Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lunch at Khao San kitchen, Mid Valley

Last Saturday while my dad had a trip to Langkawi, mum, my 2 brothers and I went to mid valley. We were there very early and after a long walking and shopping, it was lunch time. We just headed to the Oasis Food Court Centre at level 2 as my youngest brother wanted the Thai food and He kept repeating the name of restaurant a day earlier. Food court’s food may surprise you sometimes and this was our second time to revisit this corner --- Khao San kitchen.

Chili flakes and sour and spicy chili sauce. You can add in the chili flakes on your dish if you want the extra fiery sensation.
Firstly, youngest brother wanted a beef noodle soup set came with spring rolls at Rm 7.50. The portion of this was rather small. I can’t take beef, so I don’t know how it tasted.
Spring rolls with Thai chili sauce.
Brother opted for Spicy fettucini with minced chicken priced at Rm 5 per plate. The fetticini was very much like the kuey teow, flat rice noodles. I must say that not everyone will like this noodle as there was very strong basil-leaves-taste in it but I am okay with the taste. Thai love to add basil into their cooking.
My favourite, Mango salad priced at Rm 4 with lovely peanuts, chilies, garlics, fresh mango…... They have also papaya salad (tried last time) at the same price but the mango salad is much nicer than papaya salad.

Mum and I shared a huge plate of Fried rice with pineapple and raisin priced at Rm 6.5. This was nice with great wok hei. It went extremely well with the additional of spicy and sour chili sauce.

This corner offers nice and cheap thai food. Just drive in here if you have a sudden of craving for thai food (but they don’t offer fully thai food. Just economic and cheap type). Hmmm… I think it’s time to savour a fine Thai food but it is very hard to find out Thai restaurant with good food in KL. Any recommendation?

These were the souvenir by dad from Langkawi (erm… I forced him to get chocolate for me XD) too bad that the weather in langkawi was very warm for that few days. Most of them have melted when I received on Tuesday morning. *Sob sob* nevermind, I will keep them in fridge and they will very soon disappear into my stomach. *keke* I have finished up a box of Jacali Belgium chocolate by myself. *fast*

Khao San kitchen
Level 2, Oasis Food Court,
Mid Valley


~Christine~Leng said...

I can make better spring rolls than those! haha...Jk Jk! I've tried the Mid Valley's food court twice or thrice I think.. but don't really like the food there. Didn't even notice there's Thai food around! :P
btw girl.. There's one Thai restaurant at BB Plaza or BB Walk.. near Low Yat. They serve good Thai food! I love it so much. esp.. their Green Curry. Next time we must go try! ~the Bangkok Jam~ visited last year :P

Sugar Bean said...

I haven't been there before. Is the food court ok? I somehow prefer the food court on the same floor as the cinema. Anyway the mango salad should taste good.

ai wei said...

Leng, thai food also nice in spicy and sour. love it. hope to visit the Bangkok Jam one day. hmm... the food in this food court still acceptable lar...

wenching, the mango salad is very nice. also love this and so does the papaya salad (som-tam, if not mistaken)

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