Monday, September 28, 2009

Molten Lava @ One Utama


I found Churros at Molten Lava


Tanned skin snack
Also known as Spanish doughnut
Thin and tall
Deep fried dough pastries
With the crunchy outside
And the spongy inside
That Served with melted chocolate sauce


To me
Churros is quite similar to the Chinese You Tiao 油条

The differences,
You Tiao is fatter and come in twin
Churros is thin, pack and harder
And with crispy skin

Just a little disappointment,
The chocolate sauce served is not too rich and creamy.
I prefer something thicker and creamier.

Molten Lava
Lot LG312B (opposite Cold Storage)
Lower Ground Floor Oval,
One Utama


ladyironchef said...

i want churros! haven have it before!

ai wei said...

have a try have a try, singapore got right???
LOL, you just can't get yourself off from desserts :P

Kenny Mah said...

Good job with the churros... I've never ever seen them here before. Time for me to satisfy my cravings, haha.

Little Inbox said...

Churros, nice to know it, :P

Simon Seow said...

I passed by every now and then but the price is quite expensive for a few sticks of Churros. So, I didn't try :p

kampungboycitygal said...

i love churros! the one in elcerdo is really nice!

Anonymous said...

aiyo, but looked mighty fine to me.
watery or not, the churros looks diff.
only one flavour?

ai wei said...

Kenny Mah,
hehe, if you happen to stop by, then have a try and do let me know what do you think of it. :)

litte inbox,
got to know it from masak masak's blog. and it looks interesting. :P

simon seow,
hmmm, stop by here then have a try lor... and do let me know what do you think about it :P

really??? the one in elcerdo nice??? then i think we must have a try and make comparison liao...
christine, Bila???

er... the chocolate is quite diluted lar... try it then you will know. there are few flavours, we opted for the best selling one

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

ya, it look similar to ya char kew..

ai wei said...

ya lor ya lor... quite similar. but difference is that yao char kuai is bigger, larger and cheaper. hehehe

~Christine~Leng said...

oh my churros.. sexy spanish you tiao. yum yum...

Selba said...

Yummm... churros! A great snack :) And I also love you tiao, hehe

vialentino said...

is it sweet those desserts? nice pics taken here...

choi yen said...

Only chocolate dipping is served?

ai wei said...

nyek nyek nyek, citygal said the churros at elcerdo is yummy! we must visit for some comparison. :P

whee... i love both of them :)

oh no... they are not sweet. it's quite similar to the chinese you tiao but in smaller, shorter and packer version.

i guess so. but there are other flavour. you can always opt for the others but this is the best selling according to the lady boss :)

foodbin said...

love churros, too.

minchow said...

The only time I've ever had churros was in Disneyland HAHA!! Never going bk to Disneyland but am definitely having more churros!!

ai wei said...


550ml jar of faith,
wow... wonder how is the churros in disneyland. any differences? do try and let me know :P

vialentino said...

woo....good that it is not sweet...ngam me then

joanh said...

hi ai wei! thanks for visiting my blog awhile back. :) churros... mmmm.. you're right that they are like you tiao, never thought about that before.i wonder what would happen if people dusted sugar on them!

ai wei said...

you can have a try and then do gimme a feedback :)

true true.
why not we just dust the you tiao and see how it tastes??? hahaha. another great idea :P

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