Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The soft & fluffy Pandan Chiffon Cake

This is a recipe given by my aunt. Mum and I experimented on it and did a lil’ change to this recipe. Well, it turns out to be superb after the changes. The Pandan Chiffon Cake is very ‘pandan-ry’ in flavour; the texture is extremely soft and fluffy.


160g icing sugar
140g self raising flour
6 eggs (big size)
3 tbsp corn oil
2 ½ tbsp pandan juice
2 ½ tbsp fresh coconut milk
1/8 tsp cream of tartar

Firstly, sieve the self raising flour into a big mixing bowl.
Add in half portion of the sieved icing sugar into the mixing bowl as well.

Use the separate-egg method. Transfer the egg yolks into the big bowl and the egg whites are ready for high speed whisking.

Whisk egg whites with cream of tartar until foamy at a high speed. Then add in sugar and whisk until it stiff.

While the machine is doing its task, pour in the corn oil, pandan juice and fresh coconut milk into the big mixing bowl and start mixing.

As soon as the egg whites are ready, fold in half portion of the egg whites into the big mixing bowl and mix well. (For best result, I use the mixer to mix the soft mixture and egg whites in the mixing bowl. Lowest speed is used)

Fold the other half portion and mix well with spatula.

Pour the mixture into the chiffon mould. Send into the oven, bake at 175 °C for 40 minutes.


Allow the cake to cool and set before bringing it out from the mould.

Note that the Pandan juice I prepared, I plucked some fresh Pandan leaves, blended them into juice and store in the refrigerator for 1 night. The concentrated part will sediment and formed 2 layers. I removed the top watery layer for the natural greenish and a more flavourful result.

Here is my submission to Weekend Wokking created by Wandering Chopstick. This month’s host is Ivy from Precious Pea. The secret ingredient of the month is COCONUT. Or anything to do with coconut. Hence, I used the coconut milk in my recipe. Check out the round-up at her site this coming Wednesday to see the other submissions. If you are interested in participating, check out who's hosting next month.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yokomon Ice Cream @ Sunway Pyramid



We kept repeating the same words while we first saw this stand @ Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. According to KampungboyCitygal, this is something a-must-not-missed-out desserts.

The Kawaii Key Chains. Wonder if they are selling these too?!

The Japanese famous ice cream from Yokomon has 6 different flavours; matcha (green tea), goma (black sesame), azuki (red bean), ichigo (strawberry), daku choko (dark chocolate) and ramu reezun (rum raisin).

We had the goma

And azuki.

They were really soft and creamy and very flavourful after compressing from the machine. The Goma was fragrant and full with black sesame taste while the azuki was a lil’ sweet for me but it was very soft soft n silky.

Priced originally was Rm 6.90 per cup but now they are having promotion. So, it turns out to be Rm 5.50 per cup. If u wished to have it on cone, then add on another Rm 1.

My forever-bestie, Christine.

My Mood

Sweet: the ice cream did make our outing a delight and enjoyable one.

Sour: Christine is already back in Glasgow (with Chris this time). Our next outing would be N daysss in future.

Yokomon Ice Cream Stand

Asian Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy mid-autumn festival

To my family, friends, bloggers, food bloggers and readers~

May you all have a superb day.

Happy mid-autumn festival!

My favorite mooncake from Yu-Ai, the mixed nuts moon cake with lots of macadamia nuts, sesame… nuts n nuts n nuts!

Moreover, it’s less oily, less sugary = healthy!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Dain Ti Hill @ Pavillion KL

Test and exam are killing.
Assignments are heart-stabbing.
Reports are troubling.
Lecture notes and books are distressing.

The only thing,
Food -
My best remedy.

That day,
I, with my best coupled-friend, Sugar Bean
In a sudden urge,
Wish for something luxury but inexpensive
Somewhere we could sit back and relax
Somewhere we could lavishly eat but pay less.

And, we hopped over to Dain Ti Hill 代官山 at Pavillion KL.

Sure you would react so…
Dain Ti Hill at Pavillion KL wor?!

That’s the answer from me.
Because, one of them holding the Citibank card.
Hence, we can enjoy a sumptuousness meal at 50% off. [thanks, WenChing]
(hmmm, I am not sure it is valid until when.)

Dain Ti Hill is glamorously decorated in magnificence way that is very attractive. And it could really draw your heart to pay another visit.


and classy

Oat milk drink 胚芽奶茶 is something healthy with oats to decrease your cholesterol level.

Raspberry milk drink is smooth, sourish and milky but very filling.

With a large bowl of white rice with black sesame, we had…

Potato pumpkin salad 金瓜薯泥 as our appetizer. It is slightly fusion in western and Japanese. The well-mashed pumpkin mixed with lots of ebikko (roe) and served cold. Ahhh, this is something unforgettable.

Sautéed prawn and mixed fruits is the light and heart-chilling with lots of fruits such as honey dew, strawberries, and avocados.

Baked bean curd with wild fungus 野菌焗豆腐 was very cheesy-licious, creamy but very filling. Well, we still manage to finish up everything.

Steam pork meat with spinach sauce 翡翠狮子头 was a big “NO NO” to us! It was quite bland and more on the salty side. The round big Steam pork meat with greenish spinach sauce was not appealing. Glad that Esiong’d tried to ‘finish’ them.

Full Full FULL!

We were too full to move! To speed up the digestion, we then had a set of health vinegar to induce the enzyme activity and boost up our digestion.

Ahhh, the best concentrated health vinegar I ever had. Slowly diluted it with ice cubes and had it sips by sips. Yum~

Dain Ti Hill 代官山
Lot 6.01.05, 6th Floor,
Pavilion KL,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21456628
Business hours: 11am to 10pm daily.
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