Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Marmalade café, Bangsar Village 2

It took me quite some times to think of how to start writing on this because there was a little ‘unhappy’ incidence happened in this dining place that day. >.< alright, let’s not think of that, back on food and just focus on to write.

Once again, we went to Bangsar Village 2 the day after our visit to Sakae Sushi. Well, I have been crazy about the pieces of delicious tempting desserts displayed on the rack in a café after our lunch (in Sakae Sushi). However, my stomach was stuffed up at that time. I have been thinking for the cakes for a whole night. So, I messaged Wen Ching to go for a lunch with me. She just simply agreed to go with me to fill up my desire. Thanks a lot, Ching. ^.^

Arrived before lunch hour

They are doing really good business. See, at lunch time this restaurant is packed up.

Having our lunch in this Marmalade café was a great experience. We got to sit back and relax with book of magazines provided while enjoying the hearty meal. Besides that, this café serves really good food. Greeny, simply delicious and the best part is healthy! Most of their main course added with …erm…. I dunno what they are but ‘grass’ according to Wen Ching.

At First, Wen Ching wanted a main dish while I could just have the dessert as my lunch. But then we both shared the dishes as they came in a large serving and yet delicious.

Spaghetti fungi

That’s the plate we could only choose because both their carbonara and Bolognese cooked with beef. This spaghetti fungi was very huge in serving and there were mushrooms, spinach, some kind of nuts/ beans which were very nice… every bits were so flavourful and creamy and I like the ‘broth’? The ‘broth’ tasted a little sourish which was quite appetizing.

Oreo Cheesecake

This creamy piece of Oreo Cheese which was just Rm 9. How can I miss it out?! Well, I was cracking my head to choose between apple crumble, blueberry yogurt cake, and this, Oreo cheesecake. There were so many I would like to try!!!

I wanted a homemade apple mint tea (wondering how homemade were their tea) but they didn’t have it on that day so I chose this Mochaccino which was okay but tasted almost the same like milo?! Well, at least Its look was a nice one.

I would return for more dessert. They are having the tea time special from 3pm to 6pm at Rm 13++ for a piece of cake (excluded tiramisu in cup) and a beverage (coffee or tea). But of course I need accompanies. Ching or Leng or anyone interested for desserts or main course??? Aiks, hope that the not-so-happy incidence will not happen again.


~Christine~Leng said...

what happened dear ai wei? what incidence that got you down? btw.. this place looks comforting! love the "whitish" and bright environment. So... when are we hanging out again? Thursday ok? em..I prefer this week cos I'll be busy next week :( where where? :P

Sugar Bean said...

i dont think it's a good idea taking photos in that restaurant anymore. better avoid that from happening again. anyway, the oreo cheesecake is just SO good! i still remember the taste so well. cant wait to taste that again!!

btw, i did not say that that was grass lar... i said that was alfalfa lar, and it tasted like grass. haha! anyway, that is a really healthy food!

ai wei said...

leng~ the white coloru back ground in this cafe give a warm, cozy, bright, neat and comfy environment to dine in. it's really worth to come and have a cuppa. besides, their cakes are really good! let's find a day to go over~ hehe

wenching~ that cake nice hor?! love it. we shall try others next time. by the way, i can 'bermuka tebal' to do that again. kekeke, dun worry lar~
you'd said it tasted like grass ma, so... it's grass! hahaha. i do like it cz it's really healthy~ yummy

Live longer said...

If you don't mind, may we know why it's better not to take pictures at that restaurant? Did they not allow it?

ai wei said...

Live Longer,
yeah, the very first time i was there, they did not allow me to take the photos.

but the second time i was there for a birthday celebration, they never say no to our photo shooting.

so, just try ur luck :)

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