Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yum Cha at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Leisure Mall

It was last Friday night, a small gathering night (yum cha cum supper) with my secondary gang. Dare not to turn them down as I have dragged the yum cha + ing issue for quite some times. Sparing some times with friends are fun and worth. It has been a long time we have no small gathering after some guys went back to Australia. When was our last time d?! I can’t really remember~

Here we were last Friday in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Leisure Mall. The weather was very cold after the downpour late evening and I was freezing though I have put on my jacket. To my amaze, the place was rather occupied when we stepped in. it was already 10pm and people were there having their dinner?! We took some times to squeeze ourselves in 2-square-joined-table. 5 of us (me, yan, ken, ah dred and yee meng) reached first then the other 3 (kah chun, wye n gf) arrived. The latest who dropped by was Francis (an hour later). We got another table joined after some times cz the place was very pack!

Yam milk shake tasted good and creamy.

I wanted a dessert and had Mango honeydew low priced at Rm 6.90. yan took the same too. Sadly, it tasted like cough syrup, very less mango and honeydew cubes and very much different from the one I had before in Kim Gary. The whole thing was awful. Every spoonful I had, I was getting colder and colder in me.


Jap jap (a cute name) tasted like lychee was nice but too sweet to my liking.

French toast priced at Rm 4.20 which was very flavourful with peanut butter. My friends love this very much and is a must order dish every time they visit here.

Very creamy and buttery taste of French toast.

Ice cream peanut butter thick toast

Hot milk tea came in a huge cup. Not bad, at least they increase the serving size.
Iced milk tea.

As for this --- 冰镇奶茶, I have no idea what is it called in English. It was the milk tea cooled with a bowl of ice. I guess this was nice as kah chun, wye and his gf had this.


~Christine~Leng said...

ai wei aiwei~~ so fast posted blog already. Frankly speaking.. Ur photographing skills improved day by day! Nice shots and angles captured is perfect! haha... keep it up. Must learn from you dy! I love the yam milk shake! a must order for me if i'm at wong kok!

Anonymous said...

ai wei y u keep promoting food no promote me geh!!~
im also yummmmy woot^^*
Bydaway im sry dat day for coming late n left da earliest lol xD

Sugar Bean said...

hey,. the ice cream peanut butter thick toast looks so nice!! it's been a long time since i last been there. anyway, i still like hong kong char chan teng style restaurant a lot!!

ai wei said...

thanks leng, haih... i still need to improve my skill. still very very 'cha' larrr... hehe, yeah, i tried the yam milk shake. it was really nice and very creamy~ love it.

francis, do you really want me to promote you up here??? kekeke. sure got lots rampas+ing you. if really want then i will POST you PIC o

wenching&esiong, HK char chan teng nice right? always love their milk tea. when wanna go? we can hit the place together~

Anonymous said...

Has read a lot from food blog regarding Wong Kok but none of them recommend Rice in Superior Soup with Minced Meat & Dried Oyster 蚝干肉碎汤饭. I think this one should not be missed when dining there

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