Friday, July 27, 2007

Lim Kee Pan Mee restaurant, Taman Taynton

I don’t normally take noodles or mee as my breakfast. Usually I will have bread or biscuit or cake paired up with a glass of milk or coffee. I woke up a bit late this morning (about 10am) as I had afternoon class today. With an empty stomach, I asked my dad what’s for today ‘breakfast’. He, my dad, who is the noodles aka mee fans suggested the pan mee in this taman, Lim Kee Pan Mee at Taman Taynton. That was going to be breakfast for my dad and brunch for me.

This pan mee stall tauke has opened up this stall for erm… 2 or 3years?! And lately he has just shifted from the stall to a shop opposite his previous stall. The thing is, can you believe today is my very first time to pay a visit here?! While my parents have been visiting there for countless times. Can’t believe right?! Well, as I told you, I don’t take mee as breakfast but my dad loves to.

There were minced pork, ikan bilis, mushroom and vegetable. This was a very flavourful bowl of mee at Rm 3.50.

actually, I didn’t put high expectation on it at first. However things went out of expectation cz I found that the pan mee (noodles) was very smooth and the soup was so flavourful! *Claps Claps* I couldn’t believe myself finished up the bowl til the last drops. I love this. The owner claimed that the mee was handmade by them. There are 2 types, round and the flat mee while I opted for the flat one.

Besides pan mee, they also offer dumplings and my dad’s favourite, pork mee. He always orders it (but I didn’t take any pic on pork mee cz… you know… he will be mad at me on picturing food on this ‘early’ morning).


~Christine~Leng said...

pan mee also! HAHA.. we're so ngam.. really gal! looks nice.. the one i blogged about in Klang is also very deeelicious! Broth..thumbs up!

Sugar Bean said...

hey, the pan mee looks very nice!! i'm starving to death looking at your photos. again, love malaysian food!

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