Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taste Good Restaurant 好记海鲜饭店 @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

A big thankie to Ken for the invitation. I got to meet up and join the other food bloggers – Witch, Wilson & Rachel, Taufulou; and the very familiar food bloggers – Chris & Christine and Big Boys Oven. Nice meeting you guys.


Puchong is a …. Not to say new but a well developed food hub. Restaurants mushroom in and around this area. Ms. Ong, the person in charged from Taste Good Restaurant welcomed us warmly. She then explained the background and the story of restaurant…

Needless to describe much as the other food bloggers have had this posted up (sorry as I am delaying works again = =), let’s go to the food.


炒双尤 Stir fry Dried & Fresh cuttle fish with Onions and Peas (RM 15). It is the combination of cuttlefish and squids with capsicums and green pea.


苦瓜生骨煲 Claypot Spare Ribs with Bitter Gourd (RM 15) in the very home cooked style.


生煲黄酒金凤鱼 Steamed Mandarin Fish in Rice Wine (RM 23)


上平豆腐 Beancurd in Pumpkin sauce. I find this a little too light for me as I prefer something thick and strong.


红烧猪肉 Braised 3-ply Pork Belly


芭蕉鸡 Sweet & Sour Crispy Chicken is something I love most. The sauce is sourish and refreshing.


奶香蟹 Butter & Pumpkin Crabs is the chef’s signature dish. It is kinda special loaded with tiny-sago-liked-seeds along with the pumpkin sauce. That seeds are actually the butter @@ can’t believe they can actually turn the butter into tiny tiny seeds.


金香蟹 Crabs in Kam Heong Style


上汤珍珠蚌 Clams (lala) in Superior Soup. Fresh clams but the superior soup was slightly on the salty side. This was best with a bowl of rice.

Taste Good Restaurant 好记海鲜饭店
No.21, Jalan Puteri 4/1,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong
Tel: 03 – 80607057
Or Contact Ms Ong at 017 – 5751636
Business hours:
Lunch: 11am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5pm – 10.15pm.

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~Christine~Leng said...

ah Taste Good... very familiar.. hehe :)

ai wei said...

haha, we were there... hmmm... i know i am delaying post :P

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

still can find home cook style of bitterguard pork rib in this kind of restaurant, must give a try later.

email2me said...

I got a feedback from people ordering the Mandarin fish .... we should called it tilapia ler .... hahaha .... some readers went there order Mandarin fish .... all blur blur ... banana dun read Chinese like me.... :P but at least Ms. Ong knows that Mandarin fish is what now ... and is coming from our blogs :D

ai wei said...

quite a home cook style. i believe you can make them too :)

oO... thanks for the information. i will do update soon! :)
so now ms ong knows what is it d lor??? :P hehehe

Taufulou said...

heee..makes me remember the taste of the crab and lala..yum!

xin said...

oh dear the crab! surely it tasted better than good right? :(

ai wei said...

you seems to eat a lot that day :P

it's so sad that you were unable to attend that day

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