Monday, August 18, 2008

D'lish @ Bangsar Village 1

This…. was happened months ago. I should have posted this earlier but…. Never mind. And now, both Christine and Shu Yin are in Glasgow. Do hope they can cope up with the lifestyle in Glasgow. Add-oil ~


I was late, I was late! I hit the alarm that pointed at 10am. Oh gosh, alarm clock was not functioning again or I may have accidentally slapped it in the middle of my sweet sweet dream. Then hurried for breakfast and had myself all done before 11.30am.
Pheew, managed myself on time.

A big day for me?! Aha… yes you are! I had a girls’ outing with these fab people --- Christine, WenChing and ShuYin (a friends of Christine). And yes, we were out for shopping again. (ooops, what’d I said?!) gonna had ourselves a real full stomach before we started our ‘mission’ of ‘treasure digging’, hence, we chose to have a nice hearty lunch at D’lish, Bangsar Village 1 ~

Classic Tuna Mayo in Whole meal bread, a healthy delight.

With the Bottled Apple Juice, a perfect hearty lunch it is.

I was still in my late-wake-up-with-blurry-mind situation; hence I had a Hot Chocolate

And a Raspberry Muffin to put my mind together.

Grilled Balsamic Mushroom Bruschetta was served with cold mushroom and sandwiched between warm toasts. Quite special, I can say but the mushroom was a little too cool. Well, it stated Cold Mushroom, so I guess that’s the main point of this bruschetta.

Smoke Salmon with Cream Cheese was on a lil salty side but served with large amount of salmon slices.

These sandwiches were served with a cuppa of salad.

Guess what?! It was a full house again during lunch time. I was actually wanna try out the Cheese and Raspberry Brownie Cupcake with Chocolate Curls but (with *disappointment*) there wasn’t trace of this in the chiller. I also noticed that the food (or at least the cupcakes) here priced a little higher than the D’lish in Mid Valley. It is Rm 6.50 each in Mid Valley but Rm 7.50 or Rm 7.80 in Bangsar Village (if I am not mistaken).
[Unsure if the price has increased as this was happened in months back. ]

G1a, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Vilalge,
Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22881770
Fax: 03-22879770

Thursday, August 07, 2008

‘O’ for Olympic!

In conjunction with the Olympic 2008 in Beijing, McD came out with a new set meal --- the gold medal meal set.

Let’s have a look on how worth for the money it is?!

See, the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe burger, the regular size of drink, the chocolate sundae and…

The onion rings (or you can opt for a large fries if you don’t like onion rings) and I got a small fries (which is not included in the set) for free ^^

And you are entitled to get the limited edition of cola glass for FREE!!! All at just RM 15.40 (tax included), isn’t it a great deal?!

Glad that me and Ting Fang able to grab 2 sets for us. A set came with burger, drink, fries, desserts and limited edition glass! Perfect for our night-out :P

Olympic game is staring tomorrow. Gonna grab a bag of chips and sit back and relax and watch the LIVE opening ceremony. Same to all of you, must not miss out this happening event!

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