Monday, July 30, 2007

Azuki Frappucino at Starbucks, Leisure Mall

I didn’t want to drive out as I had too many chores to finish. However, my youngest brother kept noising beside my ears. “gagaga… yayaya…dododorrrrr…yorrrrr” yeah, it was my fault to promise him the simpson movie at 3pm. He ended class late hence I cancelled it instead. Ended up he couldn’t stop buzzing beside my ears. In order to shut him up, I brought him over for drinks at starbucks as I had this piece of buy one free one voucher on the azuki. *happy--- buy one free one* Azuki Frappucino is created as summer drink. There are 2 types, the milk based with red beans or the coffee based with red beans.

I opted for the coffee with red beans without whipped cream while I got my brother the milk with red bean with whipped cream. Both (in large size) were well-blended and smooth and with lots of blended red beans. well, I prefer the coffee based azuki to the milk based one. Never think of red bean can actually come well with coffee. Yummy~

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Late Lunch at McD, Connaught

It was another late lunch again in McD. I have been craving for McD since yesterday but my brothers didn’t want to have it with me. So, I will just have to suppress myself from it for a day.

Happily and walking dancingly into McD outlet at Taman Connaught. I have read about the advertisement that they are offering 4 types of sauce for Chicken McNuggets. Gonna try that out.

Brother wanted a set of chicken nuggets McValue set with lemon tango and sweet mustard sauces. Thought of having a healthy meal, instead of filet-o-fish with fried fillet, I opted for country grilled chicken burger and soyabean without ice. (Ahem… fast food is never a healthy food; this is just to comfort myself). Someone really made me frustrated --- the cashier. I ordered only a burger but she sent up 3 burgers. Then I had to tell her again and again on my order. Geramnya. Besides, I wanted a soyabean without ice; she gave me the one with ice!!! I was speaking slowly, loudly and clearly in English. Didn’t she understand me?! She never carried a smile when served me. I thought they are supposed to smile and greet every customer before taking order?! haih~ never mind, I would just carry on with my lunch and never wanted it to affect my mood.

chicken McNuggets

My brother likes the Sweet mustard sauce in yellow while I prefer the lemon tango.

drinks and fries

my country grilled chicken burger.

There is nothing much special on fast food. They are just the normal fast food with high content of fats and carbohydrate, high amount of sugar in the drinks. As conclusion, nobody can resist fast food though knowing that it is not so good but still yummy to fill up your stomach :P

Friday, July 27, 2007

Lim Kee Pan Mee restaurant, Taman Taynton

I don’t normally take noodles or mee as my breakfast. Usually I will have bread or biscuit or cake paired up with a glass of milk or coffee. I woke up a bit late this morning (about 10am) as I had afternoon class today. With an empty stomach, I asked my dad what’s for today ‘breakfast’. He, my dad, who is the noodles aka mee fans suggested the pan mee in this taman, Lim Kee Pan Mee at Taman Taynton. That was going to be breakfast for my dad and brunch for me.

This pan mee stall tauke has opened up this stall for erm… 2 or 3years?! And lately he has just shifted from the stall to a shop opposite his previous stall. The thing is, can you believe today is my very first time to pay a visit here?! While my parents have been visiting there for countless times. Can’t believe right?! Well, as I told you, I don’t take mee as breakfast but my dad loves to.

There were minced pork, ikan bilis, mushroom and vegetable. This was a very flavourful bowl of mee at Rm 3.50.

actually, I didn’t put high expectation on it at first. However things went out of expectation cz I found that the pan mee (noodles) was very smooth and the soup was so flavourful! *Claps Claps* I couldn’t believe myself finished up the bowl til the last drops. I love this. The owner claimed that the mee was handmade by them. There are 2 types, round and the flat mee while I opted for the flat one.

Besides pan mee, they also offer dumplings and my dad’s favourite, pork mee. He always orders it (but I didn’t take any pic on pork mee cz… you know… he will be mad at me on picturing food on this ‘early’ morning).

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bread & Olives café, Langat Hill

I have never known that there is such a nice place to dine-in at a reasonable price while enjoying the perfect night view until I knew this place from Christine and Wee Lick. Yet, Bread & Olives café, a Mediterranean style dine-in place which is located at Look Out Point up the Langat Hill. As what Christine said, “Faster than traveling up to Genting Highlands, you can enjoy good food at very reasonable price while admiring the perfect night view of KL.” It was indeed very fast for us to travel up and I think we took about 20minutes from my house.

Entrance to the café.

I had fresh lemon juice (the middle) at Rm 8 while they took ice lemon tea at Rm 4.50.

Chicken Wings, 4 pairs at Rm 10.50

Sambosa, 8 pieces at Rm 10.50 at the choice of Akawi Cheese. This was special. It looked like a puff with cheese flavour and the special sauce (some kind of white sauce and herbs) added up good smell and taste to it. simply like this cz it was special and i have never eaten anything like this before.

Since there were four of us (me, Christine, Chee Wei and Wee Lick), we ordered a meal for 4 --- full chicken. It was whole chicken served with briyani rice, creamy garlic sauce and salad, Baba Ghanoug, Mutabal and French fries. priced at Rm 37

My huge portion. The meat was quite tender but the gravy provided was not enough. Anyway, the dressing of salad was very nice.

It’s meal time. Me, Christine and Wee Lick, he had the largest portion of chicken.

Perfect nice view of KL. We were lucky last night as there was no rain and no fog. Hence, we could capture the night view. Skyscrapers buildings were all in our palms. Thanks to Christine for her camera and thanks to Chee Wei for his picturing technique.

Me and Leng


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Monday, July 23, 2007

Brown sotong & kangkung

We bought about 2kg of brown sotong and 1.2kg of kankung Yesterday afternoon while we were in Jusco shopping for food and groceries. What were they for? Gotta transform these pure ingredients into a local delicacies, ‘yau yu ung choi’ (Brown sotong & kangkung). This was performed by a friend of my parents. Cooked both ingredients and dried them up. Added sweet sauce and chilies and some others (which I dunno). Finally, sprinkled sesame and peanuts all over. Deeeeeelicious! We all love it!

The chewy brown sotong coated with sesame. Ohhh~ yum

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter, the final

As soon as my class ended in this morning, I hurried to fetch Fang and we both rush to Carrefour mid valley to get out copies of Harry Potter, and the deadly hallows. Needless to say, everyone must have known about this hot book and hot issue today that 3 huge bookstore refuse to sell the books. Instead of the retail price at Rm 109.90, the hypermarts are selling the books at Rm 69.90 at the lowest rate. the books were selling like a hot cake!

Happy that I have grabbed one of them. However, I don’t really satisfy with the plastic bag they provided where else Tesco hypermarts giving off a nice handy paper bag with every of the copy purchased. I am really envy with Eldred. Read his post, he got the really nice paper bag. *Huh*

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tong Kee Confectionery, Taman Connaught

While I was on my way back from uni, I made myself (mum asked me to get some egg tarts) into this newly opened (actually they have opened for 3 months, still consider as new :P) Tong Kee Confectionery. I loved the smell of the shop --- delicious and aromatic smell of baking bread and tarts. Besides bread and tarts, there were also cakes displayed in the cooler besides the cashier counter. A variety of cute little delicacies were neatly stood on the trays. Attracting. All of them coated in yellowish-brown, releasing their aromatic smell and said ‘hello’ to me. Which am I going to choose?!

Of course, the main must be the egg tarts (priced at Rm 1.10 each). Half dozen of their original egg tarts. They are selling also the halal type of egg tart which made with butter (for the tart base). I never bought it cz it looked not as nice as the original type.

Besides egg tarts, I bought also this cup cake priced at Rm 1. soft yummy chiffon-cake-like cup cake with eggie smell.

And also the green bean puff (left) and sesame red bean puff (right) priced at Rm 1.20 each.

The green bean is kinda special with salty taste.

I prefer the sesame red bean to the green bean. It was not too sweet and the filling was soft and it melted once you eat it.

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Sun Ming Restaurant, Taman Connaught (BHP side)

If you like roast duck and roast pork and barbequed pork, here is a must visit place for you. Sun Ming Restaurant. It is located off the Main of Connaught Highway, at the BHP Petrol station side, a few lots next to Domino’s pizza house.

I have stayed in this area for more than 15years and they have been doing business for so long. They used to have a stall in a food court at the corner of the rows. As their business grew hotter, they rent/buy a lot instead. Now, they even take over the shop next door for business.

You may find it is crowded during lunch time. Office workers dress smartly in their office attire. Some even put on the ties under the hot and warm condition. (no idea how can they cope up with it).

Alright, back on food now. Parents went out and da bao us their specialty roast duck, barbequed pork and roast pork as lunch. They serve also boiled soup and yong tau foo (vege or tofu stuffed with fish paste) --- newly added in the menu.
Fragrant rice. As always, roast duck/pork served best with fragrant rice.

*quack quack quack* Roast duck

The barbequed pork, Char siu went well along with the sweet gravy (char siu gravy). It tasted sweet and juicy. Simply love this lot.

Roast pork, Siu Yuk is one of my favourites too. The textures of the sliced pork were nice and these were not too fat and not too thin. They were so chewy between my teeth.

I really can’t describe the taste of these mouth-watering dishes with words alone. Why not just try it out?!~

A non-halal restaurant

Business opened till 4pm the latest

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lunch at Chilis, KLCC

Out to KLCC with my friends, Eldred and Weng Ho. Eldred was watching on his budget and planned not to take something too pricey. KLCC has not much choice in food. We were choosing either Nippon Tei or Chilis but since Eldred don’t fancy Japanese food, he chose Chilis instead. Okay, we agreed and followed him.

Chilis is always crowded during meal times and there were always lot of foreigners. We could hardly get the seats and had to wait for 10minutes. By time we settled down. It was already 2pm and I was hungry since 11.30am…. ggrrrrroooooo…. My lunch has become lunch-ner (lunch + dinner).

After flipping through the menu and none of us aware of the big serving, each of us ordered each plate. Eldred even wanted to order a dessert. But we just warned him not too.
My southwest sling at Rm 8.85 was ice cool blended with vanilla ice cream and pineapple juice, orange juice and strawberry. It tasted sourly fresh fruit juice flavour. I like this a lot but my 2 friends claimed that this is weird. Maybe it is suitable for ladies.

Weng Ho’s chocolate banana at Rm 8.85 was a very sweet ice cool blended with vanilla ice cream and chocolate and banana topped with cream. A very sweet and creamy combination. It will be very full for me if just drinking this alone.

Eldred’s chocolate shake at Rm 8 was another sweet shake. It was much creamier than those from others eateries.

This was Weng Ho’s chicken crispers priced at Rm 21.95 came with fried chicken (looked like fillet for me but it was chicken), fries and a corn. Hmmmm… not bad, I like the fries a lot. He didn’t take the corn cz he don’t like vege at all.

Eldred’s mushroom jack fajita priced at Rm 36.95 came with sizzling chicken with sautéed mushroom and onion.

And this… mix vege (tomato, cabbages…), cheese, avocado sauce in green and the special sauce in white.

And this… tortilla for you to wrap up the 1st 2 dishes.

The handful wrapped up

Here came my explosion salad priced at Rm 22.95. A very enormous portion it was. O.o
How am I going to finish this alone since Weng Ho doesn’t take vege and Eldred was full up with his huge set. I love the baked tortilla dipped in the sour sauce. there were cheese inside~ *favourite*

a table full of dishes

The chocolate shake and chocolate banana were too sweet after meals for guys. They ordered coffee (eldred) priced at Rm 5.75 and coke (Weng Ho) priced at 6.30. eldred claimed that the coffee was way too normal and the creamer that they provided was not enough for him. He also added, the coffee sucks and he found it ‘abnormal’ for its standard. Yeah… their specialty is not on coffee right?

I was super full after the whole meal and could barely move. I had to hug my stomach up to walk around. Fullllll~

Chili’s Grill & Bar
Tel: 03- 21641400

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