Monday, August 18, 2008

D'lish @ Bangsar Village 1

This…. was happened months ago. I should have posted this earlier but…. Never mind. And now, both Christine and Shu Yin are in Glasgow. Do hope they can cope up with the lifestyle in Glasgow. Add-oil ~


I was late, I was late! I hit the alarm that pointed at 10am. Oh gosh, alarm clock was not functioning again or I may have accidentally slapped it in the middle of my sweet sweet dream. Then hurried for breakfast and had myself all done before 11.30am.
Pheew, managed myself on time.

A big day for me?! Aha… yes you are! I had a girls’ outing with these fab people --- Christine, WenChing and ShuYin (a friends of Christine). And yes, we were out for shopping again. (ooops, what’d I said?!) gonna had ourselves a real full stomach before we started our ‘mission’ of ‘treasure digging’, hence, we chose to have a nice hearty lunch at D’lish, Bangsar Village 1 ~

Classic Tuna Mayo in Whole meal bread, a healthy delight.

With the Bottled Apple Juice, a perfect hearty lunch it is.

I was still in my late-wake-up-with-blurry-mind situation; hence I had a Hot Chocolate

And a Raspberry Muffin to put my mind together.

Grilled Balsamic Mushroom Bruschetta was served with cold mushroom and sandwiched between warm toasts. Quite special, I can say but the mushroom was a little too cool. Well, it stated Cold Mushroom, so I guess that’s the main point of this bruschetta.

Smoke Salmon with Cream Cheese was on a lil salty side but served with large amount of salmon slices.

These sandwiches were served with a cuppa of salad.

Guess what?! It was a full house again during lunch time. I was actually wanna try out the Cheese and Raspberry Brownie Cupcake with Chocolate Curls but (with *disappointment*) there wasn’t trace of this in the chiller. I also noticed that the food (or at least the cupcakes) here priced a little higher than the D’lish in Mid Valley. It is Rm 6.50 each in Mid Valley but Rm 7.50 or Rm 7.80 in Bangsar Village (if I am not mistaken).
[Unsure if the price has increased as this was happened in months back. ]

G1a, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Vilalge,
Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22881770
Fax: 03-22879770


J2Kfm said...

midvalley got D'Lish meh?
seilor, went so many times din realise!

they VIOLENTLY squeeze the apple to drain all the juices? geez, hope they're not doing the same to our pockets!

ai wei said...

haha, there's d'lish in mid valley ler... hmmm, next to starbucks. very easy to find the place. ^^
that apple juice. em... so-so lar

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

Omgz...I think i will faint when looking at the BigMenu. -_-
Those words like " cacing " ...
Anyway, the Bottled Apple Juice
looks something new to me =)

ai wei said...

i do agree with the cacing bigMenu. it took me a long time to figure out what i should order by looking at just the menu.

Lol~ bottled apple juice is just apple juice which can easily purchase from any stores.

ling239 said...

prices just gone up again ah....>.<"

wmw said...

Somehow never found the food here inviting enough for me to drop by woh...

choi yen said...

They served sandwiches only?

ai wei said...

aiks, that's something i dislike.

i love only their cupcake(s). so far only 1 cupcake i have tried.

erm... i guess so. they serve mostly prepack stuff. they do have salad and spaghetti or something.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

err definitely not bruschetta..thats white toasted bread to me.. blergh!

ai wei said...

ya hor, true also. never thought of it. it is just the toasted mushroom sandwich.

Anonymous said...

i like to visit midvalley D'Lish~~

ai wei said...

i prefer mid valley D'lish to the one in Bangsar Village too. ^^

Simon Seow said...

Rent there more expensive gua.

Big Boys Oven said...

Long timeno see hope to meet up with you soon ! bbo

Anonymous said...

ah... so nice.. the cupcakes looks so fluffy ~___________~

the atmosphere nice ah?
gotta bring my gf there~~ XD

ai wei said...

simon seow,
yeah, i guess so. bangsar wor... an expansive area.

it's really a long time no see.
i miss u guys a lot
and i miss the food sessions a lot.
arghhh. struggling thru the tough time now. lots of work n assign n tests + sick. sobz

ai wei said...

well, it's just the normal cafe but they have some nice cupcakes hidden there. do drop by and try it out. not bad (i mean only a few of the cuppies).

are u the owner of bestfoodjunction? wow, it's cool!

Tummythoz said...

That bottle of apple juice looks like a bottle of cooking oil-lar.

Shell (貝殼) said...

the environment here looks nice which is very suitable for chit chat^^

Precious Pea said...

Once in a while, eat sandwich also nice hor? But even then, not cheap too.

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