Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Town White Coffee

Old Town White Coffee is never new a new eatery for me. For over a year, I have been visiting Old Town quite frequently with my course mates (as there are not many choices to dine in nearby my uni). However, this is something new for PuiLeng. ^^

it was such a delight to have ‘dated’ both Yen and Leng. Both of them are busy with studies and pak-tou-ing. Especially Yen, really have no idea where is all her time gone?! Here am I sincerely apologize to Yen for 5 to 8 mins late at the Madan Chiam, and hence, Yen don’t have to insist me to be punctual all the time ba! And that day, I was half an hour earlier. Guess who was late?! Yen~ =P

We actually chose between Orchid Bistro and Old Town for our lunch, and when we saw that there were not many customers dining in Orchid Bistro --- we had the feeling that the food is not really good in it. So... no Orchid Bistro!

It was so comfy sitting in Old Town. Love the brownish color of the interior, my fave color~

Leng had the Cold Honey Lemon Juice to quench her thirst.

Yen ordered only this drink, Hot Honey Lemon Juice. How can this be?! We dated her for lunch and she said she already taken her lunch!

As usual, begin a coffee lover me; I had the OldTown Enriched White Coffee Gao.

For food, Leng had the OldTown Nasi Lemak Special. She claimed it was really nice especially the sambal. I have to agree with her because their nasi lemak special was a nice one.

As I had something light before my lunch, I opted for the Tuna Toast which came in thick tuna spread and lettuce and crunchy toast.

Sigh, ‘sam quiit yat’ (for mahjong?! Haha) --- khee was not aroung. If not, all four sisters will definitely have more fun time together. Anyway, she will be back by today, we are going to meet out soon! =P

Old Town White Coffee
Jusco Cheras Selatan

Tel: 03-90741898

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Having exam this week.
2 tests a week.
lots to study and memorize.

on hold on posting for a week.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Homemade Chocolate Chips Walnut Muffin

It has been a long time since my last ‘baking’ because my house undergoes a little small tiny renovation which kept me busy in--- cleaning the house and doing household chores (which included vacuum, mopping, lap here and there….) I was really tired with it as I had the same routine (as above) for 2 weeks. *haih*

So, yesterday afternoon, I was in the kitchen without the assistant from mummy but the disturbance from my youngest brother. He wanted to help me by adding the ingredients. For me, he was really disturbing. Still, I managed to come out with 15 chocolate chips walnut muffins. *hehehe*

Ingredients like walnut, chocolate chips, muffin mix, corn oil, water, eggs are a must. (only parts of the ingredients shown as above)

Firstly, I baked the walnut and left it to be cooled. Meanwhile, I beat the eggs and added in the muffin mix and water little by little and stirred gently. Next, Corn oil was added and well mixed. You could add in chocolate chips and walnuts as many as you wish before sending them into the oven. Finally, placed about 4/5 full of the mixture into the cup moulds (with paper cups) and sent them into the oven. I baked them at 180 degree for 20minutes.

In the oven~

The chocolate chips walnut muffins, wanna have some?!

These are best served with coffee/ tea/ milk~

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition

Oh-oh… I have not posted for some times. Back on post again. This time is not about food but…


Yep, we (me, Ken, Yan and How; and ken’s friends) went all the way to Putrajaya yesterday to watch the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC). It was Australia team on competition. We reached there at about 9.40pm. Me and Yan kinda worried about the weather which was very cloudy (and it rained before) and we won’t be able to arrive on time and… anyway, we made ourselves on time to watch the 20mins show. We actually didn’t pay to buy any tickets but…

Parked the car at the road side and watched the Fireworks under the bridge.

What we could view was rather small and without music (of course) and here are some ‘selected-nicely’ photos I managed to capture. i took a hard time to capture these as my hand shocked all the time. They would be much better if the camera stand was around.

This looked like bunga jejarum (I think so, deno what the name of the flower)

Love this the most among all~

The show ended with this and it was really a nice one.

And in the end~ *Honk-Honk* we were stuck in the traffic after 10.20pm and guess what? I reached home at 12.40am in spite of just the half an hour journey from Putrajaya back to Cheras. Anyhow it was a worth to go all the way to watch the show (if you are not afraid of the traffic jam). XD

PS~ thanks, ken, for ajak-ing and taking us to Putrajaya.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Marmalade café, Bangsar Village 2

It took me quite some times to think of how to start writing on this because there was a little ‘unhappy’ incidence happened in this dining place that day. >.< alright, let’s not think of that, back on food and just focus on to write.

Once again, we went to Bangsar Village 2 the day after our visit to Sakae Sushi. Well, I have been crazy about the pieces of delicious tempting desserts displayed on the rack in a café after our lunch (in Sakae Sushi). However, my stomach was stuffed up at that time. I have been thinking for the cakes for a whole night. So, I messaged Wen Ching to go for a lunch with me. She just simply agreed to go with me to fill up my desire. Thanks a lot, Ching. ^.^

Arrived before lunch hour

They are doing really good business. See, at lunch time this restaurant is packed up.

Having our lunch in this Marmalade café was a great experience. We got to sit back and relax with book of magazines provided while enjoying the hearty meal. Besides that, this café serves really good food. Greeny, simply delicious and the best part is healthy! Most of their main course added with …erm…. I dunno what they are but ‘grass’ according to Wen Ching.

At First, Wen Ching wanted a main dish while I could just have the dessert as my lunch. But then we both shared the dishes as they came in a large serving and yet delicious.

Spaghetti fungi

That’s the plate we could only choose because both their carbonara and Bolognese cooked with beef. This spaghetti fungi was very huge in serving and there were mushrooms, spinach, some kind of nuts/ beans which were very nice… every bits were so flavourful and creamy and I like the ‘broth’? The ‘broth’ tasted a little sourish which was quite appetizing.

Oreo Cheesecake

This creamy piece of Oreo Cheese which was just Rm 9. How can I miss it out?! Well, I was cracking my head to choose between apple crumble, blueberry yogurt cake, and this, Oreo cheesecake. There were so many I would like to try!!!

I wanted a homemade apple mint tea (wondering how homemade were their tea) but they didn’t have it on that day so I chose this Mochaccino which was okay but tasted almost the same like milo?! Well, at least Its look was a nice one.

I would return for more dessert. They are having the tea time special from 3pm to 6pm at Rm 13++ for a piece of cake (excluded tiramisu in cup) and a beverage (coffee or tea). But of course I need accompanies. Ching or Leng or anyone interested for desserts or main course??? Aiks, hope that the not-so-happy incidence will not happen again.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lunch with bestest Friend at Sakae Sushi, Bangsar Village 2

Wen Ching’s final examination is over. Finally she has holiday after those hard and exhausted days, I m very happy for her as well as happy for myself too because I can call her out for meals anytime anywhere. *whheeehehehehe* so happy. [Hope you don’t mind, esiong]

It was Monday story and we both hit the Bangsar Village 2 after my class end at 1pm. Ahh… so happy and we both chatted non-stop in the car. Last time (1 ½ years back), dad used to bring us here (bangsar village 1). I love Bangsar Village’s Vallage Grocer a lot as they provide fresh greens and imported products from foreign countries. Smoothly, we made our way to this complex in just 15minutes.

At time, the Japanese food lover, Wen Ching suggested for Sakae Sushi as she discovered that there is a new outlet opened. Since I have not tried out Sakae Sushi before, I will give it a try (although I have had Jap food with my bro yesterday).

Sakae Sushi is more or less similar to Genki Sushi, Sushi King and Oh! Sushi. They have the same concept with sushi moving around on the train belt, serve a variety of dishes (ramen, bento, sashimi, sushi… you named it). One thing which is very different is that Sakae Sushi implants the high technology stuff --- computers at most of the tables. That means, we are required to make order though computer.

Green tea in packet

I had Yasai miso ramen with lots of yasai (vegetables). A nice one as its broth was quite flavourful.

Wen Ching had Kimchi ramen. She always opts for spicy type of ramen.

We ordered Soft shell crab agemono which was priced at Rm 7.90. The plate came with 2 crabby. This was nice along with the soy sauce provided. We both were First time on this huge soft shell crab.

Sakae sushi was having a TRIcolor promotion which was, you can order the set consist of a red plate (Rm 5.90), a pink plate (Rm 3.90) and a green plate (Rm 1.90) at just Rm 9.90. This means that you get to save up Rm 1.80 for these 3 plates.

Hence, we had…

Unagi premium maki which tasted very fresh and the middle of the rolls were very crunchy. ~special~

Tuna mayo inari

This was quite tricky because there was only one inari with tuna mayo. There other one was just inari. We both still love the wonderful inari. *hehe*

Salmon handroll

Once again, we never thought of if we can finish all these before we made the order and ended up, we couldn’t really finish. I dislike food wasting, so I tried my best to finish the salmon roll. Thought that it would be easier to finish it if I made them into pieces… when I unwrapped the salmon roll, there was no mayonnaise!!! Roll without mayonnaise wasn’t really perfect.


There is one thing we find it cacat in this restaurant --- the hot water refilled for green tea. You will find the hot water leakage if you are not fast enough to press for refill. Very pai seh. We had to soak up the water with whole box of tissue. Well, hope they will make improvement on this thing. Maybe change it to the type like those in Genki???

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lunch at Oh! Sushi, Mid Valley

My youngest brother kept wanting for Ramen. While we were out to Mid Valley again on last Sunday, I brought my brother to Oh! Sushi to satisfy his desire. What a noisy fella he is!!! But then, mum and dad craved for something else. Hence, I brought my brother for ramen and let mum and dad went for their fave and ‘pak-tou-ing’ around.

the environment

green tea

Firstly came was the Shoyu Ramen at the price of Rm 13. Hmm… the soup base was still okay.

Next on was my Yaki Soba (Rm 14) with quite a lot of Ramen but... lesser ingredients (meat and vegetables) compared to the same dish I ordered years ago while I dined with my friend, Kisei.

A spice lover me increased the taste of the my soba with their chili flakes. *hehe*

They were having a promotion on sushi plates served on the train belt. All at Rm 2. However, we couldn’t take too much due to the very large plate/bowl of ramen. So, we just had the…

Seasoned baby octopus (Chuka idako)

Seasoned jellyfish

And this very tiny one-piece sushi with ebi which I feel was not worth at Rm 2. Overall I was satisfied with these, especially the seasoned baby octopus and jellyfish. Nice nice~

Oh! Sushi
Unit G-098,
Ground Floor,
Mid valley Megamall.

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