Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Tuesday --- 17July07

I was too lazy to move on this afternoon and planned to skip a 2-hour-class and sit at home. No idea why and I was just toooooo lazy. My youngest brother came home from school and ‘lau gai’ at me. He asked me to take him to Jusco, Maluri because he wanted to buy ‘food’ and milk as breakfast for a week. Yeah… the way he meant food is Junk food. I didn’t want to cz I was tooooo lazy. Couldn’t bear with him and since I have planned to skip the class, I listened to him and brought to Jusco.
Junkies junkies here I come.

Happy that mum was not around. Else, she wouldn’t let us to buy so many as all are Rubbish Food. But who can resist these? These were all selected by my glutton youngest bro and my task is --- eat. We both can finish these within 3days. I will just eat whatever he bought. *Munch munch*

Thank you Wen Ching, for this creamy milk hazelnut chocolate you bought from Langkawi. I finished them up all alone. It was too yummy and the moment I tore it open, I finished half by myself. Fattening lar~


Sugar Bean said...

eh, watch out for ur weight ya!! haha!! just kidding, dont worry, u look just fine!!

anyway, glad that u like the chocolate.

~Christine~Leng said...

wei... don't take too much junkies ya! hehe...

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