Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yokomon Ice Cream @ Sunway Pyramid



We kept repeating the same words while we first saw this stand @ Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. According to KampungboyCitygal, this is something a-must-not-missed-out desserts.

The Kawaii Key Chains. Wonder if they are selling these too?!

The Japanese famous ice cream from Yokomon has 6 different flavours; matcha (green tea), goma (black sesame), azuki (red bean), ichigo (strawberry), daku choko (dark chocolate) and ramu reezun (rum raisin).

We had the goma

And azuki.

They were really soft and creamy and very flavourful after compressing from the machine. The Goma was fragrant and full with black sesame taste while the azuki was a lil’ sweet for me but it was very soft soft n silky.

Priced originally was Rm 6.90 per cup but now they are having promotion. So, it turns out to be Rm 5.50 per cup. If u wished to have it on cone, then add on another Rm 1.

My forever-bestie, Christine.

My Mood

Sweet: the ice cream did make our outing a delight and enjoyable one.

Sour: Christine is already back in Glasgow (with Chris this time). Our next outing would be N daysss in future.

Yokomon Ice Cream Stand

Asian Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid.


J2Kfm said...

eh, not bad ya? the flavours different frmo most. and looks really soft and smooth ice cream.

ai wei said...

yes yes! the flavours are different. you should have a try!

you won't want any other ice cream once u had this.

~Christine~Leng said...

must come here again if I'm back ya! ;P miss ya! and the ice cream ^^ hehe..

ai wei said...

yayaya! i love this place! full with very kawaii cuties.
next time i wanna try mattcha n have goma along. the goma is superb !!!

Christina Kim said...

Oooo...Kawaii and oishii desu ne!!:D
Really looks so smooth and fruity~~ ^_^

ai wei said...

very soft n creamy ice cream. you must really try it out!!! no regrets

Precious Pea said...

Kawaii!!!! Am sure it appeals to the youngsters!

wmw said...

I like Green Tea! ;o)

Anonymous said...

aww camera hunting without me :(

ai wei said...

precious pea,
i think anyone who likes kawaii stuff will love this~

u tried green tea before? how it tastes?!

no worries, we can hang out next time. eat delicious n yummy-licious food then send to christine n sugar bean. let them drool...

who ask them left us here. awww...

HairyBerry said... goma ice cream! lurve it! will check this kawai stall out when i'm in the area! ;D

choi yen said...

I want black sesame ice-cream!!!

Shell (貝殼) said...

Oh! shit! i went to Sunway last weekend but miss out this cute little desserts shop! I must try it for my next visit.

Shell (貝殼) said...

Oh! shit! i went to Sunway last weekend but miss out this cute little desserts shop! I must try it for my next visit.

Simon Seow said...

Sigh. Very lazy to drive to Sunway Pyramid. Will try to make it one day. Still have not try out Pasta de Gohan, and J CO.

ai wei said...

nic (khkl) &

goma lovers, must not missed out this superb goma ice cream~

this is a must to try out. besides, bring along you female friends, for sure they will love the super kawaii stall!

simon seow,
kekeke, for good stuff, never be lazy. :P

but i am lazy as well, haihz

Sugar Bean said...

wah, the ice-cream looks really tempting. i saw this ice-cream place before, but thought that i'll always have a chance to eat. but now, miles away... haha! miss macha ice-cream so much!

ai wei said...

sugar bean,
but then u have haagen dazz at only 2.5 pounds! can air me a pint?! haha, guess not, the air mail will even cost much more than the pint in msia.

not to worry, u guys still can have a try while back to msia. the stall won't run away. hehehe

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