Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tykoh Inagiku, Menara Kuan Seng

Read on Sugar Bean made me wanna write a post on my friend, Wen Ching bought me a birthday dinner in this fine dining Japanese restaurant, Tykoh Inagiku. It was my first visit there on my birthday in January which was half year ago (aiks… so late only make this post).

This fine dining Japanese restaurant situated in Menara Kuan Seng which is just next to Starhill Gallery. And I agreed with Sugar Bean that this is really the best Japanese restaurant in KL. They provide fresh ingredients and mostly are aired from Japan.

The small square bowl contain fermented carrot (if not mistaken)

Here was the appetizer, fried oyster (sorry, I have no idea on its Japanese’s name for this dish) which was recommended by Wen Ching. First time trying out friend oyster and they were really juicy. Its juice spouted out once you bite on it. Thumb up for this dish.

This was Ishiyaki Kaisen Sanshoku, a combination of 3 types of seafood which are ikura (salmon roe), uni (sea urchin) and fish cooked with rice on a heated hot stone. [Stole from Sugar Bean] I love the ‘burnt’ rice because it was very crispy. And I myself loved that Uni a lot!

Here was the seafood udon with crab and fish and…. I can’t remember what it contained in this dish. Hehehe… the soup tasted fresh seafood and sweet.

Here was the dessert. The goma (black sesame) ice cream. This was the best goma ice cream I have ever tasted.

I was very happy with this meal. Look at this, whole table with mouth-watering dishes. we both were very full after the dinner. Thanks Wen Ching for such wonderful dinner. Thanks thanks. And it was such a memorable moment celebrating birthday with my best friend.


check out on Reviews:

Sugar Bean

p.s. I deno they offer green tea ice cream which topped with red beans. It looks yummy from the picture posted on sugar bean.


~Christine~Leng said...

hey:D pretty pics and nice post! Can bring me there next time?? the food looks great to m3!!

Sugar Bean said...

what system of quotation are u using? Harvard or oxford?? where is our blog address and the author's name? most importantly, where is your best friend's photo? she is not happy with that...

haha.. just kidding... thanks for using sugar bean name in your blog.

ai wei said...

leng, the food there are very fresh and taste great. it will be bit pricey but worth to spend on such good quality.

esiong, don't be mad at me lar. you should be happy i am promoting and advertising your sugar bean. you must thank me for that. kekeke. i never put up her pics cz hor... our pic together was low quality. hope you dun mind lo. anyway, i am still promoting sugar bean, okay?!~

Simon Seow said...

Hi, new to your blog. I think the building's name is Menara Kek Seng, not Kuan Seng. Correct me if I'm wrong. I used to park in this building if ever I was going to KL Plaza for my Japanese class on Saturday because after 1pm it's only per entry rate. (Of course have to walk a bit la)

Simon Seow said...

Sorry, it is spelled Keck Seng, not Kek Seng.

ai wei said...

hi, simon, thanks for dropping by. and i million thanks to you for correcting me. i have made such HUGE Mistake. aiks aiks

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