Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sky Bar, Traders Hotel

It was another hang out again with my two best friends on last Friday. It was a simple met up but hang out in a bar was our very first time experience together. We have known each other for 15 years. (Well, gals, we still have not come out with the celebration for our 15yrs friendship. Let’s come out with something, okay?)

SkyBar is located at Level 33 at Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur which is very much similar to Luna Bar which housed an indoor-type swimming pool. The difference is that, when you are in Luna Bar, you can see the KL Tower clearly. When you are in SkyBar, you can see the Petronas twin towers from the seats by windows. The night view of KL is fantastic with the lighted up of skyscrapers buildings. I am totally in love with this place.

I picked up Ting Fang and followed the Sugar Bean couple, Wen Ching and Yee Siong at the back. We arrived at Traders Hotel quite early (8pm) as Wen Ching was afraid of ‘no seat’ (we failed to reserve the seats a day ago). Thanks to smart tunnel too as it leaded us from the congested traffic.

*Tink Tink*
Here we were up to Level 33 where SkyBar located in the elevator. (why were we laughing at that time?)

Indoor Swimming pool

Menu in bright pink.

The cozy and comfortable seats overviewed the Twin Towers and night view of KL.

Lighted up --- Petronas twin Tower --- Pride of Malaysia.

Singapore Sling for me, Strawberry smoothies for Ting Fang (as she doesn’t take alcohol), Kiwi Rush for Wen Ching, 2 Heineken for Yee Siong’s friend (sorry, e-siong, I have forgotten ur friend’s name) and a-dunno-what-drink for Yee Siong (sorry as well, I can’t remember the name of your drink). There was a plate of snack (peanuts and garlic-wasabi peas) in the middle. Ting Fang claimed that her Strawberry smoothie was too sweet. As for our cocktails, we found no layers of colour tones.

Prost (cheers in German) to our friendship~

P.S. specially thanks to Yee Siong (one of the authors cum designers for Sugar Bean) for jadi our photographer.


Sugar Bean said...

wah, i think u're posting daily. anyway, nice photos. we'll blog on sky bar soon but gonna post other stuff first.

yup, gonna think of what we're going to do with our 15 years celebration. keke!! so happy thinking of it. :)

~Christine~Leng said...

nice place nice place. have to say this! sitting by the windows, enjoying KL's night view, drink, chat.....take pictures...Ah! this is life! I plan to go there with Chris and my bro soon. Will ask you for directions ya!

ai wei said...

ching, i am not fast ler, my fren, leng also posts very fast. looking forwards your new post! what are you going to write next?! as for the celebration, i think we will have to wait til after your exam ler... then we come out with something. maybe we can cook ourselves a meal or something?! also, we can hit some bars in bangsar or hartamas area.

leng, skybar is indeed a nice place. but the place a bit too warm. *sweat sweat* no worry, i can tell you for the direction. simple and easy. hehe. KL view very nice!~

Anonymous said...

nice photos, wei! hmmm...a potential photographer indeed! haha...

yea let's do sth special for our, ahem, "15th anniversary"...haha...let's wait patiently for chingie's exam to finish!!

miss u guys~~

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