Sunday, July 29, 2007

Late Lunch at McD, Connaught

It was another late lunch again in McD. I have been craving for McD since yesterday but my brothers didn’t want to have it with me. So, I will just have to suppress myself from it for a day.

Happily and walking dancingly into McD outlet at Taman Connaught. I have read about the advertisement that they are offering 4 types of sauce for Chicken McNuggets. Gonna try that out.

Brother wanted a set of chicken nuggets McValue set with lemon tango and sweet mustard sauces. Thought of having a healthy meal, instead of filet-o-fish with fried fillet, I opted for country grilled chicken burger and soyabean without ice. (Ahem… fast food is never a healthy food; this is just to comfort myself). Someone really made me frustrated --- the cashier. I ordered only a burger but she sent up 3 burgers. Then I had to tell her again and again on my order. Geramnya. Besides, I wanted a soyabean without ice; she gave me the one with ice!!! I was speaking slowly, loudly and clearly in English. Didn’t she understand me?! She never carried a smile when served me. I thought they are supposed to smile and greet every customer before taking order?! haih~ never mind, I would just carry on with my lunch and never wanted it to affect my mood.

chicken McNuggets

My brother likes the Sweet mustard sauce in yellow while I prefer the lemon tango.

drinks and fries

my country grilled chicken burger.

There is nothing much special on fast food. They are just the normal fast food with high content of fats and carbohydrate, high amount of sugar in the drinks. As conclusion, nobody can resist fast food though knowing that it is not so good but still yummy to fill up your stomach :P


Sugar Bean said...

haha, yeah, it's true that fast food is not healthy. but well, you can still have it once in a while. and mcd is one of my all time favourite fast food restaurant. btw, finally u're posting on ur regular speed again!! haha!!

~Christine~Leng said...

McD? Don't eat too much ya! hehe... although fast foods are not on the healthy dietary list but we just can't seem to resist the temptation right? remember that we used to have McD at Leisure? O.. it's good.

Anonymous said...

ai ya dun care u eat how mnay fast food BUT eating at connought n without asking me out is already a big sin GRRRRrr

ai wei said...

wenching & esiong, aiks... it's early of august now and i have got nothing more to post. aiks aiks. the food you posted looks delicious lerrrrrrrr! add oil in your exam ya!~ after ur exam i m going to drag you out makan with me.

leng, can't forget those days while we were studying in college, every week sure had fast food as lunch and then had 'meeting' at McD. real fun. miss all the old days a lot. khee coming back soon. counting down for her now. hehehe. 30days left. ^^

aiyo francis. not dun wan to call you out. i brought my brother for very late lunch ma. next time we 'yum cha' again! k?!

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