Sunday, August 28, 2005


Everyone is busy
But me
The only one who is
Sitting here
Waiting for the lunch time to arrive

Stomach not hungry at all
Might be the full breakfast
This morning

Two pieces of bread
With strawberry jam
A big bowl of warm mix bean soup
A handful of corn chips
Two handful of chocolate muesli

All are my favourite
How large the stomach I have?!

25 August 2005

Monday, August 22, 2005

Down to boredom

There is a LONG pause in my world.
Nobody talk to me
Nobody message me
I just feel very bored
In the office

Have been doing all these same tasks
For weeks
Same kind of days
Same kind of life
Same kind of routine

Feeling kind of tired
Nobody ever listen to me
Nobody ever can talk to me
I am very quiet sitting here doing my stuff
In the office

I can hear only the pen noising
I can hear only my finger tapping
I can hear only the radio singing
In the office

I am now waiting for the lunch break
After lunch
I will wait for time to go home

The next day will be having the same routine


August 22, 2005

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Printer = dumb

Yeah, right now is about quarter to four in the afternoon. I’m sitting in front of my laptop in the office typing this post now. I’ve been here for the whole day doing calculation and printing bills. Kind of tired. However, there is no other choice for me not to do them. If I want to get my day of salary, I’ve got to do everything.

Printing. Hate it!!! That HP deskjet 3650 printer acted stupidly. Already 2 times, the paper stuck when printing. I had to open up the cover and try to pull the paper out. Hard. The printer jams all the time. When I can’t just pull out the printer, I have to use the scissors or a pen to poke it or try to tore the papers into pieces. Arghh… whatever.

Besides that, I have done a lot of mistake today. Might be the rainy day causes me. Oh, no way, I shouldn’t blame the weather. It was my entire fault for not concentrated in doing things. What can I do?! Tomorrow, my result is going to release. I really never think of it. Do I ever think of that? Okay, I admit, sometimes. But I will only spare my free time or lunch time or the time visiting the toilet thinking about what a will get for my result.

Just hope for all the best tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Whoops. It has been a long time since my last post. Sorry, guess I don’t have spare time for blogging since I started working. Life is tough. Working might be fun sometimes, but sometimes it’s not. You really need to concentrate when doing things. Well, I am not, all the time. Sitting in the office from morning till evening causes me back pain. The room is cold. Luckily there is the radio. All of us are listening to Wah FM everyday. Everyday my aunt and I are the last to step our feet out from the office. She is really a workaholic. Once reach home, its already time for dinner. Then rest or watch TV. And then sleep as early as possible because the next day I have to wake up very early. Normally I will wake up before 7am.

Today might be a tough day for me. I woke up by 6.45am in the morning. Took a bath, changed and then went downstairs to take my breakfast. GREAT! Today my breakfast was crunchy chocolate muesli with milk. Cereal is my favourite. I can’t live without it. However, my family does not really like muesli.

Okay, then I waited for my aunt to take me. She was early today, so we reached her office by 8.15am. Once I sat at my place, I took out all my files. AND start working, right. Yesterday my new laptop was arrived. Oh, please correct me, not mine; it’s the company’s property. Today, I am going to start using this laptop. It is Acer Aspire 3003NLCi series laptop coloured in silver. It has 15.o” XGA TFT LCD, 40GB HDD, DVD/CD-RW Combo, 256MB DDR, 802.11b/g wireless LAN…

Whatever… I just don’t know what they are.

First of all, I had to do billing. And print the bills later. Phew. It really takes me some times to get used with this laptop. Wahahaha… this is the first time I am using the laptop. The keyboard was really soft. And it’s soundless. Just does not look like mine at home. I think I am going to ask my dad to get me one of this. 2K plus plus. Do you think he’ll get it for me?

Actually now is already lunch time. I am waiting for them to take out the lunch from food stalls. I am very hungry now as I can hear my stomach ‘grrrriiiiii… grooooo…’ all the time. Foods… where are you?!

Lunch is here. Got to go!

P.S. I’ve steal some time when I was working to compose. Already face the comp for the whole morning. Feeling very dizzy now…

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A busy Monday

I did not really want to wake up today. What to do?! I needed to get up to work. After showering, I felt fresh. Took my breakfast and waited for my aunt to take me in the morning. Every day my aunt will offer me a ride together so I can save my toll fare and petrol. Besides, sometimes I can take a small sleep in her car.

Today I didn’t get to sleep because aunt kept on talking to me on the way to the office. Hmmm… I got very fresh when I reached the office. Well greeted by the dogs in my aunt’s office. Yucks! I hate it. They licked me! Luckily I wore pants today.

As usual, every morning I will have to ask my manager or seniors what can I do? My manager asked me to sit first. After 10 minutes, she brought out a very big box and took out a pile of papers from it. I guess it was about 7cm thick. My senior asked me to fill in the forms. I have to fill in the particulars of the customers such as IC no. and address. That’s easy! I know I can do it nice and fast. Erm… there were about 75++ pieces. I wrote and filled. After an hour, my senior came and looked at what I’ve done. Then, she took out piles of papers and pointed to the box and said, you’ve got to fill all of the papers in the box. Oh my God! All together I have about 400 pieces of papers!!! Luckily my senior passed about 100pieces of papers to my other colleague.

Okay, fine. I sit at my place from 8.40am till 1pm. Arghh… hungry! Then only I realized it was already lunch hour. I waited for my colleague to buy food from food stall so I continued to do my things. Filled the forms and filled the forms. Right hand was tired and fingers were pain. 1.40pm. finally my lunch was back to the office. I hurried to the kitchen and grabbed it and ate. I used about 10 minutes to finish it. After that I just rushed back to my place and continue my works. About 4pm, suddenly I felt sleepy and fall asleep accidentally. Just on my desk! Aiks… hope everyone never realized that I was taking a nap there. 4.20pm. woke up. Feeling fresh and then continue to do my task.

It was 5.30pm. Hmmm… glad that I already finished about 225pieces. And it’s 5.30pm now. Office hours ended! Just at that time, the manager from other department came to my place and just had a look. He just said, ‘wrong wrong wrong!’ I was stunt. Did that mean I have filled something wrong? Then he explained to me that I need to fill in the original forms but not the photocopy forms. Now you see I have to redo all over again tomorrow. REDO!!! I have used up hours and hours to fill them up and already finished almost 75percents. Tomorrow I have to re-check and re-do those with the unoriginal copy of forms. I have wasted up my time and energy for today’s works. Don’t know how it would look like tomorrow.

Just hope it will be a pretty day.

Another day passed. Think I need to brush up right now, if I want to get a cool fresh look tomorrow morning. Night~

Thursday, August 04, 2005

My first day of working

Today is my first day of working. I’m working in an office as a clerk. My working hour is from 8.30am to 5.30pm. In between, there is an hour of lunch break.

I have no working experience at all. And this is going to be my very first job. And this time, I will try to gain as much experience as I can. What have I done on my very first day?! Firstly, I was given 2 thick files to separate out the bills accordingly the date and rearranged them again accordingly to the amount. I thought they were easy. However, they took me 5 hours to finish all! I was also given a copy of paper and to calculated the amounts and filled it. God, I did many mistakes and used the correction pen all over the papers. Sigh… The copy needed to be passed up. My manager just looked at them and smiled sheepishly. I was then given a very BIG file again. Well, I had to check at all the price one by one. Well, that’s the easiest thing for me. The hardest thing of all will be the photocopy machine. It took me times to deal with it. Iksss… that’s tough. People as clumsy and dumb like me really need some times to deal with it. I am still learning to use it.

Aiks… I still have to work out with the file and billing tomorrow. Think it will be a tough day tomorrow. Think it positive! Weekends is coming soon! There will be time for me to hang out with my best friends and take some rest!

P.S: might be my posture problem when sitting, I am suffering from back pain all the time. Sigh…

Tuesday, August 02, 2005






Quoted from
Pourquoi 布瓜的世界
幾米 作品精選集

Monday, August 01, 2005







為什麼覺得 “難過” ﹐

“難過” 也可以是一種

我真的很“難過” ﹐


Quoted from
Pourquoi 布瓜的世界
幾米 作品精選集






Quoted from
Pourquoi 布瓜的世界

幾米 作品精選集
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