Friday, October 23, 2009

Chinoz on the Park @ KLCC


Another back dated post, I must say; my best-ie and I were celebrating The Sugar’s birthday > half years back in Chinoz on the Park @ KLCC. (sorry for such a long delay).



Complementary bread and butter. You can opt for the refill of bread :) we did that while taking our time to flip through the menu.


Pizza is always good for sharing. We had their fragrant wood oven pizza - Frutti di Mare


This pizza is topped with tiger prawns, mussels, and calamari and abundant of mozzarella + the basil leaves (if I am not mistaken) (But according to my friend, Jimmy, the leaves are called rocquets). This was my first time having leaves on pizza. The birthday gal disliked the leaves.


We ordered chicken from the main where it is the pan-fried chicken breast, coriander lemon crust, sauté potato and served with the thyme jus. Chicken breast is always dry; I love the way they serve the chicken breast where it is loaded with lots of sauce.


Never forget the dessert time and the birthday song and candle blowing session.

chinoz, klcc1

It is always great to have birthday dinner with friends and family and share the joys and happiness among all. Will have celebration for one another till next year again. Or… in few months time ?! :P


Pam said...

Pizzas loaded with exotic toppings... Where else on earth can we find such lavish looking pizzas? I love this place particularly its good service... It has been months since my last visit to Chinoz...

Anonymous said...

chicken breast lover like me will sure go for this dish!! yummy!

J2Kfm said...

never too late to post delicious pics of food, that's for certain. :)

ai wei said...

tarts n pies,
it has been more than half yr since my last visit. i like this place a lot with their attentive services and different kind of cooking style.

really? you like chicken breast too?

hehehe, finally there is someone agree with me :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

The Birthday cake defintely you baked one? I still remembered the shape of your cheese cake, hehehe..
Next time, remember not to line paper on the side, ok, then you will get a nicer cake.
By the way, your camera is Canon EOS 450D too?

Rebecca Saw said...

I think i like yr cheesecake best ;)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Oh I went there recently.... nice good!

ai wei said...

haha, thanks for the tips :) it looks very ugly hor?! haihz... next time won't line the silicon paper d :)

hehehe, thanks! their pizza is great too and kinda special

new kid on the blog,
what have you had??? i miss their pizza a lot >__<

Sugar Bean said...

so touched... thx so much for taking all the trouble to bake the cake for my bday. was so happy. and dinner was great too! miss u so muchie! (n u still remember i dont like the leaves) haha! wow, celebrate again in a few months time? time really flies...

ai wei said...

sugar bean,
hehe... yay yay, just in a few months time. let's count down, want??? hehehe... hope to see you in xmas :)

Jimmy Tham said...

it's not basil or some kind of leaves, it's called - rocquets. we call the pizza trecolore in aust ^^

ai wei said...

jimmy Tham,
oh i see... we don't really fancy those leaves as the taste are too stong. but have to really thanks for the info. :)

xin said...

wow the pizza looks really lux! with all the exp ingredients. and i just came back frm pizza

Chris said...

I tried this place b4.. Not bad.. But a bit pricy..

Taufulou said...

always wanted to go there, but havent come across any special occasion yet~

~Christine~Leng said...

ooo.. Chinoz is somewhere I wanna go too. Will hint Chris to bring me over. :) I miss SUGARBEAN T.T

ai wei said...

hehehe, galfriend's bday. must go for the once a while lux dinner :P

ya ooo. i do agree that it's quite expensive to dine in here. only once a while or there is something special on :)

LOL, why not you come out with a theme event and ask all your friends to go together :) must be fun?! say like friendship day or world's day stuff like that :P

i do miss Sugar Bean a lot!!!
wait til she back again then we go for makan makan lor...
kekekeke, when are u guys going? i won't tag along to become lightbulb this time lar. let u both yi yan sai kai :P

daphne said...

ooo. That pizza looks awesome with the thin crust and generous topping!

choi yen said...

big mussel~~~

foodbin said...

the pizza looks a knot above those commercial ones.

kampungboycitygal said...

dear i miss ur jap cotton soft cheese cake! can i have it for my bday too?

Big Boys Oven said...

nice! :)

ai wei said...

ya, lots of fresh topping! :)

and fresh too!

lol, that's why it comes with the price.

kbcg dear,
will i turn down your request ler ??? :P


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