took their flight to Australia just now. Jimmy went on Tuesday. Tomorrow, wendy will be going to new Zealand. Another 2 friends are going to leave in next 2 weeks. To keep it short, I wan to which them best of luck and take care always in foreign countries. Not to mention, do keep in touch with us.

Reading yan’s blog right now. All her posts are very nice and touching. With this kind of situation added up with the sad song from lee hom, Kiss Goodbye, I don’t think I can stand it anymore. Here am I, wanna wish yan.

Jia you ya, yan!

Don’t miss out any golden opportunities. Fully support you.
(you know what I mean.)
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