Friday, August 03, 2007

Madam Chiam Curry Noodles House, Taman Connaught

I was very happy to have lunch with Leng and Yen today. I hung out with Leng recently and every time we called yen out, she was not free and mostly turned us down. Finally, after the lunch in sushi groove at one Utama, we met up and chit-chatted for hours. *Hehe* I was a bit late because the car drove out by dad and he claimed he will be back in 10minutes. Ended up, he was out for 25mins. So sorry and wanna apologize that letting leng and yen waited for me (how long have you gals wait? Not very long right?). And thanks for the ride to uni after lunch, Leng. TQTQ :P

We (me, Khee, Leng and Yen) used to come here while we were doing our A level 2years ago. We loved to hang out, chit-chat and have fun together. Time flies and we could only flash back our memories at this favourite hang out place. Gals, I miss old times a lot!

The menu

Yen ‘offered’ to make the order for us and we let her to do so since she was keen in it. She suggested us to take the corns & chestnuts tong sui and ordered us chili pan mee (my all time favourite here).

This was the corns & chestnuts tong sui priced at Rm 1.20 which highly recommended by Yen. Mmmm… This was nice with the combination of corns and chestnuts and the eggie. It was best served when it was hot.

Dry chili pan mee with egg priced at Rm 4. there were ikan bilis, minced pork, egg, half the lime and It came with a small plate of dry red chili flakes. This small plate would not satisfy khee if she is here. She definitely will ask for more from the waitress as she loves the hot fiery taste.

The pan mee came with spinach soup.

*slurp slurp* this was really nice. Every tiny noodles, every single bite, I tasted the hot fiery chili flakes. Must try must try~

Madam Chiam Curry Noodles House
Jalan Cerdik,
Taman Connaught.

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Anonymous said...

Everything looks good I must say.

I'm staying in Bdr Damai Perdana btw. Near Len Sen. Heard of it before? How bout u? Which part of Cheras?

~Christine~Leng said...

Yen showed up earliest some more! nice lunch with u girls. can just sit there the whole day I guess! wait till the 4 of us can 'reunite' again and by then we'll have lots of 'makan-makan' again.. can't wait! yes yes!

ai wei said...

tankiasu, have you tried out this pan mee before? if not, you must give it a try. yeah, i know where is bdr damai perdana. i am staying in taman taynton view. that's y got to eat food from cheras.

leng, counting down --- 25days, 4 of us will reunite again. really can't wait. without khee around is really lack of fun. keke. but still, we can have fun together without her too. *hehe*

Sugar Bean said...

wah, u guys really arrange gathering in advance. geng! hehe! anyway, the pan mee looks nice. do they still give separated chilli? i wanna try! i love pan mee chilli!! the hotter the better! is the place clean? coz the dishes looks clean to me.

ai wei said...

wenching & esiong, yep this place is clean. haha, the hotter the better right? they will give extra chili flakes if you ask from them. wanna try out? come and look for me and i will bring u there~

Anonymous said...

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