Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Serene Aesthetics Beauty Retreat ♥

Tough days... iukkkksss
I am glad that i can stay away from those tough days for a little while. Those tough days gave me lots of stress and a nightmare - which is serious skin problem :(


and here comes an opportunity, I was invited to try out the Mirco-Cap Hydrating Facial Treatment + Hot Stone Shoulder Massage at Serene Aesthetics Beauty Salon (the Cheras branch). 


Here is a bit about Serene Aesthetics.
A sanctuary of tranquility where beauty is refined and the body & soul rejuvenated. Indulge in a relaxing and soothing ambiance that helps you recharge and unwind.

Serene Aesthetics opened its door in 1991 with the first beauty salon in Pudu Plaza, KL. Since then, it has established many more salon outlets in Klang Valley to as far as Johor Bahru. And currently, Serene Aesthetics have expanded to a total of 9 outlets in Klang Valley area.  


Serene Aesthetics' products are fully imported from Europe. One of them is Soskin. Soskin products are developed from blending medical-grade plant and marine actives, protein and clinically-proven skin compatible bases to create therapeutic and luxurious products that give clearly visible results. 


Before the facial session, I was seated for a skin analysis and consultation. The beautician checked and analyse my skin to determine the suitable skincare on me. 

Blackheads, Whiteheads and whatever heads, They are all over my nose, forehead, chin and cheeks. 


I was assigned with the Micro-cap Hydrating Treatment which is one of the maintenance treatments to hydrate my skin, reduce the blackheads and to glow me up.  

Treatment room

The Treatment Room

The facial started with scalp massage to relax me down. and then it comes to double cleansing, cleansing, scrub, extraction and lymph drainage massage and finally the mask. After the extraction, the beautician massaged my face with soothing gel. According to her, that is to reduce the inflammation and redness after the extraction. 

Face Massage

This is not me...

After applying the mask on my face, she then started with the hot stone massage on me. It was a  super relaxing massage, using hot stones; she massaged over my shoulders and the back.

Ahhh.... There goes the stress :) I fell asleep soon after the massage. 

After 15 mins, she washed off the mask, toned and moisturized me. And I walked off with a more hydrating and glowing skin. Thanks to Serene Aesthetics and MyDeal for this lovely treat. 

rm88 1st Trial

You can now experience the Acne Relief Treatment or Face Contour Lift Treatment at just RM 88 (normal price: RM 238) and add on the Shoulder Hot Stone Massage at only RM 1 (normal price: 48).
Do take note that this top up of shoulder massage is available on weekdays. 
For first trial only and it is available until end of the year.

Serene Aesthetics
CMC Cheras (Taman Connaught) * 03-9101 9901
Hartamas Shopping Centre * 03-6201 9901
IOI Mall * 03-5882 5388
Metro Point Complex (Kajang) * 03-8737 9902
Pudu Plaza * 03-2142 8106
Selayang Mall * 03-6136 9901
Sg Wang Plaza * 03-2142 9903
Sri Petaling (Carrefour) * 03-9543 9902
The Mall * 03-2771 1898
Johor * 07-5544663


Christina Kim said...

Nothing beats a good pampering session for the skin!:)

Ciki said...

no wonder your skin so nias laaa :D

ai wei said...

yeah, agree!!! :)

not really lar, a lot of pimples pop out when i am under stress one. :(

Anonymous said...

The add on massage deal seems very appealing..

Serene Aesthetics said...

Please follow Serene Aesthetics at

April said...

Think twice if you happen to sign their package, quite cunning when you wanted to cancel the package, all the lil free stone massage and lip treatment you get in the package they will charge you rocket high price. Besides, the credit balance they only allow you to use it to purchase their product or their facial which means you have to top up more. I opt for eyelash perming which cost around Rm30 while my credit balance is RM59 after deducting all the freebies and services and yet they still dont allow me to do so.

They might treat you very good at your first time and to make you sign their package, but seems like after a few times there, the beautician is not the same anymore.

I had bad experience that they leave my face full with scar and has some inflammation after they extract my pimple and thus i wish to cancel my package after my face condition turn out to be worst actually.

Besides, their product is so expensive and they are quite hard sell actually.

This is solely my experience and doesn't apply to all other consumer so hope this helps you to consider and to think twice before signing up their package.

ai wei said...

Hie April, thanks for sharing up your experience here with the others. ^^

Anonymous said...

hi no good ,pls don't use their service

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