Friday, July 20, 2007

Tong Kee Confectionery, Taman Connaught

While I was on my way back from uni, I made myself (mum asked me to get some egg tarts) into this newly opened (actually they have opened for 3 months, still consider as new :P) Tong Kee Confectionery. I loved the smell of the shop --- delicious and aromatic smell of baking bread and tarts. Besides bread and tarts, there were also cakes displayed in the cooler besides the cashier counter. A variety of cute little delicacies were neatly stood on the trays. Attracting. All of them coated in yellowish-brown, releasing their aromatic smell and said ‘hello’ to me. Which am I going to choose?!

Of course, the main must be the egg tarts (priced at Rm 1.10 each). Half dozen of their original egg tarts. They are selling also the halal type of egg tart which made with butter (for the tart base). I never bought it cz it looked not as nice as the original type.

Besides egg tarts, I bought also this cup cake priced at Rm 1. soft yummy chiffon-cake-like cup cake with eggie smell.

And also the green bean puff (left) and sesame red bean puff (right) priced at Rm 1.20 each.

The green bean is kinda special with salty taste.

I prefer the sesame red bean to the green bean. It was not too sweet and the filling was soft and it melted once you eat it.

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Sugar Bean said...

yumyum, looks so nice, i love egg tart and red bean puff. where exactly is the confectionery?? when do u wanna belanja me to eat wor?? haha!! just kidding...

~Christine~Leng said...

hey hey... I saw this confectionery when passed by Connaught a few times but didn't go in :( Wanna go one day and buy! Haven't try their red bean puff yet.. Nice kah? and I missed the "pan mee" that we used to eat during college days.. find one day wanna go have lunch there, then after to Tong Kee to get the tarts!

ai wei said...

wenching, i will buy some for you. hmmm... it is located at taman connaught and very near from my uni. after your exam, when i visit to your house, i will send some over. want? *keke*

Leng, i miss the 'pan mee' too! when are you free for it??? and we can blog on pan mee too since we have never write any post on it before. when for lunch??? really miss out old days in college and then 4 of us had pan mee together. let me know when ya~
and definately the red bean puff is nice. should try!

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