Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lunch at Oh! Sushi, Mid Valley

My youngest brother kept wanting for Ramen. While we were out to Mid Valley again on last Sunday, I brought my brother to Oh! Sushi to satisfy his desire. What a noisy fella he is!!! But then, mum and dad craved for something else. Hence, I brought my brother for ramen and let mum and dad went for their fave and ‘pak-tou-ing’ around.

the environment

green tea

Firstly came was the Shoyu Ramen at the price of Rm 13. Hmm… the soup base was still okay.

Next on was my Yaki Soba (Rm 14) with quite a lot of Ramen but... lesser ingredients (meat and vegetables) compared to the same dish I ordered years ago while I dined with my friend, Kisei.

A spice lover me increased the taste of the my soba with their chili flakes. *hehe*

They were having a promotion on sushi plates served on the train belt. All at Rm 2. However, we couldn’t take too much due to the very large plate/bowl of ramen. So, we just had the…

Seasoned baby octopus (Chuka idako)

Seasoned jellyfish

And this very tiny one-piece sushi with ebi which I feel was not worth at Rm 2. Overall I was satisfied with these, especially the seasoned baby octopus and jellyfish. Nice nice~

Oh! Sushi
Unit G-098,
Ground Floor,
Mid valley Megamall.


~Christine~Leng said...

oh sushi! ai wei ar! you're tempting me with Japanese food again :P bad bad! now my stomach's growling dear! so... what do you think about this outlet? em.. better than the "one"?

ai wei said...

leng~ that 'the one'... haih... don't have to say liao. this's definately better than the one!!! but then i can see that the zenmai u tried on seems nice~

Anonymous said...

Oh I never notice this restaurant before? :P

Anonymous said...

Wah, yumyum.. baby octopus only RM2? How long is the promotion?

Sugar Bean said...

i've been there once with u. i remember that it was quite ok. how's it now? the yaki soba looks nice, it seems like ur favourite coz u always order it. keke! u added so much chili flakes!!!

ai wei said...

tankiasu~ this restaurant opens quite a long time d. it's just opposite swatch. check it out~

durianberry~ hihi, thanks for dropping by. i am not sure when will the promotion end. do try that out. baby octopus is yummy.

wenching&esiong~ yep, like yaki soba a lot. hmmm... the yaki soba i tried taht day still okay lar, but lesser ingredients d >.<

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