Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tiffin Bay, Starhill Gallery (2)

Talking about having desserts in Tiffin Bay (2years ago) in my previous post, here I would like to make a post about Tiffin Bay (a year ago --- 25 August 2006) again with my 2 best friends. Wen Ching and I have promised to bring Ting Fang over and try out their desserts. Sadly, when we arrived at Tiffin Bay and checked out what they had on the bar counter, we found no more enormous cakes, and yet, they have changed their dessert into half portion smaller of cakes compared to cakes in our previous visit. *sigh + sad* no more large portion of cakes. Since we were here and with disappointment, we then looked in their menu and see what they had for lunch.

Here we go, from enormous tasty dessert into warm, greeny and hearty bread for lunch.
The white for Ching and the pink for me. I can only remember the pink --- strawberry smoothies. Can’t remember the white one

Ting Fang opted for Norwegian salmon in some kind of bread and served a long with Italian style salad.

I took the grilled braised chicken and baked in oven served with Italian style salad

I can’t remember what Wen Ching chose. It was something like pizza and served with Italian style salad as well.

The deco

Me, Wen Ching and Ting Fang

Alright, this was a very healthy lunch and yet it was not cheap. But we gals did enjoyed ourselves in this cozy place.

Tiffin Bay
F41, Explore Floor,
Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-27823870


~Christine~Leng said...

wow.. this place looks relaxing and nice for chatting sessions with friends!! nice food, nice environment :) Rakuzen?? Can't wait lar girl! but where's Chulan Square? near....?

Sugar Bean said...

so sad that tiffin bay does not serve the cakes at a cheaper price anymore. but still, i like the place alot. keke!!

ai wei said...

Leng, i know where's Chulan Square and can lead you over there. ^^
let's eat out soon!

wenching & esiong, tiffin bay is definately a great hangout place. comfy and lovely. just too bad, no more cake at cheaper price -_-
wanna hang out with you both again~

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