Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Serene Aesthetics Beauty Retreat ♥

Tough days... iukkkksss
I am glad that i can stay away from those tough days for a little while. Those tough days gave me lots of stress and a nightmare - which is serious skin problem :(


and here comes an opportunity, I was invited to try out the Mirco-Cap Hydrating Facial Treatment + Hot Stone Shoulder Massage at Serene Aesthetics Beauty Salon (the Cheras branch). 


Here is a bit about Serene Aesthetics.
A sanctuary of tranquility where beauty is refined and the body & soul rejuvenated. Indulge in a relaxing and soothing ambiance that helps you recharge and unwind.

Serene Aesthetics opened its door in 1991 with the first beauty salon in Pudu Plaza, KL. Since then, it has established many more salon outlets in Klang Valley to as far as Johor Bahru. And currently, Serene Aesthetics have expanded to a total of 9 outlets in Klang Valley area.  


Serene Aesthetics' products are fully imported from Europe. One of them is Soskin. Soskin products are developed from blending medical-grade plant and marine actives, protein and clinically-proven skin compatible bases to create therapeutic and luxurious products that give clearly visible results. 


Before the facial session, I was seated for a skin analysis and consultation. The beautician checked and analyse my skin to determine the suitable skincare on me. 

Blackheads, Whiteheads and whatever heads, They are all over my nose, forehead, chin and cheeks. 


I was assigned with the Micro-cap Hydrating Treatment which is one of the maintenance treatments to hydrate my skin, reduce the blackheads and to glow me up.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flavours of Shanghai @ Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel, PJ

What comes into your mind when it comes to Shanghainese Cuisine???
Xiu Loong Bao?! Is that all???

Well, that's not all...

Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant which is located on the lobby level in One World Hotel is currently running the 'Flavours of Shanghai' promotion and this promotion is only available for 10 days (23 June to 2 July 2011).

Four chefs (Chef Terry Yu Ning, Chef Fanny Le Fei, Chef Lion Yu Sheng and Chef Navy Yang Tian Hai) from The Eton Hotel, Shanghai were invited to showcase the shanghainese dishes in Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant. 

Love Shanghainese food? here is an opportunity for them :)

At the launch event, i get to sample a few Shanghainese dishes...




Started with Three ShanghaiStyle Appetizer 上海三喜冷菜.
They were the cold dishes

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen @ Pavilion KL

Reading Cumi&Ciki's post on Tonkatsu was really a torture to me. I know, I seriously need an emergency dose of Tonkatsu (But I can't make it at that time!!!)


Finally, after those tough weeks, I was able to travel down town, to satisfy the craving that started weeks ago. Together with the makan kaki-s - Chris&Christine and Tinkie, we got ourselves a table for 4 and happily munched our Tonkatsu とんかつ


Started with Chawan Mushi (RM 10) - silky smooth steamed egg (with lots of ingredients in it)

We ordered 4 sets and each set is served with mountain high of sliced cabbage, rectangular cut of tofu, pickled vegetables, the yummy pork vegetables miso soup and sesame-d fluffy rice. 


Buta Shogayaki Zen (Rm 26)
Pan saute pork belly with ginger sauce.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Japin 绝品 @ Sungei Wang Plaza, KL

That was another day having an outing with Chris&Christine and a good friend of us. 
We often find it difficult to decide where to eat when we are hanging out in Sungei Wang Plaza. We always have to check out the information counter or board, loiter all floors and seek through every corner, survey every restaurant in order to decide where to have our lunch/dinner. 



This time, Japin saved our day!!!

The set promotion menu looked promising. Therefore, we ordered few sets. Each set comes with a drink, miso soup and cuts of fresh fruit. 


Chasyu Fried Rice Set (RM 9.80)


Spicy Teriyaki Chicken with Egg Set (RM 12.80)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Food - Garrett Popcorn @ Suntec Citylink Mall, Singapore

I am stress out.
I am unhappy
I need my happy food
Something sweet and addictive
Something that can cheer me up.


That is you, my happy food - Garrett Popcorn


My cousin told me that this is a must try new great snack. 
She even added on, the queue is always very longggg.
It was still early (in the morning), and there was no sight of long queue.
We then happily grabbed a bag of Chicago Mix - Caramel Crisp + Cheesecorn flavoured-popcorn. And had a picnic; facing the great view of the city and enjoy our happy food.






CheeseCorn was rather soggy after leaving for some times while the crunchy CaramelCrisp remained its crispiness. Though CheeseCorn was soggy, the combination with CaramelCrisp turn into a great one! It left the salty and sweet taste on your tastebuds.


Am I happy, then?
Yes, with you (Garrett Popcorn) by my side.

Am I happy now?
Nooooo because you (Garrett Popcorn) are miles away.

Happy Food, if only you were here in KL

Garrett Popcorn
Suntec Citylink Mall
1 Raffles Link,
#B1-26A Citylink Mall

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Am Amazed with This...


... Beautiful and clean country, our neighbour - Singapore.

It has been 15 years; I did not put my feet on our neighbour's land. *aiks*

Just recently, I was there fore few days of homestay (at my aunt's place), did some sight-seeing and walked around the city.

I am really amazed with the changes on everything there. Just can't wait to share up everything with you guys...

and... ... am planning to pay another visit again in end of the year *whoooops* 

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Babylon @ Jalan Jati, KL - The 2-Course Set Lunch at RM 25++


Soon after i read about this place from Eat Your Heart Out, I called my best friends who were going to fly off the next few days, made an appointment with them to drop by here for a farewell lunch.


Used to be Max @ iHaus but has turned into Babylon; serving western and Mediterranean / Arabic cuisine.  


We were seated in the dining room-liked area, facing the garden and then ordered ourselves their value for money 2-course set lunch that is priced at RM 25 ++

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