Monday, October 19, 2009

Colourful Pan Mee @ Lin Chin, Serdang

I love colourful stuff, especially colours in well harmonic combination. Besides fresh ingredients, smell and scent; colour plays a very important role in boosting your appetite. Moreover, with colourful food, you can brighten up your day; blow off the blue clouds that bubble above your head.


One morning, I freshed up my day with a bowl of colourful noodles. Yep, a huge bowl of colourful Pan Mee with both Chris and Christine. This sweet couple brought me over to Lin Chin, a few blocks away from the church in Serdang village, in one of the busiest lorongs. We took a hard time for parking.

Pan Mee comes in various colours. You may ask, are they made from artificial colorants? No… they are made of juices of blended fresh vege.


Opt for
White – for the original normal version
Green – from Spinach
Purple – from Sweet Potato
Yellow – from Pumpkin
Orange – from capsicum


I am a pumpkin lover so I had a bowl of yellow Pan Mee.


The broth was clear, light and flavourful. Love this hot soupy broth together with my Pan Mee.


She had the Purple colour.


I find the texture for Purple Pan Mee was softer than my yellow one.


He had the Wantan Mee.

Get bored with Pan Mee or Wantan Mee, you can try their Curry Mee, Nasi Lemak, Tomyum Seafood Noodles, and Fishcake Noodles…… etc.

And so, I have started my day with colourful food. Have you?!

More reviews at Chris&Chrsitine’s page


Swee San said...

wao.. this is nice!! would like to try but SO SO far away T___T

J2Kfm said...

sure brought a smile to one's face.
reminiscence of childhood days .... playdoh.

ck lam said...

Sure is creative, using many types of vegetables. I have only tried the spinach ones so far.

minchow said...

I love the veg-infused noodles... makes me feel like I've gotten more of the 3+2 requirement, even though it's not necessarily true!

Pam said...

wah... so colourful! I have tried carrot and spinach flavoured pan mee only. There is a stall in Taiping selling very good pan mee. Looks like yours is more tasty, plus the presentation...

ai wei said...

swee san,
hmmm, maybe next time while you are here in cheras or serdang area? :)

ya hor... playdoh. this reminds me about old times, playing playdoh and mix and match the colourful dough together :P hah, wonder where i store my playdoh. need to bring them out from the store room :)

ck lam,
hehe, can try them while you are travelling in KL again :)

550ml jar of faith,
veg infused noodles seems healthy, don't you think so???

tarts and pies,
there are carrots too? i havent try something like that before.
sounds like there are a lot of great food in taiping. my friends have nudged me to go taiping with them!!!

xin said...

hmmm did it make any diff in taste?

ai wei said...

hmmm, not really.
but the texture, yes :)

kampungboycitygal said...

wah *pout and kicking my legs* i also want

Bangsar-bAbE said...

So intereseting! Can I have all the flavours in one bowl? greedy! =P

ai wei said...

datang SK lagi :P
that was the day after kin shui tei's night. i went brunch with double C :)

bangsar babe,
hmmm, i think can gua. hehehe... can ask them to mix every color together

New Kid on the Blog said...

first time seeing such colourful pan mee... :)

trenddude said...

nice one.the pan mee

Dora said...

This is the 1st time I came across the colorful Pan Mee. I guess I don't have the gut to try although u said it's made from the veggie/melon's juices, hehehe...

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Wah, amazing, my 1st time see a colourful pan mee, but this place is too far for me to give it a try, maybe I should cook it at home.

Simon Seow said...

Got map? There's a lot of good food in Serdang New Village, I saw in Ho Chiak got a very old school Cantonese fried mee hoon there.

email2me said...

Why don't you order a bowl of rainbow colored ? XD It is even more fun.

ai wei said...

new kid on the blog,
:) me too me too. last time i thought there were only the spinach one...

yep and they are good too!

hmmm? you dislike pan mee? or noodles? or those color? they taste the same as noodles :). so, not to worry. go for a try :)))

ai wei said...

yaya, must be very far from your place. you can always knead the dough and cook this at home. i am sure it's as easy as ABC for you :P
can;t wait to try your scones!

simon seow,
map ar... will try my best to figure it out ar. ehehehe... or look for chris and christine, they are the human map in SK :P

ya hor... din think about that :)

khengsiong said...

Purple pan mee is kinda weird...

Rebecca Saw said...

ohh..i love those veg/fruit infused stuffs!
Didnt think tht SK soo "modern" got these kind of innovative food. U knw la..we think them so kampung one... ;p

~Christine~Leng said...

the purple one still remain my fave! yum yum.. come SK again dear. Bring u go eat peppery soup and fa diu chicken :) then at night we go lek lek. remedy to destress!

Taufulou said...

so colourfull eh loh, the noodle..
1st time see it.

ai wei said...

thanks for dropping by :)
hmmm, they are quite yummy actually, can have a try :)

hahaha, now SK quite modern and 'in' lor :P besides, this area has a lot of great yummy food!
and this vege/fruits indused noodles seems healthy, right ? :P

wahhhh... all yummy food. i wan!!! let's go!!! slurp slurp

hehe, have a try if you happened to drop by at SK :)

ling239 said...

there is also a shop selling colorful pan mee at Seapark... but the orange is carrot not capsicum ^_^

Meng Keat said...

where is this? Serdang New Village? Next time include me since this I live around here. Hv u try pan mee with hot chili?

allie said...

I love pan mee so much. But too bad, Penang don't have such a variety of pan mee. :(

squall said...

look beautiful and attractive those pan mee...i wan try pumpkin 1...

ai wei said...

oh, really? seapark also has this kind of pan mee? the carrot one, do they hav the carrot taste?? :)

ohh... you are staying in serdang area? :) yep, i have tried those hot chilli pan mee before. in my list, the one from connaught is the nicest :)

penang dun have? nvm, come to KL :)
but penang has great assam laksa and char kuey teow and tam bun piah...

nice hor??? and the sweet potato also yummy, the texture is softer. have a try too!

Anonymous said...

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