Friday, April 24, 2009

When mum is out of town 3: Steamboat

What is good for a cool rainy day?! STEAMBOAT will be my answer.

Eh??? This doesn’t seem like a place for steam boat?! Having Steamboat in the world of dim sum restaurant?! Yes, that’s true! Actually this restaurant is meant for dim sum (in the morning) and steamboat at night.

It is located quite a hidden place in Taman Bukit Anggerik / any Taman around there. I don’t exactly know the Taman in this area as there is a lot of Taman ‘mushrooms’ up.

Fried chicken wings as appetizer. They are well marinated. It’s so fingers licking good!

Me and 2 bros ordered a set for 2 which comprised the fish balls, dumplings, prawns, fish noodles, fried yam, crabstick, those other common ingredients for steamboat and lots of vegetables. The biggest surprise is, they serve fried yam sticks! That was my very first time having fried yam sticks in the big bowl of boiling soup. It tasted superb after soaking up the essence from the soup!



The next surprise --- the soup! 猪骨汤. This is the greatest steamboat broth I ever had. Usually those we get from others are spicy tom yum soup and the slightly seasoned water as their ‘soup’. The broth which is lightly seasoned with black pepper will definitely make you to go for more! Slurp!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bakerzin @ BV1

I must say, this was happened a year ago before 2 of the girls further their studies overseas.

It was a late but savory lunch for all three girls. They were tired but happy after the shopping. 3 of them smiling cheerfully with their ‘treasure’ hunted and carrier bags in both hands.

They then get their Seats in the air-conditioned café --- Bakerzin at Bangsar Village 1

Hot Chocolate with pretty arts

The frothy Iced Chocolate (RM8)

Mocha (RM8)

Mushroom Brushetta (RM 15) – big slice of French bread with lots of stirred-fried mushrooms + herbs. And there was the garden salad as side dish.

Aglio Olio Spaghetti with smoked salmon (RM 21) – the well-tossed spaghetti with olive oil and overflowing with smoked salmon slices.

After the main, Bakerzin’s fresh baked cakes were never a missed out.

New York Cheese Cake (RM 9.50) – the sinfully cheeselicious cheese cake

Chocolate Amer (RM 9.20) – the rich chocolaty cake just melted right between your palate and tongue.

Although this meal was quite costly, they enjoyed the once-a-while ‘splurge’ after the ‘heavy duty’ of shopping.

G5 Bangsar Village
No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Bahru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22828310
Fax: 03-22849606

Friday, April 10, 2009

When mum is out of town 2: Yaki-Yaki Japanese BBQ Buffet Restaurant

50% off! Excited e?!

We were super excited after reading this flyer and planned to dine in and try out their dinner. Right away, we called up for reservation. It was fully booked for the night but they do accept walk-ins. Hence, my family and I hurried down town in the evening to grab ourselves a table.

Yaki Yaki Japanese BBQ Buffet Restaurant is located in the heart of the golden triangle in Federal Bowl. In conjunction with their opening, they come up with this romotion: 50% discount on all buffet, lunch, hi tea, dinner and supper.
The promotion starts from 16 March and end on 30 April 2009.
Price (before discount): Lunch RM65++, Hi-Tea RM55++, Dinner RM75++, Supper RM65++

Inside yaki yaki Japanese BBQ Buffet Restaurant

Food wise, let’s have a look on what they served.


Due to the pre prepared, they are all cold.
The batter for tempura-ed prawn is thick. All of these are not to my liking. but still have to finish up after taking em.

A variety of sauces for the BBQ-ed food

Besides those raw materials from the serving counter, you can also order others like: beef belly, lamb belly, scallops, unagi… from the menu. It is quite caring that they put up the required grilling time for each of them. But… never really depends on it. It is just the suggestion timing for the food to be cooked. You have to depend on the availability of charcoal and fire/flame as well.

Others from the serving bars/counters

Among all, the flavourful spaghetti and the chawan mushi are the best for that night.

Desserts: gelatomio.

I wondered if the freezer is working right.
On the left, the ice creams are very soft and moist. On the right, the ice creams are super hard for a single scoop.

Yaki-Yaki is mainly focused on the BBQ, that’s why they named as BBQ Buffet Restaurant. Be aware of the BBQ smell once u have finished your meal and stepped you feet out of this place.

Namely for Japanese BBQ, I don’t feel any Japanese-style in this place (besides the decoration, maybe). Most of their dishes are made to suit local people. The range is limited and I don’t quite like the raw material they served. The materials are not really fresh. Moreover the sizes for the material are small. My dad kept complaining that the oysters are very very small in size as compared to Jogoya or Tenji. What’s more I could say?! There is nothing to shout out about and there still lenity of rooooooomssss for improvement!

Yaki-Yaki Japanese BBQ Buffet Restaurant
Ground floor, Federal Bowl,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21428111
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