Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ken's Birthday

Yesterday was another happening event again. There we were, celebrating Ken’s big birthday, his 21st birthday in his house and managed to ‘mess’ up his house. Hope his parents don’t mind with our crazy acts. we have never been such crazy as this before for a long time after half of the gang went overseas to futther their studies.
The gang of us celebrated Ken’s birthday. Jimmy was the one holding the yummy lovely wine while I have become the official photographer for the gang, as always. Hence, I have not much photo of me taken.

This is the lovely red wine brought by Jimmy from Australia. 4 liters drink cost only $8 Australia dollars. It tasted like and sweet. Heard Jimmy said it contains only 6% alcohol.

Before we had this lovely red wine, we actually opened up another 2 bottles of 750ml red wine. But they were not as tasty as this.

This was the birthday cake I baked. Of course it was not as great as those from secret recipe but it still can be eaten. Sigh… Jian and Roy just didn’t believe I can bake. What kind of friends they are?!

Cheese Cake from secret recipe which bought by ken’s family

Right after the song singing and candle blowing, ready…

Sparkling wine splashes + war!

Jimmy came back with a victory pose

So did Jian who came back with double victory pose

Poor puss, he got attacked all over though he was not the birthday boy. Look at his newly designed shirt.

Ken and Jimmy

Ken and I

Ken and Roy

Yee Meng and Ken

Eldred and Ken

Weng Ho and Ken

the lovely couple, Kok How and Yan

all gone blur after the drinking + eating + playing session.

p.s. there were lots of food served such as grilled chicken wings, satay, eggs.... but i was too busy eating and chatting and drinking with them til i forgot to took pics on the food!~

Buttery Birthday Cake with cranberry and fresh Cherry

It was such a last minute work when Roy called me up and asked me to in charge with the cake. After the phone call, I ended up agree to bake a cake for the birthday guy. They will come up with the money and I will just have to deal with the baking job. Partly I agreed to do the baking was that Roy don’t believe me I can bake. And so did Jian. Therefore, this would be perfect time to show out my ‘skill’. Kekeke… (Sob-sob, my friends don't believe in me)

However, it was so last minute that I had only a few hours to prepare the cake and I nearly couldn’t make it on time. After selecting the ingredients, I started to work in the kitchen. Weighting and measuring and mixingand blending the ingredients… and then sent it into the oven.

*Tink tink* 4.30pm… hmmm… Smell good. Just got it out from the oven.
This was it after taking out from the 10 inch mould. I added chopped cranberry. There were chopped red cranberry sank to the bottom of the cake.

I faced difficulties when I was removing the cake from the mould, actually there was an error at the bottom of the cake and I took a real hard time to rescue the cake! That time I was so worried that I have failed. if i did failed, i will backup a cake from secret recipe (the final choice). Luckily, I managed to rescue it~
It was coated with a coat of chocolate cream spread and sprinkled with snow sugar.

The Decoration was done on spot. This was really a last minute work. It was just a very normal cake and although it did not taste as great as those from secret recipe or others cake house, it could still be eaten. Or at least there was the look of the cake there. I think I need to put on more works on experimenting with desserts and cakes so I won’t face any trouble when come to baking again. Conclusion, I need more practice and experimenting on different cake and not just stick to one type. Gambate!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Secret Recipe, Leisure Mall

Second week of June

S. Kai: Jie, when are we going to secret recipe?
Wei: See first, maybe next week weekend.

Third week of June

S. Kai: Secret recipe, when???
Wei: See first lar. Maybe this Sunday.

Forth week of June

S. Kai: Jie, this week secret recipe ya.
Wei: can gua… if nothing to do on this week.

So happened that the weekend my family and I went to Mid valley.


S. Kai: Jie, later tea in secret recipe.
Wei: I don’t want lar!!! Just finish my chicken chop only. Wait til weekend.
S. Kai: Go lar. I wanna see spec. then we eat cakes
Wei: Don’t want. I am very full. Don’t want to eat.
S. Kai: Jie arrrrrr!!!
Wei: Don’t want!
S. Kai: Gorrrrrr!
S. Wei: anything.
S. Kai: Jie ar... seee... Gor okay wor.
Wei: enough le lar. What else you want beside secret recipe?!
S. Kai: I want to watch fantastic 4. I want pizza hut on Friday….

I can’t bear with him anymore. Too irritating. Ended up, 3 of us, me and brothers went to secret recipe for tea.

Secret recipe has no longer new for me. I think I have tried almost all their range from their cheese cakes to choc cakes and fresh cream to health cakes.

Cheese Cakes I have tried before
Blueberry cheese, Raspberry cheese , Cappuccino cheese, Chocolate cheese, Espresso cheese, Marble cheese, Oreo cheese, Yogurt cheese, Americano, New york cheese, Lemon cheese

Chocolate cakes and fresh cream I have tried before
Black forest, chocolate banana, chocolate fudge, choc mud cake, chocolate chip walnut, chocolate indulgence, mango delight, mocha walnut, tiramisu

Health cakes I have tried
Hi-fibre cream cheese, transfat free peach cream cake

Have not tried
Classic cheese, apple crumble (would like to try out)
Baked cheese
Cheeze Choc
Durian delight (definitely would not go for it!)
What else?!

We won a RM 20 voucher from F&N dairies S/B. This I have to thank to my youngest brother, Kai for drinking Magnolia’s milk to get those barcodes for us to join the contest. So, today, we used up the voucher. We ordered a tea set which came along with a slice of cake and a pot of organic tea at just Rm 10++. I chose the lemon cheese and organic jasmine green tea. We also ordered another 2 slices (Rm 5.50 each) which are cappuccino cheese and chocolate banana.

Lemon Cheese

A pot of organic Jasmine Green Tea

Chocolate banana

Cappuccino cheese

Finally, this tea satisfied my brother but not me. If I keep eating like this, gonna gain extra kilos! The bill came at Rm 24.15. So, we paid extra 4.15 along with the voucher.

Me and youngest bro, Kai actually paid a visit to secret recipe last month where we ordered a main course, cordon blue chicken, ice lemon tea and a slice trans fat free peach cream cake for him and a pot of organic jasmine green tea and a slice of Hi-fibre cream cheese for me.
Cordon blue chicken was deep-fried chicken whereby the meat wrapped with cheese and ham. When you cut it, the cheesy cheese will leak out. The dish served with green vegetable salad and fries.
I like the taste of Trans fat free peach cream cake. It was very appetizing with the sourly taste of fresh peach. The best of all, it was trans fat free.
Organic jasmine green tea
Hi-fibre cream cheese

Chicken Chop in Homemade Style for lunch

Is this look attractive to you?! Maybe it is not for you but me. Mummy specially made this Chicken Chop in Homemade Style with lots of spice and herbs as lunch for us. Oh boyz! It smelled aromatically and of course it tasted really great. This piece of chicken meat costs only rm 3.50. Mum transformed the pure white tasteless meat into tasty yummy chicken chop. She seasoned it with spice, herbs, salt, pepper, soy sauce… and massaged them all over with her love to us. the only rm 3.50 meat became priceless. I always love mum’s cook. This dish is undone. Cz I have not put on the mushroom gravy prepared by me~

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sushi Groove, 1 Utama

Wandering around with no reason and carrying a few shopping bag with us, me and yen decided to sit while wait in the place we would have our lunch.

“Groovy, groovy!” that’s the greeting you can hear from the staff once you stepped your foot into the place. I guess it meant welcome or hello. Just like the normal greeting ‘Irashaimase’ (mean welcome) from others Japanese restaurant but they use ‘groovy’ instead.

Early in June I have read about the dining place recommendation from food section in StarMetro. So happened that Leng asked me hang out together and try out this newly opened restaurant. After the long hours of waiting and drinking cups of green tea, Leng finally turned up along with Chee Wei (her darling boyfriend) and Wee Lick.

Here we were in Sushi Groove.

The dim light environment.

The menu. Sigh… they dun have a pretty nice menu and this is their ‘soft opening menu’. Not even drinks or any desserts stated in the menu.

Me and Yen already scanned the menu and decided what to order while waiting. We both opted for Curry Fried Rice Bibimbab cz it looked attractive from the menu. Surprisingly, even leng, chee wei and wee lick wanted this rice dish as well. It was funny that 5 of us ordered the same food. What if it doesn’t taste good?! All of us would have to finish each bowl ourselves.

Curry Fried Rice Bibimbab (priced at Rm 14.90).

It is the Japanese style curry chicken fried rice with raw egg cooked on the hot nabe bowl. Em… However, after the photo shooting, the ‘raw’ egg had become ‘cooked’ egg. We should have mixed up the rice as soon as they are served. This bibimbab had very light curry taste (as usual for the Japanese curry rice type). We found that the rice is a bit dry. No more ‘liquidly’ taste due to the ‘cooked’ egg.

Lion King Roll (priced at 14.90) is voted the best among us. It is the gindara and spicy tuna roll covered in crab salad. This is a must to order cz it tasted really good and juicy.

Flying Geisha (priced at 9.90) voted 2nd among the 3 groovy sushi we ordered. It was the deep fried inari stuff with spicy tuna and cream cheese. It was crunchy and aromatically.

Mayonnaise Dream Roll (priced at 9.90) was filled with salmon and crab baked in spicy sauce. It didn’t taste ‘spicy’ though it said spicy sauce. Seeeeee… there were lots of ebiko on the mayonnaise. Indeed was the appetizing combination for the sushi.

It is interesting to see every groovy sushi has their unique name given by this fusion restaurant. It was really a fun dining experience today and definitely I will revisit again~

Chee Wei and Leng

Wee Lick, Yen and Me

More reviews:

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Bakerzin, 1 Utama

The very first time I dined in Bakerzin was last year September with ching. We just ordered a yummy-looking ice cream in Bakerzin after our lunch in an Asian style café.
I don’t quite remember the name of this dessert but something to do with blackforest choc ice cream. There were blackcurrants, chocolate ice cream, brownie cubes and whipped cream and topped with a piece of mind leaf

Blackforrest chocolate ice cream
yeah, i know what you want to say. You wanna say it looks like 'shit', isn't it?! That's the very first comment Ching and I gave when the dessert was served. Just don't judge it by the appearance. Yum-yum. But this dessert was kinda pricey. Anyway, it is still a worth to dine under this the dim light and quiet atmosphere.
Today, me and yen ordered a slice of mango mousse as snack while we were waiting for the arrival of leng for lunch. Mango mousse (price at Rm 8.50) was really rich in mango fruit taste and it was not sweet. We both feel as though we were flying heavenly once the mousse touched our taste buds. Ohhh… yummy.

Mango mousse

Friday, June 22, 2007

Dome, KLCC

Wahehehe. Finally, me and Fang hang out together. Sales are on in the city. There is no way for us to miss this sale especially MNG has put up the ‘sales’!!! Feeling delightful right now cz it has been a long time we both never chat and shop and eat together ^v^ We had a nice lunch and snack, spent on clothes and we still have lots of nice stuff to get in our mind. However, Ching couldn’t join us today. >.<
Here we were for lunch
We opted for something not heavy so we both shared the dome’s signature dish, chicken and mushroom pie (costs at rm21 --- they raised the price. Previously was rm19.95) and a yummy looking apple and blueberry pie (rm11).

The soup came along with the Chicken and mushroom pie tasted creamy and yummy. And the pastry pie covered on top tasted buttery. That’s a great combination. Words can’t really describe how it tastes until you try it your own.
The apple and blueberry pie was riched with apple. It was refreshing and not too sweet. The taste was ngam ngam hou. Yum~
We both had sweet tooth and bought these as snack after the lunch. Isetan is having a promotion on these Japanese ice creams. 2 for rm 9. What a deal!

The green tea & red bean ice cream (upper) tasted real brewed green tea flavour while the ice cream balls (lower) tasted great too in four flavours --- café, green tea, caramel and chocolate). I always like the packing of Japanese snack. They are so colourful, don’t they?!

Fang, Thanks for the dodol you got me from Malacca. I love it very much. Don’t forget, I don’t take durians. kekeke
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