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Chawan @ Bangsar

August 06, 2009

The 2 best-ies of mine Christine and theSUGAR are back to KL. Guess their taste buds are already numbed after being fed with bread, western food, cereals, potatoes, bun… for a long time in the land of English.

Both of them are back with missions. They want real local delicious cuisines.

I decided a new place for us --- Chawan at Bangsar for Malaysian local cuisine and a get together chit chatting.

The partial-opened-space restaurant was a bad idea for us. The weather was kinda warm that day. We sweated a little while enjoying our meal.

We had

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang priced at RM 9.90

Asam Laksa (RM 9.90)

Curry Laksa (RM 9.90)

Both the Nasi Lemak and Curry Laksa were good. As for the Asam Laksa, it was just so-so. All of us agree that it is really hard to find a good assam laksa in KL.

Never forget to try out their coffee. This is a place where you can try out all the best and famous coffee(s) from all states in Malaysia. I chose a cup of Kopi Kemaman which is the Terengganu all time classic signature coffee. It is buttery brewed with a subtle cocoa flavour and milk.

They never missed out the Malaysia’s Limau Ais and Teh-O-Limau Panas.

View more at Christine’s page.


Unknown said...

delicious sambal there.
paired with the thick cup of coffee (with biscuits?!), heavenly.
esp on a sunday morning.

ai wei said...

yaya... good for a breakkie on suday morning...
but not noon or afternoon cz it will be very very warm.

minchow said...

Wow, this actually looks decent! And very affordable for the neighbourhood. So it's not a fake contrived kopitiam concept like some of the others one we know??

xin said...

wow they serve biscuits with coffee? something tht i hardly see nowadays

Chris said...

wow! look very nice wo..

kampungboycitygal said...

dear ur so slow :p

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

oh no, my favorite Nasi Lemak, this make me drooling...And I like that type of biscuits serve with Kopi..

Dora said...

Hi Ai Wei,

I guess I came across this restaurant when I go to Bangsar Village. Oh the curry looks great! I may want to try it...

ai wei said...

550ml jar of faith,
yeppp... :)
and the plate or bowl of food come with big and quite large portion.

me too me too! i was quite happy they served the biscuit along. honestly, it's quite cute :P

the food are quite okay but the place is quite warm...

ai wei said...

aiyarrrr...... no time to compose ma :P
that's why a bit late lor

hahaha, u are truly a nasi lemak lover :P
when is your next nasi lemak cooking day?

the curry is quite good. have a try and let me know how do you find it?! :)

Kenny Mah said...

I go to BV all the time but still haven't stopped by Chawan yet. The Daily Grind's burgers keep drawing me back... :)

Rebecca Saw said...

i think Pappa Rich NL is much better (judging in the same category of those "posh" kopitiams") but i loved my roadside NL anytime hehee..

No good assam laksa in KL?
Now now..when are we goin Rice Cafe Bangsar..i'm still waiting.. ;p

ai wei said...

kenny mah,
daily grind?!?! that's somewhere i wanna go! saw most of the reviews, their burger mostly made of beef?! *sad, can't take that* and large portion!

and some said the carrot cake is good. will have a try soon :P

so, is the food in Pappa Rich nice???
so much sorry for the delay of RICE. lately dealing with papers and exam and assignment. and others seems busy with work and stuff. we will, we will have it sooN!

~Christine~Leng said...

gosh. i was really enjoying my nasi lemak after so long having breads and cereals. But now. I jelak dy. Wanna have yogurt and my milk back. haha :) I want shopping in bangsar again dear!

ai wei said...

dear... haha, now xian with malaysian food d??? LOL. mayb some other things???

hehe, shopping in Bangsar, you know when de larrrrrrr... yippppy!

daphne said...

My goodness.. I'm sooo drooling with all the sambal and spicy food!

foodbin said...

the proportions of the various ingredients are just nice for Nasi Lemak.

Aimei said...

The coffee is the authentic kind! Definitely the type my mum loves best! :P

Irenelim said...

The food looks nice... the place is still under renovation? Saw a big aircon in the pic, it wasn't functioning? :)

superwilson said...

Looks like you never seems to want to tag me and rachel for food reviews anymore... :(

ai wei said...

i know we always can't stay away from sambal and chilies. :P

and too, the very large portion! :)

yep, and they have a variety of coffee from different states for you to choose from.

ohhaha, this place has actually opened for quite some times. we sad outside, that's why it's very hot. the deco and air con is like that ... it's their design.

NO LARRR... it was happened on aug06 where we first meet on aug22. and, its gals shopping mar. how u ask u and rachel ler? later we become light bulbs

Selba said...

Everything looks so delicious and makes me hungry!

iamthewitch said...

Wah they give you one whole egg! Not bad. Portion also looked quite big. :)

Simon Seow said...

The nasi lemak look nice, I always like nasi lemak that goes with kangkung. Very old school style.

Rebecca Saw said...

Pappa Rich is one of the better ones in the category of Old Town Chawan etc..
Their drinks is nice.

Rice - Ok..soon ;)
Me havent tried Daily Grind either..RM40+ for a burger..hv to budget! Hahahahahaa

ai wei said...


the portion is quite large. i can't finish it!

simon seow,
nasi lemak with kangkung? i havent have something like that before...

seems that Pappa rich sounds better and nicer among the food bloggers. i should try!!!

ya... RM 40 ++ for a burger is kinda ....@@ exp... havent have the budget to try them... must save up.

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