Monday, September 01, 2008

Dain Ti Hill @ Pavillion KL

Test and exam are killing.
Assignments are heart-stabbing.
Reports are troubling.
Lecture notes and books are distressing.

The only thing,
Food -
My best remedy.

That day,
I, with my best coupled-friend, Sugar Bean
In a sudden urge,
Wish for something luxury but inexpensive
Somewhere we could sit back and relax
Somewhere we could lavishly eat but pay less.

And, we hopped over to Dain Ti Hill 代官山 at Pavillion KL.

Sure you would react so…
Dain Ti Hill at Pavillion KL wor?!

That’s the answer from me.
Because, one of them holding the Citibank card.
Hence, we can enjoy a sumptuousness meal at 50% off. [thanks, WenChing]
(hmmm, I am not sure it is valid until when.)

Dain Ti Hill is glamorously decorated in magnificence way that is very attractive. And it could really draw your heart to pay another visit.


and classy

Oat milk drink 胚芽奶茶 is something healthy with oats to decrease your cholesterol level.

Raspberry milk drink is smooth, sourish and milky but very filling.

With a large bowl of white rice with black sesame, we had…

Potato pumpkin salad 金瓜薯泥 as our appetizer. It is slightly fusion in western and Japanese. The well-mashed pumpkin mixed with lots of ebikko (roe) and served cold. Ahhh, this is something unforgettable.

Sautéed prawn and mixed fruits is the light and heart-chilling with lots of fruits such as honey dew, strawberries, and avocados.

Baked bean curd with wild fungus 野菌焗豆腐 was very cheesy-licious, creamy but very filling. Well, we still manage to finish up everything.

Steam pork meat with spinach sauce 翡翠狮子头 was a big “NO NO” to us! It was quite bland and more on the salty side. The round big Steam pork meat with greenish spinach sauce was not appealing. Glad that Esiong’d tried to ‘finish’ them.

Full Full FULL!

We were too full to move! To speed up the digestion, we then had a set of health vinegar to induce the enzyme activity and boost up our digestion.

Ahhh, the best concentrated health vinegar I ever had. Slowly diluted it with ice cubes and had it sips by sips. Yum~

Dain Ti Hill 代官山
Lot 6.01.05, 6th Floor,
Pavilion KL,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21456628
Business hours: 11am to 10pm daily.


choi yen said...

tend to try this 50% discount promotion~ quite worth izzit?

Jimmy Tham said...

boo~ sien leh~ exam in T-2 hours time.. =_=" kesian ni..

that restaurant, tried it before.. the dim sum is just so so.. compare to the 1 at the mines beach resort =)

the geoduck was something special, went there with my parents and gave it a try.. something new to me.

food wise.. =\ give it 65.. just so so

i wan to eat msian foods~ tried mamak here last week.. the nasi lemak is kanasai.. but the murtabak was good.. surprisingly, my flatmates made us pandan kaya.. taste of home.. the cibai commercial pandan kaya out there tastes more like pre mix dough with coloring for me.. ripped off..

oi~ come sydney.. i bring u around.. return ticket to melb is only rm1200 for travel between nov n jan.. come la.. dun so kiam siap.. land of beer n beef pie

ai wei said...

ya, it's worth with 50% discount o!

ai wei said...

jimmy tham,
aiks... beef is not for me but beer definately okay. return ticket only rm 1200? eh, how come so cheap geh? aiks... no money ler... still saving up. but then i tot u are coming back to msia in that time?!

miss msian food?! okay, i will try posting up some to solve ur craving. ^^

cheer up and have fun in sydney~

J2Kfm said...

50%?!!! on everything in the menu?
must eat a minimum of how much?
wow, I'm tempted.

for I've glanced at the glass display of mock items from outside, and somehow the price was deterring ... RM15 for a bowl of Mango Ice sounds absurd eh?

ai wei said...

ya, provided that if you are the Citibank cardholder. they are having promotion for citibank cardholders at 50% off. but i am not sure when the promation ends.

do prepare urself when u are there at lunch time o dinner time. you may have to wait for some times to get seated. Crowded ler...

honestly, it is quite expansive without discount lor. i think no min charges gua... kekeke

ling239 said...

Sautéed prawn and mixed fruits looks exciting....^_^

Jimmy Tham said...

=) air asia x is flying to melb.. promo price ma.

that was the price i got the last time i checked, which was last week..

come la.. come here.. bring u go nudist beach.. bring dred along.. i m sure his man boobs will be nowhere smaller than our caucasian counterpart here.. lol

come la.. 1.2k aje.. u can do it..

mana tau.. lol mayb i fly to shanghai 1st =) spend cny there... buah hahaha~

LianneK said...

good idea for digestion but how does the health vinegar taste like? is it nice?

ai wei said...

the Sautéed prawn and mixed fruits is kinda refreshing.i dare say the mix fruits are the main character in this dish.

Jimmy Tham,

... 1.2k ler... i am not printing money. this year end really can't.

flying off to Shanghai?! does that mean.....?!?!?! is that true?!

health vineger tastes a lil' sweet but more on sourish side. best after diluted with soem ice cubes. maybe the type they served is the concentrated type. they do have another type which are mixed with fruit juice.

Anonymous said...

sobs..din ask me along..must meet up when christine is back ok?

HairyBerry said...

i like their pumpkin salad...with a chocolate mousse texture...and a rich potato flavour! yummy!

Anonymous said...

until when...but i only bac to malaysia end of November...

ai wei said...

yaya, we must meet up when christine is back. but then not sure if she will be free to meet up ler.

nic (khkl),
yaya, the pumpkin potato the best! it is more like a desserts than an appetizer to me. that is so irresistable!

emmm... i am unsure when wor. sorry bout that. but do have a try. some of the dishes are really good and new!!!

Christina Kim said...

Woww...i like the sauteed prawns with fresh fruits!!:D

Shell (貝殼) said...

wah~~50%!!!! must fast fast go apply citibank card^^

ai wei said...

yeah, i like it too. this is quite refreshing. mayb can try doing it at home :)

kekeke, also can get lots of privillege!~

Phooi Fun said...

heng! the bad Sugar Bean din bring me ter with the Citibank credit card!!! :(

Simon Seow said...

I had oat milk tea back in 1998 when I was in Hong Kong. Have to go here and try again and see if it's the same with the Hong Kong one. lol

yammylicious said...

eww. im back!!! i love citibank alot now!! lots of restaurants got 50% for itibank card holder!! weeeeeee

ai wei said...

phooi fun,
how can that be?! if she dun bring, threaten her to pay for the meal lo. hahaha
sad sad, she is leaving to uk soon. sobz

simon seow,
yerrr... hk's oat milk tea must be superb!
that was my first time trying on the oat milk tea. okay gua. but unsure if compared to others

welcome back!!!
yeah, lots of Privileges e... too bad i m not a member of it. sigh

Jason said...

I can't seem can find it... where is it located ar?

ai wei said...

errr... location... i dun exactly remember where it is. if you found padini concept store, just use the elevator up till the top level. that's where wong kok char chan teng and dain ti hill located.

Anonymous said...

Wow the food looks extremely good! I like how they present the potato pumpkin salad, looks irresistible alright

Sugar Bean said...

OMG, 1 year later only i post a comment for u. and 1 year later only i realise phooi fun said i din bring her go, and 1 year later only i realised u said i'll pay for the bill. haha!! walao, u both arrrr!! so funny la. okok, next time come back go together. hope they have the discount again. haha!

ai wei said...

ya, the potato pumpkim salad is seriously irresistable!!! i still remember how it tastes!

sugar bean,
huh, geng lar u. now only u put a comment for me.
hehe, so, u know what to do next time lar. is the citibank card still with you? wanna enjoy all these privillege!!!~

Sugar Bean said...

Nononono, i dont have the card with me already. wahahahaha! dont wanna get myself in a mess. that phooi fun and u also, bad bad bad!! :P haha!

just kidding. cant wait to be back!

ai wei said...

sugar bean,

u dun have the card with u???! are u sure??? hahaha

nvm, sure u have once u are back in KL


miss u guys a lot!

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